Married To The Enemy: A practical, Biblical guide to fix or finalise a failing marriage

Married To The Enemy: A practical, Biblical guide to fix or finalise a failing marriage

by Fraser Hannam


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At the age of 23 Fraser found himself married to a bipolar and deeply depressive 31 year-old woman. The subsequent years were a constant struggle between his desire to be a loving and supportive Godly man, and the reality of being married to a woman who brought division, torment and the occult into his house and the lives of their children. Despite escalating violence, he persevered through 20 years of seemingly unanswered prayer with contradictory advice from a polarised church community. Should he persist in a marriage that made a mockery of the Christian faith? How was a leader in a Christian organisation to justify continuing in a household that emaciated his calling and stifled his walk with God?

Married to the Enemy is a practical, Biblical guide to identifying and finding the resolve to fix or to finalise a failing marriage. The author shows readers how to take care of the past and move forward in a new relationship with the strength and determination of a super hero!

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ISBN-13: 9780648045144
Publisher: Initiate Media Pty Ltd
Publication date: 05/10/2017
Pages: 180

About the Author

Fraser was born and raised in Sydney. After graduating from university he taught in schools for 20 years the last fifteen in executive roles. Fraser is currently working at the University of Newcastle and the Macquarie Leadership College as a lecturer while completing his PhD.
Together with his wife Annette, Fraser leads ALPHA Marriage Preparation Courses as well as counselling individuals and couples experiencing marriage difficulties. He has shared his marriage journey at several speaking engagements and has written and presented lectures on Marriage and Divorce from a Biblical perspective.
Fraser lives in Newcastle with his wife and their three-year-old son Benjamin.

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This series of tailor made seminars or sermons address the challenges faced by many pastors today: How do I preserve the marriages within my church and take them to the next level? How do I support and encourage those experiencing marriage difficulties or divorce?
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements v

Preface vii

Introduction xi

The Back Story xvii


1. The Demise Of Supergirl 1

2. Female, Pulse, what more could you want? 3

3. Marriage Is Not A Three Legged Race! 11

4. Shape Up Or Ship Out! Hang Onto The Anger 19

5. Wife Or Houseguest? 31

6. How Long Is Too Long? 41

7. Unanswered Prayers 53

8. What Does The Bible Say About Divorce? 65

9. Father Knows! 89

10. Seven Months 97

11. Goodbye 107

12. Ghost Of Life Past 119

13. The Dawkins Delusion 125

14. When God Is Compromised 133

15. After The Storm 141

16. The New Adventures Of Super Boy! 147


I Should Have Seen This Coming! 8

The Price Of Hospitality! 14

Bad Dreams! 21

Out Damned Spot! 49

Family Matters 60

In Summary 155

A Final Word On Love 156

About The Author 161

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