Married with Zombies (Living with the Dead Series #1)

Married with Zombies (Living with the Dead Series #1)

by Jesse Petersen

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ISBN-13: 9780316102865
Publisher: Orbit
Publication date: 09/01/2010
Series: Living with the Dead Series , #1
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 441,021
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 11.06(h) x 0.76(d)

About the Author

A Facebook application once told Jesse Petersen that she'd only survive a day in a zombie outbreak, but she doesn't believe that. For one, she's a good shot and two, she has an aversion to bodily fluids, so she'd never go digging around in zombie goo. Until the zombie apocalypse, she lives in the Midwest with her husband and two cats. Find out more about the author at

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"...the most fun I've had with a zombie book since Pride and Prejudice and Zombies...Petersen has the beginnings of a beautiful, zany series." - Impact Online
"...Cassandra Campbell [is] the perfect choice for the voice of Sarah. She reads the story with a wry, understated wit and competent sexiness that suited the character just right. She brought a blend of maturity and whimsy that allowed the humor of the novel to stand out organically, never forcing a joke. " - The Guilded Earlobe
"Married with Zombies is quite entertaining... Cassandra Campbell was a great narration choice for this production.: -
"A wonderfully wicked adventure!" - Kerrelyn Sparks, NYT bestselling author
"A comedy with brains, bravado and bite." - Angie Fox, NYT bestselling author
"Gory. Sarcastic. Zany. Pitch-perfect for the zombie fan." - Mario Acevedo, author of Werewolf Smackdown
"An entertaining journey through an apocalyptic landscape of relationship issues, pet peeves, and zombies. Make sure to pack your shot gun and emotional baggage." - S.G. Browne, author of Breathers: A Zombie's Lament

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Married with Zombies 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 165 reviews.
Tiger_Holland More than 1 year ago
Sarah and David are a normal American couple on the verge of divorce, until something extraordinary happens to save their marriage--the zombie apocalypse. They're barely hanging onto their relationship by going to couples counseling sessions, but one morning they walk in to find their marriage counselor chowing down on some earlier clients. Suddenly, the little annoyances and petty squabbles don't matter so much to Sarah and David, not when they're faced with hordes of the ravenous undead. This has got to be the cutest zombie book I've ever read. It's hard to stay sorrowful for too long when the protagonists are offing zombies in such funny ways; they attack their first zombie with a letter-opener, and dispatch it with a few well-aimed whacks of a high-heeled shoe, and another zombie is disabled by a Dr. Phil self-help book. And though I did get a little weepy toward the end of the book, the horror and gravitas of a zombie plague aren't emphasized too heavily. It's a romantic comedy, heavy on the comedy and light on the romance, with hilarious back-and-forth mood switches, where our heroes will kill a zombie or three, then argue about their musical preferences (she's a music snob, he still likes 80's rock) and bicker over whether their therapist' marriage advice is still relevant--Sarah maintains, "Just because she tried to eat us doesn't mean she was wrong" (pg 20). The zombies are fairly traditional: Red-eyed, black bile spewing, physically strong but decomposing, closer to slow-zombies than fast-zombies because they're capable of both shambling and awkward running, can only be killed by head wounds, full zombification is complete about ten minutes after the first bite, and the virus originated in some university lab and spread like wildfire. Well-known territory, but in some ways it makes the story more enjoyable because you know the parameters you're dealing with. For a long time, I sympathized with David much more than with Sarah, the POV character, because even though they're both unhappy and under a lot of stress early on, she tends to get more outright verbally aggressive, while David is low-key and honestly pretty cool. Every time Sarah had twinges of appreciation for him and began to fall back in love, I was terribly happy because he's a decent guy with no more than the usual amount of flaws. The two of them are outright awesome when they begin to really work together, dropping zombies by using available materials and combining their growing knowledge of what works and what doesn't work for survival. Turns out, killing the undead is a great bonding activity, and apocalypses are good for strengthening relationships even as they unweave the fabric of society at large. Sarah and David need each other now, while before they were coexisting with no real goals and nothing worthy to pursue. I wish that I had a better sense of who they were and what their strengths, quirks, and dreams were before the zombie plague, but it's a very short novel with not a lot of time for really delving into emotional depths. I have big hopes that they'll get more fleshed-out in the second book, Flip This Zombie, since all the "how it all started" stuff will be set up already.
