Marijuana for Everybody!: The DEFINITIVE GUIDE to Getting High, Feeling Good, and Having Fun

Marijuana for Everybody!: The DEFINITIVE GUIDE to Getting High, Feeling Good, and Having Fun

by Elise McDonough


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Marijuana is more widely available and accepted than ever before, with more people coming to the plant every day for a range of reasons. From the experts at High Times magazine—the world's most trusted name when it comes to getting stoned—here is an authoritative, accessible guide to marijuana, its uses, and culture. This illustrated handbook offers clear and friendly primers on subjects such as what pot is and how it works, tips on getting high and managing the experience, cooking with pot, and FAQs as well as an "I'm High, Now What?" selection of activities and amusements for the freshly baked. Part manifesto, part party invitation, Marijuana for Everybody! is an informative and entertaining read for the uninitiated and practiced users alike.

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ISBN-13: 9781452128887
Publisher: Chronicle Books LLC
Publication date: 10/07/2014
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 1,052,644
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Elise McDonough, author of The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook and a veteran of the magazine, lives in Santa Cruz, California.

Table of Contents

Introduction 8

Chapter 1 The How and Why of Getting High

History of Cannabis 11

Our Little Green Friend 11

Prehistoric Pot 11

Medicine Man 12

Reefer and Religion 13

Was Jesus a Stoner? 15

A Source of Happiness 17

Empire and Exploration 18

The Hasheesh Eater 19

Anslinger's Reign of Terror 20

A Voice of Reason 21

You Are the Enemy 22

Tricky Dick the Dawn of the Drug War 23

Rescheduling and Descheduling 25

The New Jim Crow 26

Legalized It! 27

Green Wednesday 30

420 Friendly 30

Canadian Cannabis 31

Know Your Rights 33

A Short History of High Times 34

The Science of Cannabis 36

Proof and Potential 36

How Does Getting High Work? 26

What's a Cannabincid? 38

Cannabis Chemistry 39

Your Inner Cannabinoids 39

Is Smoking Pot Bad For Me? 40

Blocking the Receptors 43

The Pot Pill 44

In Search of CBD 44

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Why I Changed My Mind on Weed 45

Aroma Therapy 47

Lab Tested, Patient Approved 48

Drug Tests 46

Cannabis vs. Cancer 49

Why Is Research So Difficult? 50

High Maintenance: Finding the Right Dispensary 51

Indicas, Sativas, and High-End Strains 53

What's in a Name? 53

Is Pot Stronger Than It Used to Be? 54

Breeding Is Fundamental 55

Sativa vs. Indica 56

Designer Dank 59

The Original Haze 58

Common Strains and Their Characteristics 59

Ganja Genetics Glossary 60

Mount Kushmore 61

Genetics Slang 62

Back to the Land(races) 64

Seed Salvation 65

Raising the Bar 65

Host Your Own Cannabis Cup 67

Marijuana FAQ 70

Weed and Memory 70

Marijuana and Driving 70

Marijuana and Meditation 71

Strain for Pain 72

Mango Mojo 72

Witch Weed 72

Drug Tests and Synthetic Herb 73

How Does Cannabidiol Work? 73

Does Pot Make You Sleepy? 73

Weed vs. Cholesterol 74

Marijuana and Sense of Time 74

Why THC? 74

Doggie Downer? 75

Weed of Wonder 75

Chapter 2 Smoke It, Eat It, Wear It, Be It! 76

Smoke'em If You Got'em 77

High Roller 77

Roll'em Thin 77

That's How We Roll 78

Pick a Pack of Perfect Papers 79

Tips on Tips 79

Put Your Nose to the Grinder 79

Squeaky Grinder Gets the Greasel 80

Kiel Boxes, Rolling Trays, and Pokey-Sticks 81

Storing Your Stash 82

How to Make a Mute 82

How to Roll: The Classic Cone 83

How to Roll: The European Inside-Out 84

How to Roll: The Serpent 85

How to Roll: Double Barrel 86

How to Roll: Trailer Park Boy' Six-Paper Joint 87

How to Roll: The Cali-Cannon 88

Bud Trimming Tips 90

Head of the Glass 93

Where Do Bongs Come From? 93

Selecting the Perfect Pipe 94

The War on Pipes 95

Investing in An Oil Rig 96

Nailed It! 96

Keep Your Piece Clean 97

Glass Glossary 99

Paraphernalia Pros and Cons 100

How to Build: Bottle Kong 101

How to Build: Apple Pipe 102

Vaporize It (And Don't Criticize It) 103

Deep Breath 103

Who Invented Vaporizing? 104

The Vapor Pen is Mightier than the Joint 105

Hash, Concentrates, and Extracts 107

Hash Traditions 107

The "Gateway Drug" Theory 109

Hash Tech 2.0 110

BHO 111

Is BHO Safe to Make? 114

Are Dabs Sale to Smoke? 116

Oil Rigs 116

Identifying Extracts 116

Concentrated Controversy 116

Know Your BHO 117

What is RSO 118

Dots RSO Actually Work? 119

"Milagro" Oil and the Need for Further Study 119

The Future of Cannabis 120

Concentrates Glossary 122

Eating Cannabis 125

Magically Delicious 125

Commercial Cannabis Kitchens 125

Know Your Dose 126

Buying Edibles 127

Eat Right! 129

How to Read a Label 130

Cooking with Grass 131

Help! I'm Too High and Freaking Out! 131

Homemade High Rules of Thumb 132

Selecting Cannabis for Cooking 132

Fundamentals of Highly Elevated Food 133

Table of equivalents 134

Recipe Basics: THC Oil 136

Recipe Basics: Scientific Cannabutter 137

Recipe Basics: Cannacoconut Oil 138

Active Ingredients 139

To Decarb or Not to Decard 140

High and Healthy 141

Recipe: Shiva's Sativa Bhang 142

Recipe: Mike's Medicated Mayer Lemonade 144

Recipe: Pot Picled Veggies 145

Recipe: The "Beetnik" Burger 147

Recipe: Pot Pesto Mayo 150

Recipe: Baked Sweet Potato Fries 151

Recipe: Cannabis Coconut Mango Balls 152

Recipe: Classic Cannabis Brownies 153

Butterly Love 154

Compound Considerations 154

Recipe: Chocolate-Orange Cannabutter 155

Compound Flavors and Textures 156

Tinctures 156

Recipe: Alaskan King Crab with Tinctured Cantaloupe, Avocado Puree, and Cilantro Brown Butter 157

Recipe: Skunk Pharm Tincture 158

Hemp as Superfood 160

Topicals 161

Recipe: Basic Cannabis Cream 162

Hemp, Hemp, Hooray! 163

A Green Future 163

The Modern Hemp Movement 163

Good and Goods for You 165

Green Mind, Green Body 167

Hemp Power to the People! 168

Activism; What Can I Do? 169

Danko's Best Questions 170

Why Are Some Strains Clone-Only? 170

How Do I Get Started in the Cannabis Industry? 170

Advice for My First Trip to Amsterdam? 172

Can I Get Seeds by Mail? 173

Chapter 3 I'm High, Now What? 174

Activity Flowchart 175

Fun and Games 181

The Stoned Mile 181

Outdoor Grower Obstacle Course 182

Bong Balancing 183

Top Trimmer 184

Bong Jenga 184

Bong Pong 185

Hands on a Half-Ounce 185

Drug War 186

Stoner Chess 187

Zonk 198

Acknowledgments 191

About the Author 192

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