Marquel's Dilemma: (Book 2) in the Marquel Series

Marquel's Dilemma: (Book 2) in the Marquel Series

by Emily Skinner


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SPOILER ALERT – To avoid spoilers, it is advised to read the first novel, Marquel, before reading Marquel's Dilemma.

Marquel's Dilemma

The dramatic conclusion of Emily Skinner's first novel Marquel brought requests from readers to continue the story.

Marquel's Dilemma begins three years after the actress Marquel's tragic past has been exposed by tabloid journalist, Mark Collins. The media exploitation of her life brought a new responsibility. She would become a voice of hope for others, not as the actress Marquel, but under her married name.

Zach Manning, Marquel's psychiatrist, lover -- and now husband -- made a huge mistake in protecting her. Unbeknownst to his wife, Zach asked for a favor, not weighing the consequences. Now Collins is back for revenge. The first time it was his job... now it's personal!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780999419649
Publisher: Emily W. Skinner
Publication date: 03/29/2015
Series: Marquel , #2
Pages: 204
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.47(d)

About the Author

Emily had a goal when she was 15, she would have a daughter named Marquel and write a novel titled "Marquel." She accomplished both and more.

A protege of the late master of the pulps or paperback originals, Harry Whittington, Emily interviewed Whittington during her days as a feature writer for the Clearwater Sun daily newspaper and its weekly division. They became friends and he taught her how to plot and gave her approval of the original outline and sample chapter for "Marquel" shortly before he died in 1989.

After Whittington passed away, Emily challenged herself to write as her mentor did and wrote a chapter a day and finished the novel "Marquel" in 52 days. A sequel "Marquel's Dilemma" was added in 2015 and the final book in the series "Marquel's Redemption" released Sept. 27, 2018.

When Emily's second daughter Blair was born, Emily and husband Tom focused on raising their family. Emily then took time off from writing to publish others in her zine Bohemian Chronicle, while also working evenings as a graphics supervisor for Valpak.

Fast forward, both daughters are now grown and work in Hollywood. The girls made a book trailer for their mother's novel "Marquel" with Oscar-nominated actor Eric Roberts and Emily's daughter Marquel in the lead roles. Daughter Blair wrote, directed and produced the "Marquel" book trailer.

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A devoted Catholic, Emily completed a young adult paranormal series appropriately named after her youngest daughter, "St. Blair: Children of the Night."

When Emily isn't working as a marketing consultant or writing novels, she enjoys screenwriting and producing short films. Her daughter's each have webseries: and, among their many projects. The mother and daughters team have just completed a short film Emily wrote titled: Dough Nuts And More, which will be making the film festival circuit 2018/2019.

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