Mary's Blessing

Mary's Blessing

by Lena Nelson Dooley


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ISBN-13: 9781616386177
Publisher: Charisma Media
Publication date: 05/15/2012
Series: McKenna's Daughters Series , #2
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Lena Nelson Dooley is an award-winning author with more than 690,000 books in print. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers where she received the Mentor of the Year award in 2006 and three Carol award silver pins. She lives in Hurst, Texas, with her husband of over 47 years.

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Mary's Blessing 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
alekee on LibraryThing 20 days ago
Mary Murray has had a very hard life, especially since her Mother and older Sisters died when she was eleven. Her father had depended on her to raise her younger sister and two younger brothers. A lot of responsibility for a child, while father then looses himself in his grief.Daniel has know Mary all his life and becomes smitten with her, ah you will think now someone is going to rescue her. Not quite that easy. There is a lot more tragedy and heartbreak on the way. There will be some questions answered and others still to be revealed.This is such an enjoyable and quick read, that you don't want it to end....can't wait until next year when hopefully all will be revealed. In the meantime, enjoy this book, it is well worth it.I received this book from First Wildcard Tours and the Publisher Realms, and was not required to give a positive review.
lolly-pops More than 1 year ago
I haven't read very many books by Lena Nelson Dooley, just an occasional one. This one sounded interesting. MARY'S BLESSING is a story of one of three identical triplets who were separated at birth. Mary kept the name her birth family gave her, but apparently she was never told the true story of how she came to live with the Caine family, because she suffers from the "my birth mother didn't want me and gave me away" syndrome (her mother died at birth). She finds it hard to believe that Daniel wants to court her and takes everything he says as gospel -- which suits him just fine because he's a man and wants to tell her like it is and have her mindlessly agree. A bad accident forces Mary to stand up for herself and her family and Daniel doesn't like what he's seeing. How dare she stand up to him and choose her family when they need her? When a relative speaks truth to him, Daniel has some soul searching and growing up to do. Will he take the wise advice along with the gospel truth and change his ways enough to w in Mary back? Or will the horrible accident and all the changes separate them forever? Ms. Dooley is kind of a name in historical fiction having written for years for Heartsong Presents and Love Finds You in and Rhealms, as well as other well-known publishers. Fans who LOVE historical fiction -- especially set along the time of the Oregon Trail, will want to read this book. MARY'S BLESSING is formula historical romance, with the mandatory death, the at-least-one parentless siblings (or daughter) and struggling to make ends meet. Readers will know what to expect, but it is still an enjoyable read, and at times it is spellbinding. The conversations are a bit stilted, but I'm not sure if it's how they talked back then or if it's just the way the author writes. I was given a copy free. All opinions are my own.
books4nana More than 1 year ago
Mary's Blessing by Lena Nelson Dooley In the second book of her McKenna's Daughters series, Mary's Blessing, Mrs Dooley introduces us to Mary Lenora. Mary is one of the two triplets adopted to separate families at birth; the third was raised by their birth father. Mary captured my heart from the first few pages. We join the story when Mary is 17 and is saddled with the responsibility of a home and her three siblings. Her mom and two older sisters died when Mary was 11. Mary's father is so grief stricken he scarcely speaks to her unless something is needed. When the three children become very ill and Mary is close to collapse the ladies from church intervene giving her relief and in doing so access the situation in the home. Mrs. Dooley is a story teller who can weave romance, family relationships, scriptural truths and suspense all the while keeping you on the edge of your seat. Her development of Mary's character was splendid. As she looks into the very heart of a courageous, loyal and morally strong young woman we see one who is seeking love and validation. She give us a spectrum of male characters. In the father we see a man whose heart is ruled by life's events and we see the consequences. We see in a young man's heart the need for spiritual guidance and understanding. A mature Christian challenges a young man in his faith with the concept of servanthood. I love how she uses everyday life, troubles and trials, sin, repentance, and changed lives to challenge the reader. None of her characters are perfect. Life is not portrayed as easy and without any challenges. I loved Mary's Blessings. The pace, the style of writing all flowed so well it was a delight to read.    
