Marriage with Benefits (Harlequin Desire Series #2212)

Marriage with Benefits (Harlequin Desire Series #2212)

by Kat Cantrell
4.4 7

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Marriage with Benefits 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
HarlequinJunkie More than 1 year ago
Dulciana "Cia" Allende has a proposition for real estate broker Lucas Wheeler: become her husband so she can tap into her trust fund to build a women's shelter and she will make sure his firm is hired to handle her grandfather's substantial real estate dealings. The Texas native is intrigued by her offer but he finds there is one catch: that he must promise to divorce her in six months for her to gain access to the trust fund money due to a stipulation her grandfather made. What begins as a business deal with signed contracts quickly escalates into an emotional roller coaster for them both. She doesn't want to rely on anyone financially, let alone for her happiness. And he is used to casual relationships with no feelings involved. They struggle to act as a married couple in love in public and to remain "business-like" at home. But when sparks fly in a moment of passion, will they be able to hold up their end of the agreement? Cia and Lucas are both very passionate characters in their own way. Cia is empathetic and giving to the women at the shelter, but is hard as stone when making a business deal. Lucas is learning to be a shrewd businessman in his family's real estate company but has a carefree attitude toward relationships and life in general. It makes for a very interesting mix when they are thrown together in this situation and the "verbal gymnastics" as the author states is compelling yet comical at times. (The dialogue brings to mind Sam and Diane from Cheers for those of you old enough to remember!) There are a few steamy scenes mixed in that I won't mention in detail but are certainly worth reading as well... Overall this is a very solid story and will hold your interest until the very end.
judyrudy More than 1 year ago
Marriage with Benefits is Kat Cantrell’s first published book and all I can say is that she started off her career with a winner! Marriage with Benefits is truly a heartwarming story. I immediately fell in love with Dulciana (Cia) Allende and Lucas Wheeler. Cia’s backstory was one filled with a sadness that affected her entire life and Lucas seemed like a playboy but was so much more underneath all of the layers. Cia had experienced a tragedy in her family that she carried with her. It affected not only her past but her future. She wanted to make a bad situation for some turn into something life altering. To make her dreams come true, she needed a husband and she chose Lucas to fulfill that role. Lucas, himself was flailing. He’d gotten involved in a situation that backfired on not only himself but his family’s reputation. They entered into an agreement that would last for six months. And then, each would go their separate ways having earned something important to each through their alliance. But as most romances go, their agreement turned into so much more. Cia learned how to trust not only herself but in someone else. And Lucas, he learned that he could recapture his family’s empire and build upon his strengths. I couldn’t put this book down and read it in one sitting. I highly recommend reading Marriage with Benefits and hope that Ms. Cantrell’s eventually tells us about Lucas’ brother Matthew.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book wasso good!!
ReneeEntress More than 1 year ago
My Review: 4.6 Star Review - Marriage With Benefits I recommend this book. This book includes passion, betrayal, heartbreak, and romance throughout the entire story. Cia approached Lucas to get married so she can get her trust fund and open a woman's Shelter. Lucas agrees to marry her for the 6 months and get a divorce. What happens when fake is the last thing both people want? What happens when misunderstandings are happening with every part of the relationship? Lucas is determined to take care of Cia. Cia is determined to take care of herself. Tempers will fly and feeling will grow.
CloverAutrey More than 1 year ago
I actually don't read a great deal of contemporary romances. Just not my thing. I mean, if there aren't any half-bodied clowns crawling after the heroine and hero or nuclear wasted spiders dropping off buildings, what's the point?   But I went to a booksigning at Barnes and Noble to support my friend and she was signing with 3 other authors. So I bought one of each of their books, cuz, hey, sitting at a table, hoping someone will make eye-contact is tough. I had the money that day, so why not? And if I buy a book, I'm going to read it. So I started with Kat's book, because, uh, it was the thinnest. The premise: Dulciana Allende and Lucas Wheeler make an arrangement to get married so she can outwit her grandpa's stipulation that she has to be married for a year to have access to her trust-fund. Altruistic reason, she needs the cash to open a woman's shelter. Now we know they are going to fall in love and live happily ever after and stay married. Oh, did I just spoil the ending for you?   Come on. It's a contemporary romance. There's no secret that's how it will end. But dang it, Cia and Lucas suckered me in. Even knowing where they were headed, I got engrossed in their relationship and how they played off each other and guessing who was going to come to the realization of their love first. Totally hooked and caught up in it and making excuses to stop what I needed to do during the day so I could sneak a few pages in throughout the day.  And then the fresh writing and unique turn of a phrase. Dang again. Kat Cantrell is a skillful and subtle writer without banging a reader over the head with poetic prose, yet weaving some sentences that are beautiful in their simplicity, delivering exactly what a character is feeling in a way that hasn't been overdone.   I really enjoyed it. And great, now I'm going to have to read another contemporary when Lucas's brother's story comes out. Thanks a lot. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed the book and characters. Author did a great job of keeping your intrest. Great love scenes. Hope Matthews story is next.