Mary's Men

Mary's Men

by Stephanie Beck
4.0 2


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Mary's Men 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
kydirtgirl68 More than 1 year ago
Mary is used to different lifestyles. She just never thought she would live in one. Her boyfriend convinces her she is the perfect woman for his dream life. That dream life includes Mary, her boyfriend, his twin and cousin all living as one family with Mary as the center. After some convincing Mary settles in as legal wife to Paul and wife in other ways to his twin Thomas. She loves them both and is starting to settle in in her new home. Duane is still away at war and she waits for the day he will be home to join her family. Things should be perfect for her she has men for her every need and they love and adore her. However her family won't speak to her, her mother in law hates her, the town is scandalized at their lifestyle and Duane comes back with problems for the war. The guys will have to do everything they can to help her get through the rough times and show her they are perfect for her no matter what anyone says. Mary had a different lifestyle growing up so she is used to different types of relationships. She is a very open woman in the time she lives in. I liked her because she is a very caring woman who at times can be shy. She holds back sometimes with her anger but when the time calls for it she shows she can let it fly. She is also a smart woman who will do anything to help others. She is a very sexual woman as well with a big appetite the guys love to help her with. Paul is the farmer of the bunch who works hard. He may not have much but he has big dreams. I think he is the more down to earth one of the bunch to me. Thomas is a layer looking for work. He is the one who is very impatient at times but tries to please everyone. Duane has been damage but he also is one to take up for those he cares about and will protect them in any way. I liked this story because in some ways it is hard to imagine in that time period. Yes I know there was things like that that went on but it wasn't heard of. I loved getting to know all the characters and how they take the things threw at them. They know what they want and won't give it up. This book has plenty of sizzle and steam that is sure to heat you up. I am so glad to see books changing form where a guy can have more than one woman but it's not ok for women. This book shows you how Mary manages to have three guys in her life in all ways. I liked the whole book as it has a good story line to go with the heat. The ending I have to say just made my day and finished on a great note. If you want a book with lots of heat that is amazing pick this one up.
jojoNE More than 1 year ago
I've read many committed ménage stories and must commend Ms. Beck on presenting one in such a way that I can truly see its viability in the real world. Before this, I considered ménage reads to be more of a fantasy, but Mary's Men shows a relationship of very different individuals who are made whole through their mutual love of Mary. Thomas and Paul are twins who grew up with a mother who worked her fingers to the bone after the loss of their father. They don't want to see another woman they care about go through that and want the other to pick up the slack when work keeps them away from their love. They want the one they love to be pampered and happy and they know that only together can that happen. They're both hard working and loyal but don't see how unaccepting the reality of their relationship is to their mother and their community. They don't really understand a woman's heart and mind and it's sweet to see them struggle to do what's right. To truly show their commitment it will take a grand gesture in front of the entire town to truly reach their HEA. Duane is the third part to their whole who doesn't enter until over half way through the story. He's carrying lots of emotional baggage due to a stint in the Vietnam War and a childhood with an absent and unloving father. He's not good at handling emotions and dealing with PTSD has him even more hurt and running from the comfort Mary's offering. Ms. Beck deals with his hospitalization in a realistic way, and though we see improvements, his cure is a slow and steady one that still isn't complete by the conclusion. I felt sympathetic to him and ached for what he was having to deal with, but happy he didn't have to do it alone. Mary is almost too good to be true. She grew up in a polygamous lifestyle that favored one man and many wives but doesn't want that for herself. It's led to her separation from friends and family with only an aunt to count on. She's lonely and aches for a family but isn't naive about the problems with a ménage in small town Montana. Her love for Thomas and Paul has her hoping for the best but dealing with anger and vile words from the community who label her a whore. She tries to fight on her own, but if they truly want a HEA her men must stand beside her in the open. Mary is extremely kind-hearted and wants to pamper her men. She wants to help them become stronger and reach the dreams they've fought for for so long. She wants to help Duane heal from a lifetime of pain too and her caring nature binds all of them together in a tight-knit group who are always there for one another. From a vindictive mother to a jealous harpy the verbal cruelty aimed at Mary is a bit over-the-top in its vehemence. These vile creatures, through their actions, appeared almost like caricatures with this stereotypical behavior. It took up too much of the story and the resolution to it a bit unbelievable. The sexual encounters in this story are addictive in their presentation. They're varied and bring out each man's individuality. While I enjoyed these steamy encounters their frequency almost overwhelmed the story but luckily Ms. Beck kept pushing forth the character development to make this a satisfying story. Fans of erotica will finds this a fulfilling read and it leaves me wanting to read more of Ms. Beck's works.