by Mary Strong


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The book tells the story of Mary, the only daughter to a mother who had mental health issues. It tells of the experience through the eyes of the child and the emotional impact of living with psychological and physical abuse throughout her childhood.

Mary was inherently a loving, caring fun loving child but it seemed her inner joy and light shone too bright for those around within her family.

It shows how Mary learned to adopt to the most difficult of circumstances. She adjusted psychologically in order to protect herself.

It shows the courage and strength she had to survive in the most adverse circumstances, portraying a great example to us all in survival.

It is an inspirational story of hope, strength and triumph.

It is a true depiction of events told from the authors recall of her childhood experience. There is no blame intended as Mary knows that her mother did her best with the knowledge and tools she possessed. Names have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved.

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ISBN-13: 9781982249731
Publisher: Author Solutions Inc
Publication date: 06/23/2020
Pages: 130
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.31(d)

About the Author

Mary began her life as the only daughter to a mother who suffered from Mental Health issues. Unfortunately, Mary's mother treated her, in particular, in a cruel manner throughout her childhood.

The effects of such manifested in Mary feelings of lack of confidence, self worth as she grew into adulthood. This resulted in confusion and self-loathing behaviours. In her early years she experimented in risk taking behaviours, eating disorders and addictions.

However deep inside Mary had self belief that had never died or could fully give up on herself. Outwardly she managed a successful career , a comfortable lifestyle and her own family, but inside Mary bore the scars of pain from childhood abuse.

It was in her mid forties when everything came to a head and Mary finally had her breakthrough. She had been meditating since she had bought her first Louise Hay self love meditation cassette tape when she was twenty years old. She had read every self development book possible and listened to inspirational CDs all those years.

There were ups and downs, twists and turns, and even roundabouts on Mary's journey of self love which has finally now reached its 'manifestation'.

Mary is in her late forties now with a successful career and a mother to her three children whom she believes have been her angels sent to help her heal. It is through them she has gotten to know and experience true unconditional love.

Mary continues to work in the area of Mental Health Nursing. She has qualified also in the areas of Child Psychology, Psychology Of Counselling and Reiki Healing.

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