Marshall Plan And Revitalization Of The United States Of America

Marshall Plan And Revitalization Of The United States Of America

by Eugenio Macias




America is abundant in opportunity and is a beautiful, prosperous, wealthy and powerful nation. Yet, we have an urgency to rebuild our crumpling infrastructure, materialistic and social. We have the Means, Will and Reasons. The opportunity to create prosperity greater than the New Deal of the 1930s is present. Since 1945 the America government and American tourists have spent trillions rebuilding nations and their economies while ignoring our needs. America has an undeniable destiny, to provide the best for its people, and through diplomacy, statesmanship and leadership, bring prosperity, liberty, freedom and democracy throughout the world. However, to achieve our potential, we must create a bold plan of action, a joint local, state and federal Marshall Plan and Revitalization effort that will rebuild our infrastructure, address our social needs, educate our people, increase our resources and strengthen our military. America, with the blessing of GOD and the Historical Courage and Fortitude of its people, will realize its destiny.

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