Mask of a Gypsy

Mask of a Gypsy

by Harriet Jones
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Mask of a Gypsy by Harriet Jones

Honoria knows she must marry a suitable gentleman. But would it be so terrible if she tasted pleasure first, just a little? Of course, she would need to persuade Sir Vincent to give her the excitement she craves. But that shouldn't prove too difficult�if he refuses, she�ll just have to resort to blackmail.

To My Readers: One of the reasons I love setting stories in the Regency period is that so many things were illicit. A bold woman, Honoria does her best to explore them all � with Lord Vincent�s help of course.

MASK OF THE GYPSY by Harriet Jones

Copyright � Harriet Jones, 2009
All Rights Reserved, RED SAGE PUBLISHING, INC.


�Am I to understand you deliberately lured me out here?� In his astonishment, he forgot to keep his voice low. �Are you insane?�
�Shhh,� she said in a whisper. �It was a test.�
�A test?� he hissed.
�To see if you�d come. To see if you�d know me in my costume. If you�d know I�d left the ballroom. And you did!� she finished triumphantly. �There is something between us! You can�t deny it now.�
�And you thought you�d like to explore it?� His eyes shone with intent. She still didn�t know what shade they were. Impossible to tell in the moonlight. She felt her skin prickle into goose-bumps, as a delicious shiver of fear ran up her spine. Or was it excitement?
�Yes?� Her answer came out in a squeak, but she could hardly be blamed. When he was angry, his chest�already wider and deeper than that of other men�expanded to a truly formidable size.
�Let�s explore it then, shall we?�
In one quick motion his hands circled her waist and she stifled a yelp as he lifted her deeper into the shrubbery�s shadows. A slash of moonlight across his cheekbone turned his face alien, demonic as he bent his head and set his mouth to hers.


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Publication date: 07/01/2009
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About the Author

Harriet Jones has always dreamed up stories. As a little girl, she loved long car rides where she could stare out the window while her mind filled with the lives and conversations of her characters. Now that she�s older, the characters� lives have become more exciting, so she has to be careful not to get too distracted while driving, but she still gets her best ideas while in a moving vehicle. She lives in a country cottage outside Melbourne with her three favorite males - her husband, her son, and her cat - and counts herself thrice blessed.

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Mask of a Gypsy 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Jessiyari More than 1 year ago
Honoria and Vincent have known each other since childhood but its been 8 years since she's seen him (I like that they already know each other). Now that he's back in London, she wants him badly - goes as far as to blackmailing him with keeping a secret of his in return for the next 2 weeks, he must kiss her, touch her and whatnot but keeping her virginity intact. She wants a taste of passion, he doesnt want marriage (he wants to go back to Egypt) but agrees only because he badly wants to kiss and touch her anyway. Of course, they get extremely close and when things gets to far, Vincent does try to do the honorable thing but modern thinking Honoria tries to dissuade him. This is where I got upset though thankfully they talked it through and things were resolved quickly but Im done with men starting out the story not wanting to marry just for the sake of not marrying and the women saying no to a marriage proposal when they are no longer virgins as if it was a common thought in those days! Also i didnt feel Vincent was in love as more as in lust with her. Nonetheless I was sighing at many of the things he was telling her and despite my minor complains, I did enjoy this short story.