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MARKETING is FINANCE is BUSINESS: How CMO, CFO and CEO cocreate iconic brands with sustainable pricing power in the new Galactic Age

MARKETING is FINANCE is BUSINESS: How CMO, CFO and CEO cocreate iconic brands with sustainable pricing power in the new Galactic Age

by Chris R. Burggraeve


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The every day priority of CEOs is creating sustainable business growth. Focus on the bottom line, and on the top line. To make that happen, structurally connecting marketing better with finance is proving to be one the biggest challenges.

  • How can I support my CMO and CFO to build a world class marketing capability using scalable, repeatable models generating sustainable pricing power on my key brands?
  • How to keep my brand (portfolio) and corporate brand relevant to ever new generations?

  • Everybody tells me to be digital. How can I avoid all these Silicon snake oil tools cloud my company’s focus on the fundamentals of marketing art, science and discipline? What are those fundamentals anyway?
  • Last but not least, how do i sell my current and future level of marketing excellence to my board, to investors, and to stakeholders, while everything around me exponentially changes?

In July 2019, humankind celebrates 50 years since the first Moon landing. Driven by Branson, Bezos and Musk, and other new rock(et) star billionaires, Space Race 2.0 is generating a massive new investment and consumer change cycle no business marketer can afford to miss out on. To benefit from its transformative impact over the next 50 years, companies need to urgently upgrade all prevailing marketing and finance mindsets and models. Most date back 50+ years, to the Sixties, when Space Race 1.0 started.

Strap yourself in, as you will go for a rocket ride, organized in 4 stages:

Stage 1: Look Up: Adopt a New Galactic Mindset

Marketing and Finance are both Mars and Venus. Understand the impact and transformative power of the last 50 and next 50 years of Space. Start thinking beyond the historical think local, act local and think global, act global, towards a new unifying mindset that raises the bar: Think Galactic, Act Galactic.

Stage 2: Launch Preparation: Secure Basics Before You Fly

In flight, safety always comes first. Get your business marketing wings before you skyrocket. A crash course in the key marketing models for the CEO and CFO. A quick study of the one finance model each CMO should know. Also, understand the limits of models, and why people in the end crave miracles.

Stage 3: Lift-off: Successful Marketing in a Galactic Age

Discover Burggraeve’s 8 fundamental drivers of world class marketing capability (MC), expressed in a simple and memorable rocket metaphor: the MC- Rocket©. Build a sustainable brand business for the new Space Age.

Stage 4: Escape Velocity: Successful Investing in a Galactic Age

As a CEO, how can I better assess and explain my level of marketing excellence internally and externally? How can investors pick the best marketing driven companies? Discover an advanced concept for a new to the world marketing excellence and rating model: Alpha M. Complete with its (downloadable) checklist audit, it will help investors assess and compare marketing capability excellence between companies, to pick galactic winners. Over time, the model can even help predict top line growth.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781532395109
Publisher: Vicomte
Publication date: 12/04/2018
Pages: 292
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.79(d)

About the Author

With 30+ years of experience, Chris is an award winning passionate global business marketer turned active advisor, investor, board member, academic and author. Prior to setting up his own company in NYC (VICOMTE LLC), he built world-class marketing capability and delivered results for global FMCG blue chips like P&G (90-95), The Coca-Cola Company (95-07), and Anheuser-Busch InBev (CMO 07-12). All details on his Linked In profile or

Table of Contents

Preface: Why this book, and how to best navigate it? (pp)


Chapter 1 Marketing and Finance are both Mars and Venus (pp)

Chapter 2 Mars is the new Moon (pp)

Chapter 3 The new Galactic Age: open for business (pp)

Chapter 4 Think Galactic, Act Galactic (pp)


Chapter 5 The Daedalus Paradox: why preparation matters (pp)

Test: ready to be a galactic marketer or investor? (pp)

Chapter 6 Key marketing models the CEO/CFO should know (pp)

Chapter 7 The one finance model the CMO should know (pp)

Chapter 8 Models work, but buyer beware (pp)

Chapter 9 From Marketing Dreams to Miracle$ (pp)

Certification: Congrats, business marketing wings (pp)


Chapter 10 A new galactic marketing model (pp)

Marketing is not rocket science (pp)

Chapter 11 Fundamental 1 (why) - Pricing Power (pp)

Chapter 12 Fundamental 2 (why) - Purpose ( (pp)

Balancing Sin & Soul (pp)

Chapter 13 Fundamental 3 (what) - Brand Health (pp)

Chapter 14 Fundamental 4 (what) - Value Proposition (pp)

Chapter 15 Fundamental 5 (who) - Brand Business Leaders (pp)

Let Earth go (pp)

Chapter 16 Fundamental 6 (how) - The Power Toolbox

Chapter 17 Fundamental 7 (how) - Insights (pp)

Chapter 18 Fundamental 8 (how) - Excellence (pp)

Chapter 19 No shortcuts to marketing miracle$ (pp)


Chapter 20 Beyond financial ratings (pp)

Rating models: buyer beware (pp)

Chapter 21 A new galactic marketing rating

Chapter 22 The new Alpha M Audit for CEOs (pp)

Chapter 23 Where the galactic money will go (pp)

Epilogue: Marketing in the Cyborg Age (pp)

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