Marketing in the Round: How to Develop an Integrated Marketing Campaign in the Digital Era

Marketing in the Round: How to Develop an Integrated Marketing Campaign in the Digital Era

by Gini Dietrich, Geoff Livingston


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Drive more value from all your marketing and communications channels--together! Demolish your silos and sync all your messaging, strategies, and tactics (really!). Optimize every medium and platform, from iPad and Facebook to TV and direct. This book is a must-read for every senior marketing, communications, and PR decision-maker.

It’s not about social media. Or new (or old) media. It’s about results—and there’s only one way to get results. You must finally bite the bullet, tear down your silos, and integrate all your marketing and communications. That’s how you choose the best platforms and messages for each customer. That’s how you make research and metrics work. That’s how you overcome today’s insane levels of complexity and clutter.

You’re thinking: Oh, that’s all I need to do? “Just” integrate my whole organization? Are you nuts? No. We’re not. It can be done. This book’s authors have done it. They’ve shown others how to do it. And now they’re going to show you. Step by step. Strategy. Tactics. Research. Metrics. Culture. Social. Mobile. Direct. Broadcast. Print. All of it. With you, the marketing/communications decision-maker, right at the center...right where you belong!

Even now, organizational silos prevent most companies from conversing coherently with customers, delivering the right targeted messages, and building real synergies across all their marketing and communications programs. Now, Gini Dietrich and Geoff Livingston show how to finally break down those silos, bridging traditional and newer disciplines to drive more value from all of them.

You’ll learn how to create a flexible marketing hub with integrated spokes including sales, PR, advertising, customer service, HR, social media, and the executive team. Then, you’ll learn how to use your hub to speak cohesively with each customer through the tools and platforms that deliver the best results at the lowest cost. Dietrich and Livingston guide you through hands-on strategic planning, illustrating key points with real case studies and offering practical exercises for applying their principles. You’ll learn how to perform baseline analyses of media from iPad apps to radio, optimize resource allocation, change culture to overcome siloed behavior, use measurement to clear away obstacles, and gain more value from every marketing investment you make.

Pull it all together--finally!
How to successfully integrate your tactics, tools, messages, and teams
Better goals, better results: beyond “SMART” to “SMARTER”
Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound, evaluate, and reevaluate
Better listening: stakeholders, customers, and research that works
How to make sure you hear what really matters
Four powerful ways to market in the round
When to go direct, come from above, use the groundswell, or execute flanking maneuvers

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ISBN-13: 9780789749178
Publisher: Que
Publication date: 05/07/2012
Series: Que Biz-Tech Series
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 6.32(w) x 9.06(h) x 0.75(d)

About the Author

Gini Dietrich is founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communication firm, and Spin Sucks Pro, a professional development site for PR and marketing pros. Her blog, Spin Sucks, is on the AdAge top 150 list, as well as being a top 10 online destination for PR and marketing tips, tools, and techniques. An award-winning communicator, she has had clients that include Abbott, Sprint, Ocean Spray, Bayer, BASF, The Catfish Institute, Central Garden & Pet, and Denny’s. She speaks internationally on the topics of social media, communication, and integrated marketing.

Geoff Livingston is an award-winning author and marketing strategist who has successfully built two companies. A marketing strategist for 18-plus years, he has had clients that include PayPal, Google, United Way of America, Network Solutions, Verizon Wireless, the American Red Cross, and General Dynamics. In addition to marketing organizations, his strategies have raised more than $2 million for charities using multichannel marketing programs.

Table of Contents

Introduction xv

Part I Understand the Marketing Round and Develop Your Strategy
Chapter 1 Marketing in the Round 1

Integration and the Marketing Round 3
Breaking Down the Silos 4
CEO Communication 6
Creating the Marketing Round 7
The Dashboard 9
Bringing It All Together 10
Exercises 10
Developing the Vision 10
Creating the SMARTER Goals 12
Building the Dashboard 14
Chapter 2 Know All the Tools 21
The Forms of Media 22
Paid Media 23
Earned Media 23
Owned Media 24
Examples of the Forms of Media 24
Pros and Cons of Each Medium 25
Paid Media 25
Earned Media 30
Owned Media 32
Taking It One Step at a Time 39
Crawl 39
Walk 40
Run 41
Fly 42
Exercises 42
Chapter 3 Understand Stakeholders and the Competitive Landscape 45
Branding and Its Role in the Marketing Round 47
Listening and Research First 48
Competitive Analysis 50
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats Report 51
Testing the Waters 53
Exercises 54

