Mary Lucier

Mary Lucier

by Melinda Barlow (Editor)


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I arrived at video through performance, sculpture, photography, theater, music—mediums that evolve in time, involve a frame, and are three-dimensional. A video installation deals with time and space and placement and framing, sound, picture, movement, stillness—but in a single medium. —Mary Lucier

Internationally recognized for her visually elegant, thought-provoking video art, Mary Lucier was a sculptor, photographer, and performance artist before she turned to video in 1973. In Mary Lucier, the first book published on Lucier's work, Melinda Barlow brings together a selection of Lucier's previously unpublished writings and drawings along with essays, reviews, interviews, and photographs of her ephemeral installations and performances to create an absorbing portrait of one of America's most accomplished video pioneers.

Since 1970, when Lucier exhibited her first series of photographs in New York, she has been intriguing viewers with an aesthetic that perceives humanity and technology as equally organic, one whose unique blend of conceptual rigor and sensual lyricism is as compelling as it is deeply moving. Whether exploring the limitations of video technology, investigating America's complex relation to landscape, or examining how people in different places survive catastrophe, Lucier's work has been concerned with the most basic human issues: the cycles of birth, death, and regeneration; the necessity of memory; and the inevitability of decay.

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ISBN-13: 9780801863790
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Publication date: 09/28/2000
Series: Cornell Studies in Political Economy Series
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 5.78(w) x 9.24(h) x 1.05(d)

About the Author

Melinda Barlow is an assistant professor of film studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is currently at work on a full-length study of the video installations of Mary Lucier.

Table of Contents

IEarly Conceptual and Performance Works
Polaroid Image Series (1969-74)23
Mary Lucier at Lennon, Weinberg (1997)24
Media Sculptures: Maps of Space (1972-1974)26
Mapping Space, Sculpting Time: Mary Lucier and the Double Landscape (1997)27
Journal of Private Lives (1972)48
Concerts in Slow Motion (1972)49
Red Herring Journal (The Boston Strangler Was a Woman) (1972)51
Spoken Text from Red Herring Journal (The Boston Strangler Was a Woman) (1972)52
A Portrait of Rosa Mendez in 1975 (1971-1974)59
Fire Writing (1975-1976)63
I Am Sitting in a Room (1969) [score]67
Hymn (1970)69
The Occasion of Her First Dance and How She Looked (1973)70
In the blink of an eye.../(amphibian dreams)/"If I could fly I would fly" (1987)73
Daring Mix of Water, Dance, Video (1987)75
MASS (1990)77
Momentum, Balance, and the Violence of Gravity: MASS, by Mary Lucier and Elizabeth Streb (1991)79
IIIInstallations, Sculptures, and Environments
Salt (1971)89
"Realsculpture" at St. Clements (1971)91
Air Writing (1975)94
Dawn Burn (1975-76)96
"Dawn Burn" (1994)98
Paris Dawn Burn (1977)100
Mary Lucier, The Kitchen (1978)101
Laser Burning Video (1977)/Untitled Display System (1977/1997)/Bird's Eye (1978)104
Mary Lucier's Art: Light as Visual Image (1979)107
"Bird's Eye" (1979)109
Equinox/A Color Dawn Burn (1979)111
"Equinox/A Color Dawn Burn" (1979)113
Planet (1980)114
Mary Lucier's Elemental Investigations: Planet (1982)116
Denman's Col (Geometry) (1981)119
Mary Lucier's Elemental Investigations: Denman's Col (Geometry) (1982)122
Mary Lucier at the Whitney Museum (1982)125
Ohio at Giverny (1983)127
Viewpoints: Mary Lucier (1987)129
Through Veils of Light (1995)131
Painting the Image, Framing the Painting: Video Works by Mary Lucier (1996)135
Wintergarden (1984)144
Mary Lucier (1984)145
Wilderness (1986)147
Exploring "Wilderness" of Electronic Art (1988)148
Mary Lucier (1989)151
Mary Lucier (1990)153
Asylum (1986/1991)155
Refuse Refuge (1991)156
Mary Lucier (1991)160
Noah's Raven (1992-1993)162
Notes and Journal Entries for Noah's Raven (1993)164
Noah's Raven and the Contradictions of Landscape (1993)168
Oblique House (Valdez) (1993)181
The Architecture of Image and Sound: Dwelling in the Work of Mary Lucier (1995)183
Last Rites (Positano) (1995)192
The Unsolved Mysteries of Memory (1995)194
Mary Lucier, Lennon, Weinberg, Inc. (1995)197
Aspects of the Fossil Record, or From Here On, Dance (1996)199
Aspects of the Fossil Record (1996)200
House by the Water (1997)201
House by the Water (1998)202
An Interview with Mary Lucier (1985)209
An Interview with Mary Lucier (1986)217
Mary Lucier (1990)226
Texture, Grace, and Drama: An Interview with Mary Lucier (1998)232
VEssays, Talks, and Notes by Mary Lucier
Organic (1978)241
Landscape, Culture, and the Fossil Record (1988/1989)246
Light and Death (1991)249
Virtually Real (1995)255
Notes for a Panel Discussion: Art/Sci '98 Conference at Cooper Union (1998)258
Select Bibliography273

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