Marketing Massage: How to Build Your Dream Practice

Marketing Massage: How to Build Your Dream Practice

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Cengage Learning

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Marketing Massage: How to Build Your Dream Practice

Marketing Massage is designed for massage and bodywork students enrolled in a professional certification program. It is also an excellent resource for students and practitioners interested in building their practices, as well as for massage and bodywork associations for training and member support.

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ISBN-13: 9781562537463
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 11/16/2001
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 252
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Preface. Foreword. Author's Story. Purpose of Book. Who This Book is for. Structure of Book. How to use this book. Section One: Bare Bones Marketing. Chapter One: Bare Bones Marketing. What is Marketing? Common Denominators and Uncommon Sense of Successful Professionals. Chapter Two: Attributes at the Heart of Marketing. Desire to Serve - Selling Your Soul. Commitment to Succeed - Obstacle Management. Professionalism. Customer Service - Serving the Center of the Universe. Chapter Three: Skills at the Soul of Success. Reaching Out. Shaping Client Perception. Creating and Maintaining Trust. Demonstrating Value. Setting and Meeting Expectations. Chapter Four: the Only Marketing Tools You Really Need. Business Cards. Appointment Book. Address and Phone List. Phone and Answering Machine. Professional Introduction. Section 2: Beyond Bare Bones Marketing. the Three Rs of Marketing: Reaching, Rebooking, Referrals. Chapter Five: Reaching Skills. the Six Questions For Reaching New Clients. Why? Identifying Personal Mission and Goals. Who? Choosing Ideal Clients/Niche Markets. When? Finding the Window of Opportunity For Marketing. What? Creating the Right Marketing Message. Where? Selecting the Best Places to Market. How? Taking Action! Chapter Six: Reaching Tools - Intermediate. Next Level Business Cards. Bigger and Better Time Management Systems. the Phone as Your Friend. Gift Certificates. Brochures. Flyers. Chapter Seven: Reaching Tools - Advanced. Public Speaking. Public Relations. Promotional Events. Advertising. Websites. Chapter Eight: Mutual Marketing. the Six Questions for Reaching New Clients - Advanced. How to Get an Ongoing Supply of Personal Referrals from One Source. Five Levels of Mutual Marketing. Mutual Marketing Examples: Travel Agent, Golf Pro, Real Estate Agent. Chapter Nine: Booking the First Appointment. When Marketing Becomes Selling. Turning Prospects into Clients. You're Opening a Relationship, Not Closing a Sale. Preparing for Yes. Chapter Ten: Rebooking Skills. Understanding Client Expectations. Shaping Perception, Value and Trust During the 5 Moments of Decision. Before Arrival - Setting expectations, client education. Upon Arrival - Work environment and personal presentation. During Session - Meeting expectations. Balancing in-the-moment experience vs. results. Short-term gratification vs. long-term value. Conversation. Listening. Responding. Educating. Conversing. Silence. Music. Application Skills. Choice of technique/modality. Speed, pressure, time in each area, intention. Amount of touch - level and amount of sensation. Hands-on skills - beginnings, endings, transitions, Client Involvement - ROM, resistance, feedback. Pain and pleasure. After Session. Reviewing Expectations and Recreating Value. Last Impressions. Booking the Next Appointment. Once Gone - Handling Follow-ups, Rescheduling, Cancellations, Common Client Complaints that Prevent Rebooking. chapter Eleven: Rebooking Tools. Appointment Book. Business/Reminder Cards. One-Time Specials. Frequent Buyer Card. Client Files. Intake Forms. Policy Forms. Client Records. Insurance Reimbursement. In Touch Tools. Newsletters. Emails. Promotionals. chapter Twelve: Referral Skills. Why Do People Refer? Why Do People Not Refer? How to Get Ongoing Referrals. Knowing What You Want. Asking for What you Want. Making it Beneficial to Refer You. Identifying Sources of Referrals. Clients. Family, Friends, Acquaintances. Professional and Medical Referrals. Mutual Marketing Partners. Working for Someone Else. Tracking and Rewarding Referrals. Chapter Thirteen: Referral Tools. Business Cards. Gift Certificates. Coupons. Special Offers. Promotional Items. Tracking Guide. Chapter Fourteen: Putting Together A Game Plan. Chapter Fifteen: Mature Marketing. Why Keep Growing? Benefits for Yourself, Clients, Profession and World. How to Keep Growing. Make Mistakes, Please! Developing Self-Confidence. Improving Competence - Advanced skills, anatomy experts. Setting New Boundaries. Redefining Yourself. Getting Comfortable with Success. Appendix: Each Chapter Will Contain: SWBAT - Student Will Be Able to. Stories From Successful Practitioners, Inspirational Quotes, Illustrations or Cartoons. Written Exercise - for class discussion and/or homework.

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