Suvorov More than 1 year ago
This book is hilarious! I actually laughed out loud within the first few chapters. The plot is obviously surviving a zombie apocalypse. The subplot is how the zombie apocalypse saved a marriage. Or reverse that. The two are so intertwined. The chapters begin with marital advise. I love the witty remarks, the competition to see who kills more zombies, the silly bickering... whatever it takes to keep your sanity. I would have loved to own these in hardback.
zeronyn More than 1 year ago
Have you every picked up a book and with in the first few pages you just knew this book was written with you in mind? This book is it. From the first zombie kill I was hooked. FANTASTIC!!!
am4880 More than 1 year ago
Jesse puts this book together in a fun way. There's so many zombie movies, books, graphic novels, etc. - this one takes it to a funny level at times. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I purchased this, but I enjoyed it the whole way!
LovesMyNookHatesMyCharger More than 1 year ago
This book is so damn funny and I am loving the whole idea of the husbandand wife zombie killing duo, so down to earth though they slaughter zombies together as if .its an everyday thing. I appreciate the freshnsess and creativity this author brings to the zombie genre and i think these books deserve a little.more.attention, one of the first books i bought on my nook and i enjoyed it ,and i know many others would enjoy
Pamela Esser More than 1 year ago
I picked this funny tome up after reading the synopsis and reviews. I started reading and was laughing by the third page! Soon after my boyfriend started to inquire and it wasn't too long before we just started reading it together. We both love it! You need this laugh out loud, violently gory and twistedly funny tale.
Cid More than 1 year ago
My friends all know I have a very deep love for all things zombie. When I first saw the ad for Married with Zombies I think I freaked out a little; there might have been squealing. The premise for the book, a survival story not just of the people, but of their marriage was an instant attention grabber for me. I love zombie stories but putting the marriage on the line just upped the stakes. The book is at times light and funny, and then dark, gritty and gory. The characters are forced to make some tough decisions and it's their survival story and how they learn to put their marriage counseling into play during zombie attacks that keep you turning the pages. Not a read for younger readers, but totally something I would suggest if you're even mildly interested in zombie stories!!
BookishBrunette on LibraryThing 10 months ago
This book was absolutely hilarious, I loved every second of it and I can't wait to start the second one! MwZ started my love affair with zombie books and has been at the top of my FAV list ever since.
thewalkinggirl on LibraryThing 10 months ago
I'll admit it's been awhile since I've played D&D, but this reminded me of an extensive dungeon crawl, only with zombies and in book form. At the beginning, Sarah and David are attending counseling to help their troubled marriage, and while the tone the characters had was probably appropriate to the situation, it was a bit too strident and whiny for me to enjoy. Over time, as they got more involved in killing zombies (including people who were once close to them) their bonds with each other got stronger and the tone was less abrasive. The pace is unrelenting and the zombie battles and snarky humor will appeal to some, but for me, by the time I got to the end I was happy to be done.
