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Markets of Paris

Markets of Paris

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by Dixon Long, Ruthanne Long, Alison Harris (Photographer)
The only complete guide to every street market and market district in Paris, with beautiful full color photographs throughout

Perhaps the most pleasurable way for any visitor to feel at home in Paris–and one of the easiest ways to get to know the city–is to meander through any of its dozens of street markets. It's also the best way to find a wide


The only complete guide to every street market and market district in Paris, with beautiful full color photographs throughout

Perhaps the most pleasurable way for any visitor to feel at home in Paris–and one of the easiest ways to get to know the city–is to meander through any of its dozens of street markets. It's also the best way to find a wide variety of uniquely French gifts–from antique books and botanical prints to flea market finds and household goods–not to mention legendary cheeses, produce, and bounty of the French countryside.

The authors have explored and described every market in every neighborhood. They also have included streets that are devoted to selling one type of thing–from the centuries-old booksellers along the Seine to those lined with stores selling items as varied as fabric and discounted designer clothing.

And, for everyone who feels their time in the city is all too short, they have suggested itineraries based on the opening days of the markets with local restaurant recommendations.

Also included are tips, translations of important phrases, and pointers on what to look for so that the visitor will be able to make the most of this exhilarating and fun French experience.

All the market information is supplemented by sidebars that round out the experience, including a listing of favorite wine bars, a visit to the wood oven in the cellar of the famous bakery Poilane, and strolls down the best shopping streets in Paris.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
"The Longs (Markets of Provence ) turn their attention to Paris in this handy little guidebook. While most general travel guides list the major Parisian markets, like the famous March? aux Fleurs and March? aux Puces de Clignancourt, this guide details all the markets in the city selling food, antiques, books, crafts, and more. Entries provide the standard information for all markets, such as location, days and hours of operation, and nearest Metro stop, as well as the authors' recommendations and detailed descriptions of the articles offered for sale, including specialty items. For travelers with limited time, suggested itineraries list markets by geographic area and open days, which allows the reader to find, for example, a flea market on the Right Bank that is open on Mondays. There are other shopping guides to Paris, such as the volume in Suzy Gershman's "Born To Shop" series, and the Longs' reference this and other titles in a helpful bibliography, but travelers wanting to experience Paris by strolling its markets with the locals will find this guide invaluable. Recommended for public libraries, especially those with larger travel sections." –Library Journal, April 1, 2007

"Markets of Paris is a wonderful book written by the same couple who wrote Markets of Provence. The book is more than a listing of where to locate open and roving markets -- it helps you narrow down which ones are better, what personality each market has, and what you can expect to find at your favorite." --BonjourParis

"You can find pretty much anything you want in the markets of Paris: old letters, dead bears, live chickens. The only problem is that you'd have to roam around hours and hours to find them. The newly released book by [The Little Bookroom] Markets of Paris is a vade mecum for any focused Parisian shopper. A pocket sized book with hundreds of listing, the book will save you hours of searching for obscure curios. And though it retails at $16.95, in terms of opportunity cost, the book is priceless." -Gridskipper

“The Little Book Room has had the brilliant idea to publish books that might actually fit in your carry-on luggage...This is the perfect book format for toting around Paris...Markets of Paris describes in thoughtful prose a variety of Paris markets, focusing primarily on the 65 outdoor food markets that are an essential part of the Paris landscape...Assuming market browsers are bound to start salivating after feasting their eyes on the mountains of fresh fruits, cheeses, pates etc., there’s a helpful guide to bistros, restaurants, cafes, AND even wine bars within easy walking distance from the markets they’ve highlighted...But, for me, what really sets this book apart is the careful prose. Time is taken to capture the essence of how one market’s aura can differ from any other in Paris...There’s just enough here to whet your appetite, get you into the Metro, or putting on your walking shoes to explore neighborhoods that may have escaped your attention. I know that I will be throwing this handy book into my Hermes tote (just kidding!) as soon as the spring weather turns balmy.” –ParisLogue

"There's shopping, and then there's shopping in Paris. For those fortunate enough to have the problem of finding the best Parisian goods, be it cheese, clothing, botanical prints or porcelain, there's Markets of Paris." --Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

"Dixon and Ruthanne Long's Markets of Paris catalogs every market in the city, from the fresh meat and produce stalls of the open-air Marche Barbes to the quaint fabric vendors of the Marche Saint-Pierre. It's a perfect guide to a quintessentially romantic feature of the city that's often difficult for visitors to navigate." --Culture & Travel

"Markets of Paris, a chunky pocket guide to Paris markets by Dixon and Ruthanne Long, authors of Markets of Provence, contains details on more than 70 food markets, along with antique, craft, and flea market finds throughout the city." --The Food Section

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Meet the Author

Dixon Long and Ruthanne Long are co-authors of Markets of Provence. Ruthanne Long was a food consultant for wineries in Napa Valley. Dixon Long is a novelist and short story writer, as well as Dean and Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Case Western Reserve University. Together they lived in Provence and Paris. Dixon Long now lives in San Anselmo, California.

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Markets of Paris 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Galewarning More than 1 year ago
Bought this book before I left for my four week holiday...and left it in my Paris apartment for the next guests. I really didn't find this book useful. I loved the markets...but didn't find the authors' aristocratic tastes on restaurants, etc. to be very useful. It was not complete. There are many other markets not covered. The book was vague and I didn't really need to know their favorite foods, or restaurants or that they were buying silver for all of their children. Do the markets...by all means. I loved them and did them on an almost daily basis...but save your money...and leave the book on the shelves...where it belongs.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This little book seems to be a thorough guide to the many markets of Paris. Directions clearly specify which metro lines to take and how to proceed from there. Offerings of each market as well as best times to go are clearly listed.