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is the second of a three book series. A set of triplets is separated at birth and do not of their siblings until the age of 18. Each book is the story of one of the triplets; how they were raised, how they discovered they were a triplet and their determination to find each other. The books are excellent light reading.
wfnren More than 1 year ago
Hang onto your heart, Mary may steal it from you Mary Lenora Murray had loving parents but a very hard life. She knew that she was adopted but didn't know who her mother and father were or why they gave her away, she did know though that she was loved by her adopted parents. Mary had two older sisters, a younger sister and two younger brothers. Her mother and two older sisters died from cholera when she was eleven so she had to grow up fast and at a young age. Once her mother had died Mary had to take care of her father and siblings, her father was never the same and life was changed.  Daniel Winthrop came west in the same wagon train that Mary's family was in so they knew each other their whole lives, Daniel is 20 and Mary will soon be 18. Daniel gets permission from Kenneth, Mary's dad, to court Mary. After a short time he takes Mary on a Friday Surprise trip to Portland and when they return they find Kenneth laying in the field with a terrible cut on his leg. When they get him to the doctor, the doctor doesn't even know if he'll make it and if he does they might have to amputate his leg.  As Mary is caring for her father Daniel is falling deeper in love and has their future all planned out, Mary doesn't like what he plans so they have an argument and Daniel leaves in a huff. He is supposed to return so he can take her home to bathe, see her siblings and then return her to the doctor's office, but he never returns.  WOW! Mary's story is one that tears at your heart. She takes everything that is handed to her, and it's a lot, but keeps on going and giving her best for her family. She shows such strength for having to take over a household at such a young age with no resentment or anger. Sometimes maybe a little wishful thinking for some time for herself, but she pulls herself together and continues on with the life that she's been given.  I'm so glad I have the third book, "Catherine's Pursuit", so I can get started on it right now. All I can say is that if you get "Maggie's Journey" you might as well get the other two at the same time, that's what I did and I'm really glad. 
BrittanyMc More than 1 year ago
Mary's Blessing, the second book in the McKenna's Daughters series, continues the captivating tale of Angus McKenna's triplet daughters who were separated at birth. This book is just as good as the first in the series. It is filled with interesting characters, misunderstandings, stubborn pride, tragedy and love. Mary lives a hard life with her adopted family. It wasn't always that way. However, after the death of her adoptive mother and two older sisters, Mary becomes the caretaker of a younger sister and two brothers with no real support from her father. He runs the farm but has just checked out of life. After years of this treatment, she feels rather hopeless about her future, until Daniel steps in and reveals his feelings. Daniel has always lived a comfortable life with wealthy parents. He loves Mary and wants to court her, marry her, and provide her with a posh life. He plans to buy a big house for them and fill it with servants. When tragedy befalls Mary's family once again, will the love she shares with Daniel be strong enough to survive? What is God's will for her life? Will Daniel learn to love and serve Mary the way God calls him to?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Its_Time_Mamaw More than 1 year ago
Ever since Mary Lenora Murray was eleven years old she has been sister, stand-in-mother and care taker of her younger sister and two young brothers. This was after her mother and two older sisters died. She has not just been the caretaker of the children but of all the household chores that had been taken care by of her mother's and older sisters. Mary's father has disconnected himself from his family as if he no longer was a father other than the care of the farm and she was at least thankful for that. But it would nice to have someone to confide in and lean on when it came to the children and the house. Mary has always none she was adopted but did not know the circumstances of the adoption or her birth parents. She knew her adoptive parents loved her deeply. Although her father grieved much over the death of his wife and two daughters Mary knew he loved her and her young siblings. She just would like to here some encouraging words from him. When would she ever be able to have a life of her own with all she had in her present life? Her childhood friendship with Daniel seems to be turning into more than friends. She just did not know how to meld the two lives together. That of a future with Daniel and the life she had now. Daniel knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Mary and give her all the things she deserved. He would prove to her he would be a responsible husband and provider. He would move her away from the farm and hire someone to care for the beautiful house he planned to buy in town. This is how the story goes, this is not a fairy tale this is real life. The author writes a beautiful yet heart wrenching story of tragedy, responsibility, love and faith in God. God always has a plan and it is not always what we expect. Sometimes a tragedy can pull us away from God and sometimes it brings us closer. Life is not a bowl of cherries. If it were it would get mighty boring. This book is definitely not boring. I had to make myself put the book down so I could do what I needed to do. Lena did not disappoint me with book two of Mckenna's Daughters. I loved book one, Maggie's Journey, book two was just as good. Can't wait to read book three, Catherine's Pursuit coming in 2013. I highly recommend this book/series. Disclosure I purchased this book on Barnes&Noble for my personal reading pleasure. I was in no way compensated for this review. It is my own opinion.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
From the first page to the last, Mary's Blessing is a sweet romance, the kind I love to settle back in my recliner for a few hours to read. While Mary suffers much grief in her eighteen years, Daniel lives an easy life by comparison. After knowing Mary since they arrived by wagon trail years earlier and admiring the way she cared for her younger brothers and sister, Daniel finally decides to court her. Don't assume it will be clear sailing after that because Ms. Dooley really ramps up the conflict. Mary's family issues take front and center, and soon differences in how they want to begin their married life become insurmountable obstacles. Add in stress and fatigue, and things go south fast. At one point, I wanted to give Daniel a good kick in the pants, but he came around and vowed to show Mary that he'd changed. Not only did I enjoy cheering both main characters on to their happily-ever-after, but the secondary characters added so much dimension to the story. A great read! I look forward to reading the last triplet's story, Catherine's Pursuit. Disclosure: I received this book from the author for a fair and honest review.