samantha.1020 on LibraryThing 10 months ago
So let's start this review off with the fact that I don't care for zombies all that much. Or maybe at all. So I can't say that I was expecting to like this book all that much. I cannot even begin to tell you how pleasantly surprised I was to find that Married With Zombies was a fast, fun read!It all begins when Sarah and David head to couple's counseling. Sarah and David are having major relationship issues when the book begins but their entire life changes when they walk in on their counselor attempting to eat one of her clients. Now they are not only working on their relationship problems but also fighting zombies and attempting to stay alive and away from the undead.I was instantly drawn into this book from the very beginning. Sarah and David's relationship isn't perfect and comes across as very real. I loved how we got to see from the very beginning how their lives changed from the outbreak of zombies, as well as how they learned to cope with all of the changes. It made me wonder at times what I would do and how I would react if placed in similar circumstances. The book itself was very fast-paced and I found myself turning the pages with ease. One of my favorite parts of the book was the zombie/relationship advice found at the beginning of each chapter. These were both quirky and clever and definitely fun to read. The book doesn't take itself too seriously which made for a few laughs at times. But there were also some more somber moments which realistically would be the case all things considered. And of course there has to be the warning fact that parts of the book are slightly gory (if I can handle it though, I'm sure anyone could). But all in all a fun, easy read and I'm definitely looking forward to reading book 2 in this series!Bottom Line: A fun, fast read that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to zombie lovers!
kingoftheicedragons on LibraryThing 10 months ago
It seems that I have been reading or will be reading quite a few zombie books early this year. Now, I¿m not one who is normally into horror movies with lots of blood and gore, but if you combine zombies and humor, such as books like Paul is Undead, Night of the Living Trekkies, and now Married with Zombies, it¿s a great combination for a quick, light read that does a good job of entertaining. In this book, Sarah and David have been having marital problems, and at their most recent therapy visit, things in downtown Seattle just aren¿t quite right when their therapist tries to eat them. So begins their adventure to get out of Seattle without getting turned into zombies and look for fellow survivors as they go, and hit a few snags along the way, including one at a casino that may cause you to never think of gambling the same way again. The zombie action is non-stop throughout the book, which should give zombie lovers their fill, and many of these encounters are also quite humorous as well, as Sarah and David rack up their kill count¿both with zombies they once knew as well as others. If I have one complaint about this book, it¿s that there are some loose threads hanging out there, notably regarding some of the survivors that got left behind in Seattle that I was fully expecting to see again. This is the first book in a series, though, so they could still make a come back, and also clues you into the fact that things aren¿t fully resolved at the end of this book.
cmwilson101 on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen is the first book in the Living with the Dead series. It is a tongue in cheek, witty story about Dave and Sarah, a couple headed towards divorce who find themselves drawn back together by the common threat of death as their world becomes overridden by zombies. They decide to leave their home in Seattle and head for Longview, a smaller town where David's sister Gina lives. The story about their journey from Seattle to Longview, and the people/zombies/situations they encounter along the way, make this an interesting, fast-paced book. The story about their relationship, and how it changes as they band together against the zombies, is funny and sweet. Very enjoyable.
littleton_pace on LibraryThing 10 months ago
This book, for me, was a breath of fresh air :) I finished it in two days; it was just such a fun, easy read :) Who doesn't love killing zombies? This book makes me think this is the way I would act if a zombie outbreak occurred, just copy what you saw in Dawn of the Dead, etc, and hope that something works. The characters are pretty cool, Sarah and David, marriage on the rocks and now forced to stick together to survive. One thing I was really pleased with is that you know the pair of them will stay together, and this won't be a series of will they/won't they hook up. The first night they sleep together, believing it's the end of the world, it's just a lot more realistic from a married couple, IMO. Having said that, you don't get a lot of depth into either character really, since they're running for their lives for the whole thing. A slight mishap involving a weird religious cult provides some growth for Sarah as she has to care for David when he gets injured.I can't wait for the second book to arrive, as first novels in series go, this one was pretty good! :) I recommend it :)
