Marsh's Library: A Mirror On the World

Marsh's Library: A Mirror On the World




In 1707 an act of parliament established Marsh's Library as 'a publick library for ever'. This volume contains the papers presented at a conference to commemorate the 1707 act which took place in the library in October 2007. The topics covered were 'Parliament and Legislation', 'Enlightenment and Counter Enlightenment' and 'Collectors and Collections'.����Contributors include: Jack P. Greene (Johns Hopkins University); Nial Osborough (University College Dublin); David Hayton (Queen's University, Belfast); Thomas O'Connor (NUI Maynooth); Michael Brown (University of Aberdeen); C.D.A. Leighton (Bilkent University, Ankara); Ruth Whelan (NUI Maynooth); Philip Benedict & Pierre Olivier L���©chot (Universit���© de Gen���¨ve); Toby Barnard (Hertford College, Oxford); Elizabethanne Boran (The Edward Worth Library, Dublin); Raymond Gillespie (NUI Maynooth); Archibald Elias (Philadelphia); Marie-Louise Legg (Birkbeck College, London).

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ISBN-13: 9781846821523
Publisher: Four Courts Press
Publication date: 05/31/2009
Pages: 311
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