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
Mary Lenora Murray has spent her whole life it seems trying to figure out just who she is. She learned early on that she was adopted and currently living with her father, Kenneth Murray and her three siblings. Her mother passed away along with her three sisters leaving her in the role as caretaker and mother at only 13. Looking at her life, she wishes her father, would step up and take on the responsibility at helping her care for her brothers, George and Bobby along with her sister Frances. But all he seems to do is poor himself into taking care of their farm and then coming in exhausted at the end of the evening with nothing but an appetite left for her. Mary knows that this will be her burden until the children are grown up enough to take on more of the responsibility and before that happens, she'll be too old to finally have a life for herself. Daniel Winthrop has been Mary's childhood friend and as they both have grown, Daniel realizes he has more than just friendly feelings for Mary. He sees how hard she works carrying for her family and knows she would make the perfect wife for him. By marrying her, he could give her the life of luxury so she wouldn't have to work so hard any longer, he could provide her with servants to take care of the house, and fill their lives with love and a family of their very own. Now if he can only convince Mary of their future together. When Mary learns of Daniels interest in being more than just her friend, she wonders if it's possible to begin a life for herself or will she always have to care for her family's needs before her own? In the latest novel from Lena Nelson Dooley, Mary's Blessing is the second book in the McKenna's Daughters series and picks up perfectly with a brief introduction from book 1, which I loved. At first, I thought I had read this book before, but LOVED how Lena captured the beginnings of Mary's birth so that the reader can truly pick this one up as a stand alone and love it just as much as the first book. In this one, we get to see how Mary is growing up after being adopted along the Oregon Trail by her mother, Melody and father, Kenneth. Now that Mary has lost her mother, she feels burdened and worn out by all that she has to do while trying to care for the house, the children and try to find a life for herself in there as well. She dreams of a day when she can begin a life for herself, but may soon realize that God has bigger plans for her than what she could ever believe is possible. Now she struggles at trying to find a way to make a relationship with Daniel work when difficulties keep on piling up on her shoulders and she soon learns that Daniel may not be the man she thinks he is. I received Mary's Blessing compliments of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review and LOVED this one. Being a huge fan of the first book, I couldn't wait to see what happened to the little baby that the Murray's adopted. The reader will even get a sneak peek at the next book in the series as Mary learns more about the real family she was a part of along the Oregon Trail. This is a beautiful book about learning how to be a servant of Christ and more importantly how to maintain a love for doing it without being resentful. I rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and can't wait to read Catherine's Pursuit coming in 2013.
MaureenST More than 1 year ago
Mary Murray has had a very hard life, especially since her Mother and older Sisters died when she was eleven. Her father had depended on her to raise her younger sister and two younger brothers. A lot of responsibility for a child, while father then looses himself in his grief. Daniel has know Mary all his life and becomes smitten with her, ah you will think now someone is going to rescue her. Not quite that easy. There is a lot more tragedy and heartbreak on the way. There will be some questions answered and others still to be revealed. This is such an enjoyable and quick read, that you don't want it to end....can't wait until next year when hopefully all will be revealed. In the meantime, enjoy this book, it is well worth it. I received this book from First Wildcard Tours and the Publisher Realms, and was not required to give a positive review.