Marx Toy Kings Volume I

Marx Toy Kings Volume I

by the publishers of Playset Magazine, Russell S. Kern


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(Softcover) The never before told biographical and industrial history of Louis Marx & Co. as told by the men who lived it, through the creation of the world's largest toy company. Louis Marx, world traveler and inventor struggles to build his company from renting toy factories to building them internationally with his brother Dave at the height of the 1920's as they seek the "red hot hit" --that toy which is so popular it sells in millionaire-making numbers climaxing with their greatest hits, the Marx Playset. It's exciting text and rare images as Louis Marx, merry son of a poor immigrant tailor, claws his way to the top of a crowded toy world by inventing toy after toy and hiring -- through intuition and luck -- exactly the right men at precisely the right time to deliver what every toy firm needs, the "red hot hit." Explore the formerly secret firm and hear from the men who lived the story, as Marx toys develop from primitive tin into the full-blown Marx playset of the Baby Boomer era. It is profusely illustrated and features the newly discovered, never before published scrapbooks of Louis Marx himself.

MARX: TOY KINGS is intended as the complete epic, a defining work on the development of the Marx playset from the earliest days of Louis Marx & Company to its demise using factual accounts, testimonials and eye-witness interviews.

This "inside-the-halls-of-Marx" story is the bountiful, definitive reference book on the Marx company and the beginning of playsets impeccably researched and written by Rusty Kern, publisher of Playset Magazine, America's only source of information on vintage playsets and plastic figures. It is not a picture book on playsets, although playsets and toys are shown. Volume I covers 1919-1955; Volume II covers from about 1955-demise of the firm, and Volume III centers on playsets.

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ISBN-13: 9781364747923
Publisher: Blurb
Publication date: 10/02/2019
Pages: 162
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