Martyr's Cry: A Bishop Hunter Mystery

Martyr's Cry: A Bishop Hunter Mystery

by Larry D. Bohall




Murder, She Wrote meets Touched by an Angel in a gripping tale of unrequited love, unconfessed sin, and murder! Bishop John Wesley Hunter is being haunted by the ghost of Heather Beeson…a woman he knew, and loved, nearly 20 years ago…a woman who left him broken-hearted…a woman who’s been brutally murdered. Who killed her? Why? And why did she leave Hunter’s arms so long ago? In the tradition of Father Brown and Brother Cadfael, Bishop Hunter embarks on this fast–paced mystery for hopeless romantics. Along the way he learns that if you don’t deal with the ghosts of your past, the ghosts of your past will deal with you!

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ISBN-13: 9781591295327
Publisher: Publish America
Publication date: 11/04/2002
Pages: 196
Product dimensions: 0.45(w) x 5.50(h) x 8.50(d)

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Martyr's Cry 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have just finished a remarkable novel, 'Martyr's Cry,' and I was exhilarated by the flow, the author-controlled pace and the overall dramatic impact of the work. I was also disappointed. I was thoroughly disappointed that it came to an end. Oh, make no doubt about it, it ended precisely where it should have ended. Any more would have been anti-climactic. It wasn't a failing of the book. But, as Mr. Bohall said on the back cover, this is 'a mystery for hopeless romantics.' And I must say of myself ~as a hopeless romantic ~ I wanted to linger there longer, just a while longer. I've read a lot of novels over a whole lot of years, and I can say I've had that feeling only a handful of times... A consummate artist, Mr. Bohall lured me into the novel with the promise on the cover: 'If you don't deal with the ghosts of your past, the ghosts of your past will deal with you...' So, okay, I'm thinking, Mr. Bohall is speaking figuratively. There won't be any real live ghosts... will there? Then, just inside the book's 'door,' I find myself being whisked through a very dramatic prologue, then tossed fully into the first chapter where there's already been a hint of a murder, a protagonist you can't help but love, and questions... the questions that keep popping up that you know are going to demand answers. Not the least of the questions is: how will Bishop John Wesley Hunter deal with the ghost of his past? And, concerning the ghost of his past, will she ~~ but, then, how can I complete that question without robbing you of your enjoyment. And enjoyment you will have! With the guidance of a most talented story teller, you will be taken along with Bishop Hunter through all the many twists and turns of this tightly conceived plot. You will be taken where you'd swear there can be no resolution, but then our hero pulls through like the champion that he his, again and again and again ~ albeit not without bruises, both to his body... and his psyche. So... strap yourself in and enjoy the ride. I promise you that, like me, you will feel thoroughly satisfied at its conclusion, though you'll be left wanting more. But, that's what sequels are for! (Are you listening, Mr. Bohall?)
Guest More than 1 year ago
Advance reviews of Martyr's Cry describe it as "a mystery for hopeless romantics". It was indeed that, and much more. Larry Bohall's carefully controlled style is vibrant, tender, with a touch of humor. This book is mysterious, haunting, humorous, and ultimately touching. John Wesley Hunter is a Bishop in the United Methodist Church. Despite that status, he's a very human hero. Women find his height and looks appealing, but he sees himself in quite a different light. He's insecure about his bony legs, and thinks perhaps he's not as manly as he should be, in any way. Despite his many accomplishments, Bishop Hunter has good reason to feel less than successful where women are concerned. He's nursed a broken heart for almost 20 years because the beautiful and enchanting Heather, the light of his life, chose another man in place of him. When Hunter's dog Samson awakens him in the middle of the night. he's greeted by a faint, familiar scent at first, and then the sight of Heather dancing in his office. Heather, dancing in the middle of the night, beautiful as ever, has come to pay an unexpected visit. That's where the haunting comes in. Heather comes to call from beyond the grave, seeking help from the only one she can trust. She's been murdered, leaving behind a troubled ex-husband and institutionalized daughter. Hunter and the ethereal Heather set out to right wrongs and reveal an intricate scheme involving church hierarchy and elected officials. The Bishop and his spirit-sweetheart pick up where they left off, meshing as a team Mr. Bohall makes this premise work effectively, with skill. I found myself straining to assist in solving the mystery before the bad guys killed another victim. And I hoped the ghostly Heather could ease the Bishop's pain and heal his broken heart. Hunter's investigation produces threats, intimidation, beatings, and an attempt on his life in close succession. The quiet, gentle Bishop with a wry sense of humor turns volatile, gains strength as he seeks out Heather's killer. Before the last page, rest assured that all loose ends will be tied up and Hunter's heart will be nicely mended. Yes, this was a romantic mystery. Mystery addicts and romance fans alike should love it. But as I said in the beginning, Martyr's Cry is far more than that. I strongly suggest you read the book to find out what I mean.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Martyr's Cry is, without a doubt, one of the most captivating and intriguing books I've read in years. It has all the elements of a truly fantastic book - a tender romance between the two leading characters, suspense in the plot (pay attention to detail), and incredibly witty humor (it will make you laugh out loud). And for those who enjoy tender, heartwarming moments, this book doesn't overlook you, I cried through the last few chapters so have tissues nearby! Author Larry Bohall's talent of entwining mystery, murder and romance pull you into this book from the first chapter and hold you captive until the last page - which comes all too soon! Martyr's Cry was a delightful escape from the stress-filled world of reality and adulthood - I loved every minute reading this book and highly recommend it - it is an absolute must read!