Markets, Competition, and the Economy as a Social System

Markets, Competition, and the Economy as a Social System

by Frederic S. Lee


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ISBN-13: 9781118691571
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 05/20/2013
Series: AJES - Studies in Economic Reform and Social Justice Series
Pages: 500
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About the Author

Frederic S. Lee is a Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.He has published extensively on heterodox microeconomics, on the history of heterodox economics. He was the editor of the Heterodox Economics Newsletter and the executive director of ICAPE. He is currently the editor of the American Journal of Economics and Sociology. He has published in numerous heterodox journals including the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, Review of Radical Political Economics, Review of Social Economy, and the Journal of Economic Issues.

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction
Frederic S. Lee

Economy as a Social System: Niklas Luhmann's Contribution andits Significance for Economics
Ivan Boldyrev

Social Network Analysis and the Sociology of Economics: Fillinga Blind Spot with the Idea of Social Embeddedness
Dieter Boegenhold

Scmoller’s Method as a Critique and Alternative toMarginalist Economics: A Comment to Louzek
Carlo D'Ippoliti

The Economic Deterioration of the Family: HistoricalContingencies Preceding the Great Depression
Michael Gillespie

The Market Concept: A Characterization from Institutional andPost Keynesian Economics
Eduardo Fernandez-Huerga

Understanding the Socio-Economics Impact of Actually ExistingMarkets: An Analytical Framework for Empirical Research
Lynn Chester

Three Makes of Competition in the Marketplace
William Redmond

Saving Private Business Enterprises: A Heterodox MicroeconomicApproach to Market Governance and Market Regulation
Tae-Hee Jo

Consumer Market Cycles Riders, Industries and Environments inFrance and the United States, 1865-1914
Thomas C. Burr

The End of the Consensus in Macroeconomic Theory? AMethodological Inquiry
John McCombie and Maureen Pike

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