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Mary Jane in New England

Mary Jane in New England

by Clara Ingram Judson


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Then are we really going?" asked Mary Jane eagerly.
"To Boston and Harvard and Uncle Hal's Class Day and everything?" added Alice.
Mr. and Mrs. Merrill looked at each other and then at the long letter in Mrs. Merrill's hand.
"I do believe we are," said Mrs. Merrill thoughtfully.
"That's right!" approved Mr. Merrill heartily. "You'll never regret it. I am sure the girls are old enough to remember the interesting sights they will see and they may never have another chance to go to Harvard Class Day and all the 'doings' Hal writes about."
"And then," added Mrs. Merrill, "I always promised brother Hal I'd come when he graduated. One doesn't have a 'baby brother' graduate from Harvard every summer. Though I would like it better if you could go too."
"Sure you can't, Dad"? asked Alice, wistfully.
"Certain sure," replied her father. "With all the changes in the office just now I wouldn't think it wise to leave my work for men who are already loaded up. And then, too," he added when he noticed how disappointed the two girls looked, "remember we'll need somebody here to see about the new house-don't you forget that!"
"Of course we travel easily," said Mrs. Merrill, "and Hal promises to look after us so well."
"And makes good by sending that list," said Mr. Merrill. "I never saw the like of the way he has everything lined up for you-you couldn't get lost if you wanted to!"

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