Marketing Channels / Edition 6

Marketing Channels / Edition 6

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Marketing Channels / Edition 6

The ideas in this book apply to any channel for any product or service in any market. The generality of the book is shown in its many examples taken from all over the world. These cover a wealth of different products and services, sold to businesses and consumers, selected from the worldwide business press, research, and consulting. Examples range from autopsies, dog and cat food, personal computers, pleasure boats, and dolls, to stereo speakers, fast food, tires, garden products, and fast-moving consumer goods; and from maternity clothing, uninterruptible power supplies, and maintenance, repair, and operating (MRO) goods, to furniture, automobiles, airline travel services, and mutual funds. The variety of the examples reinforces the generality of the principles. As is appropriate for an international readership, the presentation of each example assumes that the reader is unfamiliar with the product or market in question. The book presents the concepts needed to frame the problem, then explores the channel issues in depth by means of the examples.

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ISBN-13: 9780130127723
Publisher: Pearson
Publication date: 01/03/2001
Series: Prentice Hall International Series in Marketing
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 590
Product dimensions: 7.22(w) x 9.58(h) x 1.07(d)

Table of Contents


Chapter 1.     Marketing Channels:  Structure, Functions, and a Framework for Analysis


Chapter 2.    Segmentation for Marketing Channel Design: Service Outputs

Chapter 3.    Supply-Side Channel Analysis: Channel Flows and Efficiency Analysis

Chapter 4.    Supply-Side Channel Analysis: Channel Structure and Intensity

Chapter 5.    Gap Analysis


Chapter 6.     Channel Power: Getting It, Using It, Keeping It

Chapter 7.     Managing Conflict to Increase Channel Coordination

Chapter 8.     Strategic Alliances in Distribution

Chapter 9.     Vertical Integration in Distribution

Chapter 10.   Legal Constraints on Marketing Channel Policies


Chapter 11.   Retailing

Chapter 12.   Wholesaling

Chapter 13.   Franchising

Chapter 14.   Supply Chain Management

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