Part II Four Marketing Round Approaches
Chapter 4 Marketing: Tools, Tactics, Sequencing, and Timing 57

The Four Approaches to Choosing Tactics 58
Direct Community Interaction with Stakeholders 59
Top-Down Influence Approaches 61
The Groundswell 63
Flanking Techniques 65
Weigh the Whole Market Situation .66
Read the Tea Leaves 66
Consider More Than One Tactic 68
Reacting Versus Responding to Competition 69
Seize First Place 71
The Element of Surprise 74
Measured Expenditure Matters 76
Exercises 77
Which Approach Is Right for My Company? 77
Seizing First Place 78
Surprise 79
Chapter 5 When to Go Direct 81
Benefits of the Direct Approach 84
Direct Mail 84
Email 85
Social Media 86
Mobile 87
Events 88
Risks of the Direct Approach 89
Direct Mail 89
Email 89
Social Media 90
Mobile 91
Events 91
Determining Your Direct Approach 92
Build or Buy the List 94
Exercises 95
Becoming Direct 95
Checklist of Hidden Costs 95
Copywriting for Direct. 96
Chapter 6 The Top-Down Approach 97
Benefits of the Top-Down Approach 99
Events 99
Media Relations 100
Public Relations 101
Advertising 102
Influencers 103
Risks of the Top-Down Approach 104
Events 104
Media Relations 105
Public Relations 106
Advertising 106
Influencers 107
Determining Your Top-Down Approach 107
Exercises 108
Getting to the Yes 108
Chapter 7 The Groundswell Approach 113
Benefits of the Groundswell Approach 114
Brand Monitoring 115
Word-of-Mouth Marketing 117
Brand Ambassadors 118
Communities 119
Content Marketing 120
User-Generated Content 121
Crowdsourcing 122
Social Media 123
Risks of the Groundswell Approach 125
Brand Monitoring 125
Word-of-Mouth Marketing 125
Brand Ambassadors 126
Communities 126
Content Marketing 127
User-Generated Content 127
Crowdsourcing 128
Social Media 129
Exercises 129
Monitoring Program 129
Determine Groundswell Tactics 131
Chapter 8 When to Deploy Flanking Techniques 133
Benefits of Flanking Approaches 137
Advertising 137
Guerrilla Marketing 138
Event Marketing and Networking 138
Trickle-Up Media Relations 139
Risks of Flanking Approaches 140
Advertising 140
Guerrilla Marketing 141
Event Marketing and Networking 141
Trickle-Up Media Relations 142
Determining Your Flanking Approach 143
Exercises 144
Media Planning 144

Part III Measurement, Refinement, and Improvement
Chapter 9 Integration 147

Horizontal Integration 148
Vertical Integration 148
Internal Integration 148
External Integration 148
Data Integration 149
Marketing in the Round 149
Mapping to Resources 149
Determining Approaches and Tactics 150
Email Marketing 151
Content Marketing 151
Search Engine Optimization 152
Search Engine Marketing 153
Tips for a Unified Brand 154
Exercises 155
Mapping Resources 155
Determine Approaches and Tactics 156
Create a Unified Brand 157
Chapter 10 Plan the Entire Tactical Effort 159
Master Your Calendar 161
Understanding the Resources at Play 162
Timing: Which Tactics Should Lead? 163
Sequencing and Weaving 164
Visualizing the Comprehensive Multichannel Campaign 165
Seizing the Lead 166
Adding Diagnostic Measurement to the Plan 168
Exercises 170
Chapter 11 Measure Results to Dollars and Cents 173
Create Benchmarks and Develop a Dashboard 175
Making Decisions 177
Exercises 178
Develop the Benchmarks 178
Build the Dashboard 179
Chapter 12 Respect and Anticipate Community and Competition 181
Measurement as a Diagnostic 182
When the Customer Rises 184
Respect Your Competitors 186
When to Respond to the Competition 189
Staying Sharp 191
Exercises 192
Media Behavior Dashboard 192
Monitoring Competition 193
Index 195

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