Marked by an Assassin (Eternal Mates Paranormal Romance Series Book 8)

Marked by an Assassin (Eternal Mates Paranormal Romance Series Book 8)

by Felicity Heaton

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New York Times and USA Today Best-selling paranormal romance author Felicity Heaton presents

Marked by an Assassin (Eternal Mates Paranormal Romance Series Book 8)

A snow leopard shifter exiled from his pride twenty years ago, Harbin treads the dark path of life as an assassin, driven by a hunger for vengeance, mercilessly hunting the Archangel members who attacked his kin, murdering his mother and sister.

When a new contract comes in and the mark is a snow leopard shifter, he can't resist venturing into the mortal world on a personal mission to find out why one from a normally peaceful species now has a price on their head. What he finds in a rundown nightclub isn't quite what he expects--a beautiful snow leopard female that awakens a fierce hunger inside him.

Aya has spent seventeen years living in London, immersed in the underbelly of the fae world, keeping her head down and her tail out of trouble. But when trouble walks right into her life in the form of a sinfully handsome, dangerous assassin, she is pulled into a whirlwind of events that stir up the nightmares of her past but might just give her a shot at putting those ghosts to rest--if she can resist the dark allure of a male she knows is her fated mate.

Can Harbin and Aya resist the passionate fire that blazes between them as they chase the vengeance they both crave? Or will they surrender to their deepest desires?

Grab your copy today and step into a passionate, lush, and powerful paranormal romance series packed with dark elves, vampires, demons, fae, shifters and angels from New York Times and USA Today Best-Selling Paranormal Romance Author Felicity Heaton.

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BN ID: 2940151046077
Publisher: Felicity Heaton
Publication date: 10/30/2015
Series: Eternal Mates Paranormal Romance Series , #8
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 33,457
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About the Author

Felicity Heaton is a NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY and International Best-Selling Author writing passionate paranormal romance with passion. In her paranormal romance books, she creates detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shape-shifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons! Fans of paranormal romance books by authors Lara Adrian, J R Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Elisabeth Naughton, Tina Folsom, Gena Showalter, Larissa Ione, Kresley Cole and Christine Feehan will love Felicity's books too.

