Marriage, a Barrel of Laughs (Unless You're the One in the Barrel)

Marriage, a Barrel of Laughs (Unless You're the One in the Barrel)

by Delilah


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Humorous memoir of married life as experienced by two average people who were married in their teens. A compilation of various funny stories and events, addressing the mistakes, misjudgements and dangerously funny actions and consequences experienced throughout their 41 plus years together.

For the reader:

You will witness the unbridled hand of a wife who unintentionally pushes her husband to the brink of insane exasperation as she attempts to address adult responsibilities and issues.

You will laugh at her zany reasoning while her family is left wondering, 'What just happened here?'

You will scratch your head then you ask yourself, 'What was she thinking?' when she integrates her own unique ideas and style in an attempt to keep the romance hot, fresh and alive in their marriage, only to have her efforts thwarted as they backfire into a dangerous yet comical outcome.

You will smile at her innocent yet gullible mindset as she never doubts but always believes even the most incredible and unbelievable things her husband tells her.

You will ask yourself how her friends and family maintained their sense of humor, loyalty, trust and devotion toward her after being forced at times to the very limits of their own understanding.

When you finish reading this book you are promised to have a new and lighter sense of understanding as well as a new way of percieving those day to day struggles, adventures and hurdles faced by all married couples regardless of age.

Most importantly, you're guaranteed to understand why, 'Marriage is indeed a barrel of laughs, unless you're the one in the barrel.'

A snip-it from a proverbial idiom said to have come from the mind of Bernard of Clairvaux around 1670 AD;

'The road to Hell is paved with good intentions'

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ISBN-13: 9781466277250
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/21/2011
Pages: 248
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.56(d)

About the Author

Born the youngest of seven children Delilah had what most would consider a magical childhood. She was blessed with five other siblings who saw after her, trying their best to keep her out of trouble or harms way. Delilah was spoiled but not obnoxious, a true Tom boy, full of mischief and oblivious to life from any other standpoint than that of a child.

Delilah got married in 1970 when she was sixteen years old to the still, 'love of her life,' Danny. Within eight years she was helping to raise their own two sons. Being a mother proved to be a very rewarding experience. Making up short stories at bedtime became second nature and such a treat for her family. Fortunately she was blessed with a gift for gab and an expansive imagination and knack for creating stories.

Delilah began her journey of creative writing in the early 1970s. It served as an outlet for self expression as well as a window for allowing her mind to explore those mysteries and stories which at times seemed to be bursting to be heard. Hence, a writing career was born.

After completing school in 1972 Delilah attended night classes to enhance her education in computer, word processing and accounting.

Initially Delilah's self expression was a hobby shared only with close friends and family. After years of writing then filing her works away she decided to try another yet to be explored avenue. With much prodding from her friends and her husband, who by the way was and still is her biggest fan, she decided to publish some of her work in an attempt to reach a larger audience.

In the near future you will see Delilah's first published book; 'Marriage, A Barrel of Laughs (Unless You're the One in the Barrel)' which is based on true yet funny events collected throughout the course of her still thriving 41 years of marriage, followed by four macabre novels; 'The House Warming', 'Be Still My Love', 'Michael' and 'I Fell in Love With A Witch'.

Delilah's wish is that you find yourself forgetting your daily agenda as you get lost in the pages she found so much pleasure in writing for your reading enjoyment and entertainment.

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