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Formed in 1997 as a guitar and vocal duo by sisters Amy and Meagan Alwood, the Velveteens eventually fleshed out into the full band (including greasy blues-rockers the Jive Turkeys' frontman Josh Kayser on guitar) heard on their 1999 debut, Marveline. Marveline also marked the debut of the Columbus, OH-based Derailleur Records, later home to alt-country blues-rockers the Bygones, Appalachia-toned Bigfoot, and amp-stacking rawkers Grafton, among others. Driven by dirty, twangy guitars and the Alwood sisters' strong, unique vocal harmonies (vague glimpses of Billie Holiday seep through), the Velveteens' songs are quirky and characterized by off-kilter melodies that seem fairly unnatural (sometimes forcedly so) in progression and pace. While some will find this a breath of fresh musical air, for others this formula wears thin rather quickly, rendering the Velveteens merely "that band where the two girls sing together." The lyrics tend to be of the eccentric, intellectual variety typically reserved for sofa-lined coffeehouses, and while their unusual tone and turn of phrase might seem forced under some circumstances, they seem remarkably natural as they flow from the Alwood sisters' lips. Smooth or not, something about the Velveteens remains rather off-putting, as it is difficult to establish the sort of emotional connection with their music that would elevate it from merely interesting to truly effective. Also, the album's producer, Templeton singer/guitarist and Howlin' Maggie bassist Christian Hurd, contributes nearly inaudible organ lines to "Alliteration," and indie mathsters Pretty Mighty Mighty's Noel Sayre lends his violin chops to "Goodbye Again." Following the release of Marveline, the Velveteen lineup shifted -- while the core of the Alwood sisters remained intact, Templeton's Emily Allen took over bass duties and Annia Light-Brown filled the drum slot, while Kayser's position remains open.

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