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Marksman's Trinity

Marksman's Trinity

by Loyd Uglow


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When Captain C.W. Langhorne, 4th United States Cavalry, takes a green lieutenant named Harry Bennett and a trio of Apache scouts on a hunting trip along the Rio Grande in the summer of 1916, he has no idea that their real quarry will turn out to be Mexican bandits and a kidnapped child. Although the rescue attempt goes sour, Langhorne captures a plan by extremists to ignite a bloodbath in the Border States. While U. S. authorities decide how to react to the threat, Langhorne and Bennett have their own troubles with the glory-hunting Major Philip Cobb back at Fort Bliss, including Bennett's unconventional romance with Cobb's young daughter. Finally assigned to stage a preemptive military strike against the plotters, Langhorne and Bennett find themselves battling not only Mexican revolutionaries, but also treacherous civilians, hostile terrain . . . and Major Cobb.

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ISBN-13: 9781611792935
Publisher: Fireship Press
Publication date: 01/10/2014
Pages: 446
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Loyd Uglow is a history and writing professor at a small private university in the North Texas area. He has taught for the past thirty years. His special areas of interest in history include military history from all eras, the American West, and the Mexican Revolution.
He started writing when he was five years old, in a collaborative effort with his older sister to produce a mystery similar to the Nancy Drew stories they both enjoyed. It didn’t get far. Fiction has remained his primary love in writing, but his earlier published works were all non-fiction. Those include Standing in the Gap, a history of the army’s use of scouting camps and sub-posts in the pacification of the Texas frontier in the late nineteenth century; and two historical biographies for children, on Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln. He is also author of the “Military Posts and Forts” section of Congressional Quarterly’s Encyclopedia of United States Indian Policy and Law. He has honed his writing skills by working as a professional editor for several years with an academic editing service and in freelance work.

Uglow is a retired Commander in the United States Naval Reserve, with sixteen years combined active and reserve service on board ships and at shore activities. He has served as navigator, communications officer, and deck officer afloat, and in convoy control and other related units ashore. He is a qualified Surface Warfare Officer. In addition, he has completed graduate course work in strategy and policy from the United States Naval War College.
He lives in the Dallas area with his wife, Carol, and his two sons, who also like to write.

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