Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage

Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage

by Charles J. Kriessman


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An extremely important subject as marriage is given a cogent examination in this book. A definition of marriage as given by God is presented as an inalienable institution not to be altered in any way. Yet today we see that marriage has been redefined and changed in a way as to nearly render it unrecognizable.
The author presents a short walk through the secular history of traditional marriage as a practice many thousands of years old. Chapter 2 is God's intention for how marriage was intended to be and how it relates to the Church as being the Bride of Christ. Also included in the chapter is the lofty exposition of the marriage of Solomon and Naaman in the Song of Solomon.
After an explanation of the difference between fornication and adultery, two examples are given of how sinful marriages can affect the Church of God and His preparation of a chaste Bride.
In chapter 6 divorce and remarriage are dealt with in a Biblical way, and which should be being taught in a clear manner to our Church-going youth. A thorough understanding of the subject is not being taught to young Christians and much confusion about the subject reigns in the Church.
The final chapter discusses the politically protected entity of same-sex marriage, God's rejection of it, His disdain for it, and coming judgment as a result of it. Some of its consequences are detailed and what's next is predicted by Scripture.

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ISBN-13: 9780996259156
Publisher: The Old Paths Publications
Publication date: 07/10/2015
Pages: 274
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