Marxists at the Gate

Marxists at the Gate

by Raúl Eduardo Chao


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No one anticipated in 1958 that, in the midst of a remarkable prosperity, Cuba would fall into Communism. It seemed impossible that an island 90 miles from the US, the most powerful Capitalistic country in the planet, could turn Communist. Yet in one year it happened, at the cost of hundreds of lives, thousands of exiles, the eradication of free press, end of freedom of speech and private education, freedom of worship and private property. Suddenly, everything belonged to the government, Cubans had to ask permission to travel abroad, if they left the island they could not return, the government decided what foods they could eat, where they had to live, what professions they could practice and what jobs were open to them. This book presents the history of how it happened, how it got started and the deceit and the treachery that made it possible. Cuba has not recovered its lost freedoms after60 plus years of Communism... and probably never will. It's a great lesson for anyone sympathetic with the radical left.

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Publication date: 04/17/2019
Pages: 286
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