Marketing to the Campus Crowd: Everything You Need to Know to Capture the $200 Billion College Market

Marketing to the Campus Crowd: Everything You Need to Know to Capture the $200 Billion College Market

by David Morrison



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ISBN-13: 9781461079736
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication date: 04/08/2011
Pages: 272
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Table of Contents

About the Authorxv
The First Note: "Just the Facts, Ma'am"xvii
The Second Note: The $200-Billion Estimatexvii
The Third Note: References to Alcohol-Based Beveragesxviii
The Final Note: Use of Examplesxix
1.Going Back to School1
Looking Past the Hype1
The Freebie T2
The Ten-Second Download3
Today's College Scene Is Not How You Remember It4
The Three Most Common "Killer" Mistakes5
Breaking Through the Clutter7
2.Why College Marketing? ("What's All the Fuss?")9
Some Statistics to Blow Your Mind9
Best in Class: The Blair Witch Goes to College12
Student Spending (and Spending and Spending)14
High Experimentation16
The Brand-Surfing Trap16
Trickle Triad Theory18
From Bands to Apples20
The Student Grapevine: The Power of Word of Mouth21
Bottom Line23
3.College Marketing: Past, Present, and Future or the Rise and Semifall of the School Monopoly24
Higher Education Takes Root: From Beijing to Bologna to Boston (and Back to Beijing)24
The Birth of Feeder High Schools27
Best in Class: New York University Raids Its Archives29
The School Monopoly Beams Beyond the Campus Gates (and Goes Mainstream)32
Sidebar: School Branding Touches Nearly Everything36
The Monopoly Today39
Best in Class: On-Campus Soda Wars43
Breaking the Monopoly: Two Trojan Horses46
Sidebar: Revenge of the Real Animal House48
Current State of the Union48
Contemporary College Marketing: All Hail the Pizza King51
Distance Learning: Higher Ed Goes Higher Tech52
Behind the Bookstore Counter: Underlying Dynamics Driving Sales59
4.The Precollege Market62
A Holistic Approach: Starting with the Seed62
Targeting Students Before They (Even) Arrive On-Campus63
Best in Class: Apple Plants the Seed66
A Potential Pitfall in Targeting College-Bound Consumers68
The Larger Precollege Market68
College-Bound High School Students: A New Mindset71
Providing Solutions73
How Early? The Baby Formula75
Sidebar: Brain Drain75
Corporate America Gets In on the Game79
5.The College Market83
Uniquely Desirable83
Notable Demographics89
Sidebar: The Larger College Market90
Key Market Characteristics: Defining Psychographics96
Experimentation Gives Way to Adoption98
Looking Down the Road99
6.The Postcollege Market101
Brand Loyalties in Flux: Oh No! Not Again101
Adultolescents: The Boomerang Phenomenon Hits Home (and Boosts Discretionary Spending)107
Sidebar: The Global Boomerang Phenomenon108
Entry into the "Real World": Taking Off the Corporate Blinders108
Get 'Em during Entry into "Real Life"112
Tapping the Power of the Alumni Network113
7.Gatekeepers: Reaching the Mother Lode Through "Big Mother"117
The Gatekeeper Triad: School Administrators, Faculty, and Parents117
Quid Pro Quo: Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor (Students) ... and We'll Give 'Em T-Shirts118
Student Credit Cards: Plastic? Fantastic!119
Credit Card Wars: The Battle for "Wallet Share"121
Best in Class: AT&T Universal Card Changes the Field Forever122
Best in Class: Visa and Others Educate Customers124
Best in Class: MasterCard's "Letting Go" Television Commercial126
Cultivating and Maintaining School Relationships128
Best in Class: Coca-Cola Targets Students and Administrators128
Trumping Exclusivity Contracts129
A Look to the Future: Nike-Managed School Gyms?132
8.The Influencers135
Word of Mouth135
Early Adopters and Category "Experts"136
So What's Next?: The IRRLe Method138
Student Panels: The Building Blocks for Change140
Sidebar: The 30-Second Overview of Panel Research141
Best in Class: Aramark Provides a Lesson in Crisis Control142
9.Reaching the College Crowd143
Selecting the Right Marketing Mix143
Skeletal Classifications: Deconstructing and Reconstructing Consumer Profiles145
Best in Class: AT&T Universal Card Breaks the Mold with a Classic Segmentation Execution146
Best in Class: Targeting College Freshmen146
Strategic Implementation147
On-Campus Channels148
Best in Class: Cingular Gets Funky154
Off-Campus Channels187
Best in Class: Dr Pepper Hits the Beaches191
Best in Class: Goes to Hollywood193
10.Timing: An Important Factor in College Marketing205
Timing Is Everything205
Welcome to Campus, Will That Be Semester or Trimester?206
Timing Factors: Breaking Murphy's Law207
Seasonal Marketing208
Best in Class: IBM Takes Its Cues from the Seasons208
11.The Original Daewoo Motor Company: A Good Idea Gone Bad212
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly212
12.Cobranding Strategies217
A Sum Greater Than Its Parts217
Student ID Cards218
The Corporate Connection221
College Life as TV Fodder: "Oh, the Drama!"221
Best in Class: Microsoft Heads Off to M.I.T.222
13.Concluding Thoughts from a Seasoned Insider223
Words of Wisdom: The Seven College Rules223
Net Sum225
14.We Want to Hear from You!226
Appendix AThe Country's 25 Largest Campuses229
Appendix BThe Country's Oldest Schools231
End Notes233

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