Market Like You Mean It: Engage Customers, Create Brand Believers, and Gain Fans for Everything You Sell

Market Like You Mean It: Engage Customers, Create Brand Believers, and Gain Fans for Everything You Sell

by Al Lautenslager

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Consumers are exposed to as many as 5,000 daily marketing messages via online, social media, and traditional marketing channels. Entrepreneurs will learn what it takes to get noticed by tapping into the playbooks of successful product producers including Nike, Red Bull, Steve Jobs, Dr. Dre and others.

Successful marketer Al Lautenslager presents an entertaining look at what it takes to gain consumer buy-in and buzz across all marketing channels and reveals simple truths that any business can use to achieve the same, relative to their market. Led by Lautenslager, entrepreneurs learn how to zero in on their marketing goals, choose the best marketing tactics, integrate online and traditional marketing, and more. Points are illustrated through entertaining examples and case studies of little-known and well-known marketing and media phenomena such as flash mobs, Rachel Ray, Justin Bieber, and

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ISBN-13: 9781613082737
Publisher: Entrepreneur Press
Publication date: 07/21/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 265
File size: 876 KB

About the Author

Al Lautenslager is an award winning marketing/PR consultant, direct mail promotion specialist, author, speaker and entrepreneur. He is the co-author of Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days with Jay Conrad Levinson and the principal of Market For Profits.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xi

Preface: Getting Noticed, Remembered, and Talked About xiii

Part I Get Noticed

Chapter 1 Breaking Through Marketing Clutter 3

Messages Coming at You Now 4

Cutting Through the Clutter 5

The Mind at Work: The Psychology of Marketing 8

Busting Through the Content Marketing Deluge 10

Making a Commodity Business Stand Out 13

"AID A" 15

Chapter 2 How to Survive the Marketing Message Storm 19

The Magic of Being Interesting 20

Excitement! 21

Make a Dramatic/Compelling Statement 23

The Right Words for the Right Attention 25

Headlines! Get Your Headlines! 27

Billboard Marketing 32

Curiosity: Scott's Nametag 34

Advertising Attention-Getters: Super Bowl Commercials 35

Political Ads 38

Engage with Emotional Needs 39

The "Prankvertising" Trend in Marketing 41

The Repetition Factor of Marketing 43

Chapter 3 It's All About the Story 47

Stories Get Noticed and Remembered 47

"TOMA": Top-of-Mind Awareness 50

Chapter 4 Wild, Wacky, and Bold: Using Humor to Get Noticed 59

Kmart: Ship My Pants 62

Church Signs 65

Veterinary Signs 67

Funny Bar Signs 67

Sometimes You Just Have to Ask to Get Noticed 68

Outrageous Gets Noticed 69

Flash Mobs Get Noticed 71

Men in Kilts 73

Red Bull Extreme Skydiver: Felix Baumgartner 74

Shocking 77

Surprise Marketing 80

Controversy 84

Chapter 5 The WOW Factor 89

Luxury Gets Noticed 90

Three-Dimensional Mail 91

Cute Puppies 93

Mom-to-Be: Red Robin 95

Chapter 6 Getting Noticed Online 97

Content 98

Getting Emails Noticed and Opened 99

The Marketing Hook 102

Getting Noticed in Social Media Communities 103

How to Make Your Content Marketing Stand Out 107

Part II Get Remembered

Chapter 7 Motivating Customers and Prospects to Take Action 113

Chapter 8 Social Psychology 117

The Psychology Behind Social Transmission 117

Chapter 9 Mud on the Wall That Sticks: from Attention to Engagement 123

Taglines 125

Chapter 10 Your Mind at Work: The Power of Memory 129

"Call Me Maybe"-Carly Rae Jepsen 131

Chapter 11 Taking Advantage of Competition 133

Chapter 12 Guerrilla Marketing 137

Part III Get Talked About 143

Chapter 13 Influence Marketing 143

Chapter 14 Buzz Happens 145

Justin Bieber Gets Noticed 145

Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ 148

Relevance 150

Word-of-Mouth Matters 152

Chapter 15 It Takes a Village Community 155

Chapter 16 Why Videos Go Viral 159

WestJet 160

A Catchphrase Is Born: "Ain't Nobody Got Time for That" 161

Viral Thoughts 163

Chapter 17 Telling Friends 167

Guinness Wheelchair Basketball 167

Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning: Your Wife Is Hot 169

Sharing Osiris Shoes Customer Service with Friends 170

Chapter 18 Give Them Something to Talk About 173

Buying Beer for 2,500 Will Get You Talked About 174

Using Bacon to Get Talked About: Bacon Buzz 174

Epilogue 177

About the Author 181

Other Books Al Lautenslager 182

Index 183

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