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Marked by an Assassin (Eternal Mates Paranormal Romance Series Book 8) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
notrow1 More than 1 year ago
This is the eighth book in the Eternal Mates series. I loved it! Harbin is a character that intrigued me when he popped up in Taken by a Dragon. This mysterious shifter had me wondering what his story was. When I found out his story was next in the series, I became extremely happy. I fell a little in love with this brooding man. Although, he does terrible things for a living, his vulnerability shone through. He is a assassin for hire, but when he finds out that a snow leopard shifter has a bounty on their head, he becomes intrigued and decides to take the case himself. When he meets Aya, he feels the instant pull of attraction. Aya is a character I didn't feel a connection to. Normally, I love the female characters in these books. However, although she came across as brave, determined and sassy, I thought there was something lacking in her personality, though I can't put my finger on what. Other readers may have a different response to her. This is just my opinion. I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this book. The story is told through the view points of both Harbin and Aya. Their story hooked me from the first page, and didn't let me go until I had finished it. The heat factor between these two characters is just as steamy as the other characters in this series. I love their stubborn butting of heads, which I found quite entertaining. However, I did find the scene in the Underground i.e. the fight between the assassin, Hartt, and Kyter a little repetitive, even though it was from a Harbin's point of view this time. It did give me a deeper understanding of why the elf and the shifter clashed, though. We get to meet the other characters in the series again - Prince Loren, King Thorne, Sable, Kyter and Cavanaugh, just to name a few. We are also introduced to new characters, who bring a new dimension to the story. Hartt is an elf and head of the assassin guild and Fuery, who is also an elf, is considered tainted just like Prince Vail and works with both Hartt and Harbin. There is also a bear shifter called Rocky. I'm looking forward to finding out about their stories in the near future. Felicity Heaton has written another fast paced, sexy paranormal romance that I thoroughly enjoyed! I love her writing style, which flows effortlessly from scene to scene. She is number one on my favourite authors list! I do not recommend this book to younger readers due to the extremely HOT and explicit sexual scenes. However, I highly recommend this book (and series) if you love sexy paranormal romances full of vampires, elves, werewolves, cat shifters, succubi, incubi, angels, dragons and demons. - Lynn Worton
KristinaLeigh More than 1 year ago
Felicity Heaton is a great paranormal romance writer. She always captivates me with her stories and unique plot lines. Marked by an Assassin features great characters with turbulent pasts that overcome a lot of obstacles in order to be together. Their character developments and relationship progression were a lot of fun to watch. Like all the other novels in this series, there is a great deal of romance and off the charts chemistry. I really enjoyed that Marked by an Assassin also has a few scenes from Taken by a Dragon, the seventh book in the series. I liked seeing everything from Harbin's perspective. Marked by an Assassin was another great addition to the Eternal Mates series. Anyone that loves steamy paranormal romance should definitely check these books out! I would recommend starting with book one, Kissed by a Dark Prince, as characters from earlier books make appearances throughout the series. I hope there are many more books in this series, as I want to remain in this world for a long time!
BookwormBrandee More than 1 year ago
**4.5 Stars** I've come to expect a few things from Felicity Heaton - a compelling story, well-developed charatecters, brilliantly choreographed action scenes, and emotion. She delivered all the goods in Marked by an Assassin. Harbin lost so much twenty years ago. Those losses changed him. They allowed him to embrace the darker part of himself - seeking vengeance against those who took from him, dealing in death. He has a new mark now and it's a surprising one. Someone he didn't expect to see again. Aya was taken captive twenty years ago - a fateful night for her pride. She was eventually released by Archangel but not before they explained a few things behind her abduction. Those reasons have been haunting her for seventeen years. Heaton did a phenomenal job in bringing Harbin and Aya together. The plot threads woven in also play into the overarching plot and really captivated me. The imagery Heaton conjures with her prose never fails to deposit me right into the scenes. That, along with the well fleshed out characters, makes for an exciting and satisfying read. Since this is #8 in the Eternal Mates series, I'm familiar with all the cast. So it was a delight to get glimpses of some of my favorites as well as getting an idea about possibilities brewing between two cast members in particular. I'm eager for more Eternal Mates, more of the characters I've come to love. I'm anxious for several of the cast to find their mates and I'm curious as to where this is all going to lead in the end. Whatever comes next, I know Heaton will make it worth my while.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
MARKED BY AN ASSASSIN is the eighth full-length installment in Felicity Heaton’s adult ETERNAL MATES fantasy/paranormal romance series. This is snow leopards Harbin and Aya’s storyline-a second chance for fated mates. Told from dual third person perspectives MARKED BY AN ASSASSIN follows snow leopard and assassin Harbin as he is tasked with hunting down another snow leopard. All he knows is a possible location but he is never told who and why. What ensues is the realization that Harbin has been sent to kill the woman he hasn’t seen in over forty years-the woman he will eventually believe to be his fated mate. MARKED BY AN ASSASSIN focuses on revenge against Archangel Industry-a group that studies, tortures and imprisons the supernatural species. Years earlier, Harbin fell for a female huntress unaware that she worked for Archangel –her betrayal destroyed all that was left of Harbin’s snow leopard pride, and in doing so Harbin not only lost his family but the woman who called to his soul. Fast forward to present day where Harbin continues to search for the huntress who betrayed him; and Aya sets into motion a plan to destroy the man who broke her heart. The events of MARKED BY AN ASSASSIN run parallel to, and cross over with the events in the previous storyline TAKEN BY A DRAGON wherein our current storyline couple find themselves imprisoned, alongside several other supernatural species, at Archangel. Once again, the world building continues to traverse between the human realm and Hell, and a war between Archangel and the supernatural. Like most of the previous installments in the series MARKED BY AN ASSASSIN is narrative that tells a story from past to present; reveals the history between Harbin and Aya, but also what happened in the ensuing years following the attack by Archangel on the snow leopard pride. There is very little one on one communication between our leading couple, or between any of the storyline characters. MARKED BY AN ASSASSIN is as much a reflection about the past as it is about revenge in the present. The $ex scenes are limited but passionate without the over the top graphic erotic imagery. Several of the previous storyline characters plays a secondary or supporting role especially those characters crossing over between installments including Loke and Anais (Taken by a Dragon): Harbin’s brother Cavanaugh and his mate Eloise (Craved by an Alpha) and elvenCommander Bleu. Although MARKED BY AN ASSASSIN can be read as a stand alone I would suggest reading the series in order as many of the series characters play integral roles as a war between the realms, between humans and the supernatural powers continues to build. Felicity Heaton brings together shifters and vampires; demons and witches; elves, Fae and humankind. The premise is entertaining with a number of action sequences and fight scenes; the characters are colorful and somewhat heartbreaking; the romance is fraught with sexual tension as the couple continue to push away one another. MARKED BY AN ASSASSIN is a storyline that will take you into a world of the supernatural; where betrayal is marked by revenge; where fated mates find one another amid the carnage and threat of assassination and death.
