Mary Green

Mary Green

by Melanie Kerr


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Mary Green, obscure orphan and ward of the wealthy Hargreaves family, has always accepted her inferior position with grace, humility, and gratitude. When she discovers that her only friend is to leave the country forever, that her confidence has been betrayed by the unfeeling youngest daughter of the family, and that her very deprivation is the object of the mockery and scorn of everyone she has sought to honour, she determines to cast them off and make her own way in the world. On her twenty-first birthday, free to choose her own destiny, she dreams of peace and tolerance, and perhaps a partner who might be noble enough to love her in all her simplicity. But when an unexpected foray into London society disrupts all her plans, she is faced with an uncharacteristic storm of feelings. Will she grow strong and happy in her independence, or will her character be lost amidst her newfound ambition? Unable to trust the whims of her own heart, Mary is forced to confront the question that has forever plagued her: Who is she and where does she come from?

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ISBN-13: 9780986649448
Publisher: Stonehouse Publishing
Publication date: 05/01/2016
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.75(h) x 0.91(d)

About the Author

Melanie Kerr studied linguistics, English, and theatre at the University of British Columbia, and law at the University of Alberta. Kerr is a reckless lover of clotted cream, a staunch defender of the semi-colon, and a fierce opponent of unpleasant music. She wooed her current and only husband with false promises of skill at word games and eternally good hair. She lives in Edmonton, where she raises her three young children, sews her own Regency costumes, organizes Regency costume events, blogs on all things old and English, endeavours to take over the world, and occasionally practices law.Â

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The story follows, no surprise, Mary Green, or Polly, as she is at first known by her cousins and spinster aunt. Mary is treated unkindly by most, yet she accepts her position as "less" than those around her with dignity and gratitude. As an unknown orphan, she is only too aware of the fortune of her circumstances. Yet when hurt, she looks to make her own way in the world. No sooner does she make up her mind to do this, however, than a great shock and change in her fortunes comes her way. Suddenly she is thrust into a society she was never permitted to even glimpse before.  Mary is a classic Jane heroine. She is sweet-tempered, sincere, and generous.  The secondary characters are wonderful. I loved each of them, and the lens through which Mary views and interprets them. But my favourite thing about this book was the world itself. Melanie Kerr has done something exactly right with this book: she has allowed us to step into the world belonging to the books so many of us love so much. Kerr has addressed the dress, the balls, the countryside, London, the manners, the society just so seemingly effortlessly, that it may have come from one of Austen's contemporaries.  Yes, there is something rather stereotypical about this book, but at the same time it must adhere to those stereotypes to be a Regency book, to be in the same vein as Austen herself. Of course there is some misplaced affection, of course there is a romance, a dashing, understated Austenesque hero, of course there must be a happy ending, of course there is the sweet, unassuming young lady finding her own happiness and in search of her identity and independence. Overall, I highly recommend this Alberta author to anyone who loved Regency pieces, and particularly this book if you like Jane Austen. It may not be as deft as some of Austen's works, but it could be in the same category, and that's saying something fairly remarkable.