krau0098 on LibraryThing 10 months ago
This is the first book in the Living with the Dead series by Petersen. The third book in this series (Eat, Love, Slay) was just released in July of 2011. This was a fun series; pretty typical zombie stuff but the main couple involved in the story is hilarious.Sarah and David have been going to couple's counseling for months. Things just aren't working out: Sarah is still working her butt off to make ends meet and David is still lounging around playing video games and hoping to "find himself". Well their most recent counseling session changes all of that when their counselor tries to eat them. Yep, she's turned into a zombie. Now Susan and David are forced to work together to stay alive in a zombie infested world; who knew zombie slaying could bring a couple closer together?This book is well written, fast moving, and makes for a fun read. Sarah and David come across as your standard dysfunctional couple on the edge of divorce. They are constantly irritating each other and letting small things drive them crazy. They are both snarky and sarcastic and fun to read about. It is only when they have to stand side by side and fight together in life-threatening situations that they finally begin to remember why they got married in the first place.This whole book brings to light that whole philosophy of "don't sweat the small things" in your relationship. Really when your life is on the line who cares if your husband put the stupid Whitesnake album in the CD player again? Petersen also touches on how much better things can be when you think every day might be your last. I love how each chapter name consists of some couples counseling advice but with zombies added.The zombies in this book are pretty standard. The whole scenario is an infection gone awry type of thing. The zombies are your typical mindless brain-eating variety, so the book doesn't really cover anything new and creative from that aspect.The book was a quick read and well paced, it was engaging and hard to put down. For those with weak stomachs it does get pretty graphic; there is a lot of discussion of blood, black vomit, brain matter, and various stages of rot. There is also quite a bit of swearing, so definitely targeted at an adult audience.Overall a fun, fast read. I read the book quickly and found it to be funny and engaging. Sarah and David are both funny and tough. It was sweet and fun to watch how they worked through their marital issues via zombie therapy. A good book for zombie fans that like humor and engaging characters. This book doesn't really cover any new territory as far as zombie theory goes; these zombies are the same mindless brain-eaters you know and love. A great summer read, with a lot of laughs and a bit of heart too. I will definitely be reading the second book in the series: Flip This Zombie.
sithereandread on LibraryThing 10 months ago
MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES, by Jesse Petersen, is a hilarious story about a couple who is on the verge of a divorce but have to work through their issues in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Sarah and David are hilarious together. It is easy to see that they belong together, even when they think they don't. When they discover that their city has been overrun by the Undead, they put down their differences (for now) and work together to survive. I liked how Petersen incorporated zombie movies and books into the couple's strategy for survival. This is definitely a book you would want during a zombie takeover!I have to say that I am terrified of zombies, and if this book was not hysterical I probably would have had killer nightmares. The journey to get to David's sister seemed to take forever when it was just a matter of days. The obstacles they overcame were frightening and at the same time comical. This pair was truly made for zombie hunting and I would definitely want them on my side!
ImBookingIt on LibraryThing 10 months ago
A light but funny read.It was my first zombie book (and I've never watched a zombie movie either), and I don't think I'll ever be a fan of the genre. However, the fight against the zombies made a great backdrop for this couple working through the issues in their marriage.The highlights of this book are probably the chapter headings, which feature some fairly standard relationship advice, modified slightly to be relevant to the situation at hand: "Never go to bed angry. Terrified is OK.". "Plan romantic getaways. Or just getaways".As I think back on it, there's several aspects of the book that seem even weaker than I thought while reading it, but I don't care. I had fun while it lasted, and that's what I was looking for!
