Marketing Revolution: The Radical New Approach to Transforming the Business, the Brand, and the Bottom Line

Marketing Revolution: The Radical New Approach to Transforming the Business, the Brand, and the Bottom Line


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ISBN-13: 9780749449803
Publisher: Kogan Page, Ltd.
Publication date: 07/01/2007
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 308
Product dimensions: 6.32(w) x 8.96(h) x 1.19(d)

About the Author

Paul Gamble runs his own consulting firm in the areas of international relationship marketing, information services strategy, and knowledge management. He has also written Up Close and Personal? and Knowledge Management.

Dr. Alan Tapp is Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the Bristol Business School. He worked for many years in industry before moving into academic life.

Dr. Anthony Marsella was Senior Manager of Marketing and Strategy at IBM. He is now Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Electronics UK.

Professor Stone is the author of 30 + books on marketing and customer service, and is Visiting Professor at several UK universities.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements     ix
Foreword     xi
Introduction     1
Why revolutionize marketing?     4
The rise of the new customer     4
What's so different about customers now?     5
The growth of choice     6
Is the changed customer environment important?     7
Engaging the new consumer     9
Pointing the way for marketing     13
Reinventing marketing     13
The customer imperative     15
An example of responding to the new customer: the music industry     16
Marketing as a whole-company entity     17
Spreading the marketing state of mind     19
What is marketing revolution?     25
Extreme competition     25
The end of the comfort zone     27
Measuring marketing effectiveness     30
Let's kill customer satisfaction before it kills us     35
Sense and respond marketing     38
Taking stock of marketing     41
Five steps to aligning the marketing function with the corporate agenda     43
Managing the customer journey     45
The beginnings of marketing revolution     47
Best practice at work     49
Customer insight     51
A new approach to insight     51
The customer experience     52
Designing the customer experience     55
Building the business halo     60
Customer retention and the customer experience     62
The challenge of the new consumers     64
Why are changing population demographics being ignored by marketers?     66
So, why do marketers need better customer insights?     70
Revolution through strategic planning     82
Enterprise as a movie studio     83
Managing relationships     84
Strategic power issues at the organizational level     85
How strategic planning adds value     91
Strategic revolution through continuous improvement     95
Summary: revolution as a journey     96
Revolution through segmentation     98
Why do companies find it hard to implement effective segmentation?     99
The problems with traditional segmentation     100
Being creative with segmentation     105
Value-based segmentation and channel optimization     106
Reaping the benefits of segmentation-based, multi-channel management     110
Time-based segmentation      112
The future of market segmentation: data fusion     118
Opportunities from improved segmentation     118
Revolutionizing the company by living the brand     121
Where does branding start?     122
The brand unpicked     123
The anatomy of a powerful brand     126
Brand proposition     128
Brand personality     129
Brand revolution     129
From brands as mirrors to brands as windows     130
How the (brand) world has changed     131
Customer-centric brands     135
Brands that attract post-materialistic customers     137
How to revolutionize the brand     138
Ensure employee commitment and buy-in     139
Brand benefits for employee recruitment     140
The essence of the brand     143
Customer relationship management     146
Marketing at the heart of the new CRM agenda     146
Definitions of customer relationship management (CRM)     148
Elements of CRM     149
The underpinning principles of CRM     151
The R in CRM: hype and reality     155
The concerns: language not substance?     156
How does CRM make money?      157
CRM can be profitable     158
CRM is thriving     161
Revolutionizing the business with CRM     163
If CRM is done right, it works     167
Putting CRM revolution into practice     170
CRM and corporate revolution     173
From customer insight to customer action     175
Is managing customers through marketing good for business?     175
Marketing and customer management are under the microscope     177
How to value the marketing contribution?     178
Keys to success in using insight for managing customers     179
The way forward: using insight to action the marketing mix     182
Customer insight data and marketing     183
How to turn customer insights into action     194
Marketing revolution: producing numbers that finance can accept     197
Creating the capability for operational analytics     199
The route to business solutions that add customer value     199
Delivering value through mass-customized marketing     201
Customer solutions     202
Implementing solutions through operational analytics     206
Customer equity and lifetime management (CELM) techniques     221
Summary      222
From revolutionary thinking and planning to action     224
Future marketing technologies     224
Shifting requirements     229
Developing or enhancing the technical infrastructure     232
Data-mining methodology     239
From bell curves to well curves     246
Dealing with complexity: marketing resource management     249
Summary     256
Revolution through people     258
Are marketers smarter than frogs?     258
The pressure to change     260
Tools and techniques     262
Diagnosing the organization: a structural analysis     265
Leading revolutionary change: eight key steps     268
Lessons for marketing revolution     281
Case studies     282
Loyalty management analytics and optimization - the case of the airline frequent-flyer programme (Finnair)     282
The Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency - multichannel management in the public sector     293
Tesco - revolutionizing the business with segmentation     296
References     300
Index     304
Further reading     308

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