Marketing Phrase Book

Marketing Phrase Book

by Gail Hamilton


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The Marketing Phrase Book belongs in the essential business kit of those who move quickly in this age of the entrepreneur. There are thousands of ways to promote all rolled into a one-stop reference. In thesaurus form, the phrases are organized alphabetically by key word. Look up your key word, find a rich selection of ready-made promotional phrases containing that word with cross-referencing and alternate word choices included. The information is presented in clear, user-friendly bulleted lists for speedy reference. Just add the name of your product or service and your promotion practically puts itself together for you. Very valuable additional sections contain:
  • THE INTERNET AND COMPUTERS, giving you the language of the Web.
  • CONTESTS AND SWEEPSTAKES, adding sizzle to these widely used promotional tools.
  • TELEPHONE MARKETING to boost your success over the telephone.
  • Mix and match combinations to NAME ANY KIND OF SALE.
  • Pages of attention-gripping EXCLAMATIONS to make your customers take notice.
  • Suggested wordings for your crucial REPLY COUPON.
  • HARD-WORKING UTILITY PHRASES to help ideas flow convincingly.
  • COLORS: "rowanberry", "cappuccino", "saffron" you'll never be stuck for a color again.
  • POWER WORDS--the priceless core vocabulary of selling. The most proven-effective "trigger" words in marketing are grouped by idea for quick access. These words pull in millions of dollars in sales every day. Now they're at your fingertips, ready to pull in dollars for you.

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ISBN-13: 9780968085394
Publisher: Hamilton House
Publication date: 01/01/2009
Pages: 436
Sales rank: 1,150,894
Product dimensions: 0.89(w) x 6.00(h) x 9.00(d)

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Your business depends on successful marketing. Whether you're the local plumber or a huge multinational, you must get your message across effectively. And now the Marketing Phrase Book puts the language of the marketplace, the language that sells, right at your fingertips!

The Marketing Phrase Book contains a huge, infinitely versatile collection of phrases designed solely for marketing. The kind of phrases selling millions of dollars worth of products and services every day. No matter what your business, this unique, easy-to-use resource will put sizzle in your advertising, boost your results and practically do your writing for you.

How does it work? Easy! Just look up your key words and you'll find a lavish array of ways to use them. Find what you want to say but can't put your finger on. Discover the "trigger" words that set customers reaching for their pocketbooks. The phrases provide a springboard for your imagination, helping you come up with exciting new ways to get your message across. And, above all, they are dynamic construction blocks to build high-powered advertising and promotions tailored exactly to your needs.

Small Business Owners: If you produce your own advertising, the Marketing Phrase Book is a must. It's the easy way to increase your sales and free up precious time to spend on your business. Get more attention faster, reach more people and never struggle for words again.

New Entrepreneurs: You've got a great idea. You've taken that scary, thrilling leap out on your own. Now you have to make it work. The Marketing Phrase Book lets you quickly learn the language that attracts customers and racks up sales. Add instant professional polish to your promotions and pizzaz to your everyday selling techniques without hiring expensive outside expertise. Most important of all, get a head start on success when you need it most.

Salespeople and Executives: Does your livelihood depend on your ability to promote your company's product or service? The Marketing Phrase Book helps you turn out terrific letters, persuasive proposals and reports, compelling speeches and sales talks, and dynamite presentations. Give yourself that crucial competitive edge and let others wonder what your secret is.

Marketing Professionals: Whether you're part of an advertising agency, a public relations firm or the company marketing department, the Marketing Phrase Book remains an endlessly valuable resource. When you're expected to repeat your last triumph with something equally brilliant, only different, you and your staff can have all the red- hot advertising language at hand for speedy reference. Make the Marketing Phrase Book a solid foundation for your own creativity. Revitalize and update your work. Save valuable time and come out on top when you're under pressure to perform.

How To Use The Phrases

Step One

Decide on your purpose. For instance, you wish to promote the sale of roses from your florist shop.

Step Two

The phrases are arranged alphabetically by key word. When you see the word "product" or "service",that is your cue to insert the specific product or service you are promoting.

Look up "FINE" and choose a phrase, such as " when only the finest will do".

Look up "AFFORDABLE" and choose a phrase such as "far more affordable than you think".

Look up "GUARANTEE" and choose a phrase such as, "great low prices guaranteed".

Look up "SELECT" and choose as phrase such as "will help you select exactly the product you need".

Look up "CARE" and choose a phrase such as "show that special someone how much you care".

Step Three

Combine the phrases into a powerful marketing appeal that brings the customers and the money rolling in:

"When only the finest will do, send red roses. An armful of lush, fragrant blooms is far more affordable than you think. For the month of June, great low prices are guaranteed. Our friendly staff will help you select exactly the roses you need to show that someone special how much you care. Order by phone or come in and see for yourself at any of our convenient locations."

Sample Entry


  • Now you can beat the high cost of
  • The low low cost will surprise you
  • What's the start-up cost to you
  • Does anyone need to know it cost nearly nothing to produce
  • Less costly than ever
  • Provided at no additional cost
  • You would expect it to cost more but it doesn't
  • All these terrific extras included at no extra cost
  • At no cost or obligation to you
  • By far the most cost effective way to
  • Reduced cost while improving strength and safety
  • At absolutely no extra cost to you
  • Lower costs mean more of your money can work for you
  • Helping you keep your costs in line
  • So you can keep the lid on costs
  • Twice the value at no extra cost
  • We know you have to keep your costs down
  • Helps lower overall costs by
  • Etc..............

Cost: price, value, worth, market value, amount, figure, valuation, quotation, demand, asking price, appraisement, appraisal, dollar value, expenditure, expense, charge, rate, hire. See also: CHARGE, DOLLAR, EXPENSE, MONEY, PRICE, SAVINGS, VALUE

"COST" is the key word present in every phrase.

Where appropriate, a number of alternatives to "cost" are suggested below the bulleted list of phrases.

"See also: CHARGE, DOLLAR, EXPENSE, MONEY, PRICE, SAVINGS, VALUE" indicates that under these entries you will find even more phrases closely related to the meaning your are looking for.

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