titania86 on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Sarah and David are having a hard time. They constantly fight over the most inane things and even go to couples¿ counseling to try to salvage their marriage. Things really aren¿t looking good. On their way to a routine session, things seem weird. There are very few cars on the road for the time of day. People are largely absent, like the security guard to the building. Their counselor eats another couple who then reanimate and try to eat them. Sarah and David must work together and put aside their lesser problems to be able to survive. Can they keep their lives and also save their marriage?Married with Zombies is more of a romantic comedy than a zombie novel. Where many authors take the zombie apocalypse as very grave and depressing, Jesse Petersen takes it and makes it into a relationship strengthening exercise with lots of laughs along the way. Sarah and David both have their faults, but Sarah seems to fly off the handle more frequently over stupid little things. I understand her frustration sometimes, but other times she just loses me. I liked watching them go from normal people to zombie killing experts. Their first zombie kills are pretty funny and largely come from Sarah. She kills zombies with such random things as her high heel, a letter opener, and a toilet seat. All were worthy for the zombie kill of the week.Although Married with Zombies was a light enjoyable read, as a hardcore zombie fan, I found some things annoying. First of all, it¿s a very cliché story about a zombie outbreak that I have read countless times. Beyond the humor and relationship between Sarah and David, everything was very run of the mill. The zombies also urked me. Some of them ran, which I have a problem with (atrophying muscles and whatnot). The major bother for me with them was pain and fear. In several instances, zombies would flinch in pain or run away in fear. Zombies are dead. They don¿t feel pain or fear or really anything at all. They won¿t run away if fellow zombies die and they won¿t stop coming for you until they can¿t move because they lack self preservation. Every time this happened I rolled my eyes. It wouldn¿t have been such a big deal except that those flinches of pain gave Sarah or David an opening to attack. Because of this, it was a bit of a frustrating read.Married with Zombies is a light, fun read. It¿s perfect for an introduction to zombie books that¿s not too heavy or depressing. Seasoned zombie fans might find it frustrating like I did.
LeanneSF on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Funny, witty take on the zombie apocalypse with a twist! A married couple on the edge of divorce go to their therapist appointment, only to find their doctor munching on the couple scheduled before them. Hilarity ensues as they manuever their way through the zombie hordes and patch up their relationship at the same time. I was delighted to find that Petersen was able to intersperse the action scenes with the emotional ones. In addition, I especially loved how each chapter is titled with a marriage and zombie survival tidbit. Great, fast read for zombie lovers.
thehistorychic on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Read from January 02 to 04, 2012Read for Fun!Challenges: TBR Challenge, Zombie ChallengeOverall Rating 4.00Story Rating 4.00Character Rating 4.00First thought when finished: Oh what a fun read!What I Loved: Married with Zombies was just a tummy tickling giggle fest! I had so much fun reading the (mis)adventures of Sarah and David. From Noshing Marriage Counselors to Cults they dealt with a whole lot of crazy in the first few days of the zombie apocalypse and managed to pull the marriage back together. Funny how it is the small things like zombie killing that can make you appreciate what you have :)What I Liked: This alternate world that Jesse Petersen has created will keep you laughing! It is just a fun place to get lost in for a few hours.What I am looking forward too: I can't wait to read the rest of Sarah and David's Zombie Adventures!What was super fun: Read the extras in the back---it will make you giggle.
Loyet on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Cute, quick read. A very different type of romantic comedy since the couple is already married, although they are having problems. Sarah kicks butt, which is always nice in a female lead. Not a very realistic look at what might happen in a zombie apocalyspe, but it is fun.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A quick and funny read for fans of the genre. I enjoyed the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you enjoy zomcoms you'll definitely dig this series. People really should buy the books by Jesse Petersen. She's an incredibly talented author who should absolutely be a bigger name in the zombie genre than she is.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Its a great book if you like fiction, zombies, romance?, and action! I love this t.
Laine-librariancanreadtoo More than 1 year ago
"Good Morning Folks and it's a wonderful summer day! I am here on the outskirts of Seattle on the most beloved day ever. The sun is shining, people are walking around enjoying the breeze, eating their wonderbread sandwichs...and the waitresses arm!!! My God what is that slime?! What is he doing? Why is he looking at me like that? Folks this coming to you live in Seattle with a horrible news...people are eatin...." Sarah and David are married. They live in a unsatisfied marriage and are seeking help. Little do they realize that their next appointment might be their last!!!!! Don't worry they don't die....or do they? Zombie appocolypse has stopped their marriage cousel (wish that could happen to me  sometimes when I'm late going into work), and pretty much through the two love birds into each others arms...quite literally, running for their lives! They have a choice: Pick up a gun and blow them brains out, or get eaten and spend the rest of their time as a Zombie. Look at it this way, if they become Zombies then he won't have to hear all the nagging from his wife anymore!!!