Marvel Universe RPG Guide

Marvel Universe RPG Guide


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Easier and more accessible than any RPG before, the Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game lets you play more than 40 of your favorite super heroes and super villains or create new heroes and villains of your own. This guide contains everything you need to learn and play, including full game system rules, character profiles, briefings and background for the Marvel Universe, pull-out character Action Display, and a beginning adventure complete with maps.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780785110286
Publisher: Marvel
Publication date: 05/01/2003
Series: Marvel Universe Role Playing Game Series
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 11.10(h) x 0.55(d)

Table of Contents

What Is a Roleplaying Game?2
Probability-Based Games vs. Resource-Decision Games2
How Marvel Is Different from Other Roleplaying Games2
Style of Play3
Example of Play3
Important Terms You'll Find in This Game4
Roleplaying Section7
Playing Marvel7
Setting Up7
Playing Cycle7
Ending the Play Session8
Character Action Display8
Stones and Resolving Actions9
Character Action Display Example10
Allocating Stones Example11
Difficulty and Resistance12
Teaming Up to Do Actions12
Regeneration of Red Stones13
Healing of White Stones13
Natural Healing13
Medical or Mutant/Magical Healing14
Healing Factors14
Roleplaying a Super Hero Character15
Playing an Existing Marvel Super Hero Character15
Super Hero and Super Villain Profiles16
Creating Your Own Character37
Saving Stones for Later37
Will My Character Be as Powerful as Thor?37
Building Blue Lightning: A Sample Starting Hero38
Character Generation Costs38
Advantages and Disadvantages39
Normal Actions and Resolving Actions with Abilities42
Choosing Actions for Your Character42
Actions with Area Effects43
List of Elements43
Examples of Actions68
Examples of Modifiers68
Changing Your Abilities, Super Powers and Modifiers72
Background and Origin72
Wealth Rating Modifier72
Team Affiliation72
Origin: How You Got Your Super Power73
Other Aspects of Your Character73
Keeping Track of Supples (...or not)73
Special Equipment73
Powered Armor74
Action Resolution System (ARS)79
ARS in Action79
Difficulty and Resistance (D&R) Chart80
Unopposed Attacks82
Knocking Out an Opponent82
Multiple Actions in a Panel82
Actions that Combine Stones82
Undefined Actions83
Time, Distance and Comic Books83
Flashback Panels84
Vehicles in Game Play84
Land Vehicle Combat84
Air-to-Air Combat85
ARS Examples85
Non-Combat: How Would Black Cat Open a Safe?85
Combat: The X-Men vs. the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants86
How You Learn and Gain Experience: The Add-a-Line System88
Telling Your Story Through Lines of Experience88
The Marvel Universe Briefings89
New York City and Surroundings89
The Planet Earth89
The Universe90
Good and Evil in the Marvel Universe91
The Science of the Marvel Universe91
Politics and the Press in the Marvel Universe92
Society, Family and Friends93
Magic in the Marvel Universe94
Gods and the Supernatural in the Marvel Universe94
Gamesmaster Section96
The Art of Gamesmastering96
Four Tools for Storytelling96
Winning and Losing in GM Time97
Encourage Roleplaying97
Keep Things Moving97
Player Conflicts98
What to Do When Players Don't Show Up98
What to Make Up...And When98
Keeping Your NPCs Alive99
Consequences of Character Actions99
A Few Final Words of Advice99
Considerations for Game Play99
Getting Started: GamesMaster Set-Up99
Where Do You Put All Your NPCs?100
Stone Use In Storytelling100
How Do You Determine Difficulty Levels and Resistance?100
Describing Difficulty and Resistance101
Interpreting the Results101
How to Use Specialties and Lines101
Situational Modifiers102
Situational Modifiers List104
Putting It All Together: How to GM the Catching of a Falling Character106
Vehicles: When Players Get Behind the Wheel106
Character Creation107
Challenges and Disadvantages in Play108
Assisting Players with Character Origins109
Setting Character Goals109
Balance Between Players/Characters109
Awarding Lines of Experience110
Using Pre-Made Adventures110
Creating and Planning Adventures of Your Own110
Setting Mission and Issue Difficulty Levels111
Creating Non-Player Characters112
Examples of Basic Non-Player Characters112
Creating Maps and Locations113
The Premier Issue: We Live Here, Too! A Marvel Roleplaying Game Adventure114
Appendix AWeapons124
Appendix BVehicles124
Appendix CEquipment125

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Marvel Universe RPG Guide 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A great game for beginners, partly because everyone knows the setting, partly because everyone knows the characters, and partly because the system doesn't use any dice. That's also why it makes things interesting for experienced role-players. If you're not used to diceless role-playing it does take some adjustment, but the system is rather smooth once you get a feel for it. All in all a better game than it's predecessor and a game worth playing for newbies and veterans alike.