Marine Corps Colonels 1892-1928: A Biographical Encyclopedia

Marine Corps Colonels 1892-1928: A Biographical Encyclopedia

by Mr Glenn M Harned



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Marine Corps Colonels 1892-1928: A Biographical Encyclopedia by Mr Glenn M Harned

This is the story of the 68 Marine colonels who served during the modern Marine Corps' formative period from the War with Spain (1898) to the end of the Small Wars (1934), but who did not become generals. Looking below the surface or "under the hood" of published Marine history, the author found a cornucopia of fascinating, intriguing, even unimaginable stories about Marine colonels who could not be found in any standard Marine history book. He explored why some Marine colonels became generals while others did not. The lessons might prove useful to the new generation of Marine officers.

Included in this book are some well-known Marine Corps legends like Medal of Honor recipient "Hiking Hiram" Bearss and Frederic "Dopey" Wise. There are also lesser-known Marine heroes like Constantine Perkins, a hero of the 1899 Samoa expedition; George Thorpe, who commanded the Marine guard for the first U.S. diplomatic expedition to Ethiopia in 1903; Julius Turrill, who distinguished himself in France in 1918; and Alexander Williams, who barely survived the "Long March" on Samar in 1901. There are distinguished Marine field commanders like Lincoln Karmany, who was denied flag rank because he divorced to marry a younger woman; Franklin Moses, who died at Vera Cruz before he could become a general; and Thomas Treadwell and William McKelvy, who both commanded battalions, regiments, and brigades in the West Indies campaigns. Standard Marine histories provide glimpses of these officers, but this book provides "the rest of the story." Their stories deserve to be recognized as part of the Marine Corps heritage.

The book includes appendices listing the commanders of Marine brigades, major posts, regiments, and separate battalions; fleet marine officers; and graduates of the Army and Navy War Colleges and Army Service Schools during the period.

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Colonel Glenn M. Harned is a retired Army Infantry and Special Forces officer now working as a defense consultant in northern Virginia. A student of Marine Corps history for over fifty years and a distinguished graduate of the Marine Corps War College, he has written military doctrinal publications and articles in military journals. His first book, Marine Corp Generals, 1899-1936: A Biographical Encyclopedia (2015), received the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation's 2016 Alexander Award for a distinguished work of Marine Corps biographical or autobiographical literature.

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