EndlessReading More than 1 year ago
Firstly I would like to thank the lovely Felicity Heaton & Carmel (her assistant) for kindly providing me with a copy of "Marked By An Assassin" to read and review. I've probably said this before and I'll say it again, Felicity's work is incredible, I've always FLOVED this series, and I get enthralled completely from the beginning. This story follows Harbin, the dark and sexy brother of Cavanaugh (we met Cavanaugh in Craved By An Alpha, Book #5), we see Harbins stint in the Archangel compound where he was in the cell with Loke (we met Loke in Taken By A Dragon, Book #7), yeah we get to see that but from Harbins point of view, and Aya, a female snow leopard, which unbeknown to Harbin in the beginning, is from the same pride as he....can he remember her? Assassin Killer Murderer.... These are just a few names Harbin goes by, being one of the deadliest and efficient assassins will get you there, but when a hit comes in a form of his species, he can't not be intrigued... Who was it? What did they do to deserve the kill? There's only one way to find out, and take the job for himself, he would hunt this person and kill them, end of, no if's, no but's.....of course that is until who he learns is the hit he needs to hunt and kill. "He wasn't the male she had grown up with, the one who had never stopped smiling and had relished every challenge the mountains had thrown at him, tackling it with glee. He was no longer carefree and full of light and laughter. He was darkness embodies, dangerous and deadly, a shadow of the male he had once been." The hunt and kill blocks his pain, his past, his memories, of a time where he betrayed his pride, causing huge amounts of blood to be shed and families to be torn apart. Harbin and Aya have a history and combine that with what happened in-between the childhood to them becoming full adults you end up with an irresistible male lead and a spitfire heroine "He growled and kissed her again, his love surrounding her and flowing through her, mingling with hers. The love that they shared as fated mates, bonded forever. A love that would always grown stronger. A love that was eternal." Can Harbin and Aya resist the passionate fire that blazes between them? Will they get the vengeance they both crave? Or will they surrender to their deepest desires? Also I'd like to note that Hartt and Fuery were a curious pair, hopefully we’ll see more of them in the future?? Once again, a great addition to the series, and I can only wait for the next instalment.
sportochick More than 1 year ago
dramatic fast paced action Marked by an Assassin is one of my favorite books in this series. It pulls in most of the previous characters into the storyline. I love the different ways of seeing a scene I have read before from a different set of characters viewpoint. For some reason for me it's like being in a room and being able to read everyones thoughts at that exact moment in time. It's exhilarating. Harbin and Aya are both equally strong characters and the author had me guessing till almost the end about who the mysterious person of the opposite sex was that dramatically changed each of their lives. It took me a while to figure it out because the author kept my mind occupied with all the fast paced drama and twists to the story. I love the fact that her stories are not predictable and include very in-depth descriptions keeping the reader enthralled to the last word. I give this 5 STARS because it was a dramatic fast paced action with a beautiful story of forgiveness, redemption and lost love. An ARC copy was gifted in exchange for an honest opinion.
Archaeolibrarian More than 1 year ago
This is the story of Harbin and Aya - two snow leopards with an entwined past of love, hurt, betrayal, and tragedy. Harbin is Cavanaugh's younger brother and Aya was his first kiss before tragedy struck their village. This story was fantastic, with smooth writing, intricate twists and plenty of action. However, it was made all the more be the amazing characters, with their thirst for revenge and vengeance, and the atrocities they have survived which turned them into the people they are today. This is an excellent addition to the Eternal Mates series. I would recommend that you read the previous books in this series, simply because they are fantastic, but they do also hold a general overall arc with some characters and organisations. Absolutely - and with no hesitation - recommended. * I received this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review. * Merissa Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!
tigerlilly_liz More than 1 year ago
~ 5 Marked by an Assassin Stars ~ Epic! Outstanding! Mind-blowing! WOW! Each book is just as amazing as the last, if not more extraordinary. I have another favorite in this epic series. I really can’t just pick one. The series is extraordinary. The author knows how to weave a fantastic tail with each new novel. Each novel is packed full of action, twists and turns, new surprises, eventful and emotional moments, which add up to one remarkable read! Marked by an Assassin brings us some key points in the opening chapters on our leads Harbin and Aya, that give the characters a lifetime’s worth of history. Learning about their history sets us up nicely for the plot that just keeps giving. Harbin and Aya have a history and combine that with what happened in-between their childhood to them become adults you end up with an irresistible male lead and a spitfire heroine. Their chemistry was superb. I liked that we got to see more of Hartt and Fuery, they are a curious pair and I hope we get to see them in the future. I also like that we got to revisit with other previous characters. The series can be read out of order which is nice, but I highly recommend an in order read. We get to revisit some pivotal scenes that happened in privies novels. These scenes are given to us in different perspectives and it just adds to the awe-inspiring adventure. Marked by an Assassin adds up to one spectacular, suspenseful, heart-wrenching, and wondrous read. It left me so content and I am just waiting on pins and needles for the next installment in this series. *Disclaimer: I received a complimentary ARC copy provided by Felicity Heaton with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.
booknooknuts More than 1 year ago
We get the next couple in the Eternal Mates series and oh, my are they hot. I have enjoyed this series and I think I found my favorite so far. Harbin is an Assassin and is sent on the mission find a cat shifter. A snow leopard of all things. Well this just boils his blood considering it is what Harbin is. His boss Hartt is refusing to give him the job and he is not sure why that is? While at the club, Aya meets the eyes of one of her kind. She was getting her groove on with a male Vampire and noticed the smell of one of her kind. A male of her kind who was injured. She had no idea what was going on but she is soon to find out. When Harbin and Aya get together sparks will forever fly for this couple. Fantastic story in this series. Very well written and you get just the right amount of action, love and mystery. I was gifted a copy of this book for my honest review.