The Mass

The Mass

by Mike Aquilina


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ISBN-13: 9780867169492
Publisher: Franciscan Media
Publication date: 06/01/2011
Pages: 116
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About the Author

MIKE AQUILINA is the executive vice president of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology and has hosted several series on the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN). Mike's books include Angels of God: The Bible, the Church and the Heavenly Hosts, Fire of God's Love: 120 Reflections on the Eucharist, and Roots of the Faith: From the Church Fathers to You.

Table of Contents

Introduction xi

The First Mass 1

Bssics of The Mass 3

1 Why do we call our worship "the Mass"? 3

2 What other names does the Mass go by?

3 What happens at a Catholic Mass?

4 Why do we need this ritual? Can't I worship God just as well using my own words?

5 Why does the Mass refer to Jesus as a "victim" and a "Iamb"?

6 Why is the Mass a sacrifice?

7 Why is the Mass the same sacrifice that Christ made on the cross?

8 Is every Catholic worship service a Mass?

The Eucharist, The Real Presence of Christ 11

9 What is the Eucharist?

10 What is the real presence?

11 If God is everywhere, what's special about the real presence in the Eucharist?

12 Why do Catholics believe in the real presence, instead of just saying that the bread and wine are symbols?

13 What is transubstantiation?

14 When does transubstantiation happen?

15 Why does the priest mix water with the wine?

16 If the Body of Christ is in every Catholic church, does that mean Jesus has lots of bodies all over the world?

17 How can we teach children about the real presence?

Scriptural And Historic Roots 21

18 Where does the Mass appear in the Bible?

19 How can the Mass appear in the Old Testament if Jesus instituted it in the New?

20 What are the Jewish roots of the Christian ritual?

21 Where does the Mass appear in the New Testament?

22 How did Jesus prepare his followers for the institution of the Mass?

23 Why do the accounts of the first Mass differ from bookto book?

24 How do we know that Jesus intended the Church to continue offering the Mass?

25 Did the early Church-the persecuted, "underground" Church-celebrate the Mass? If so, how?

The Celebran 45

26 Who may offer the Mass?

27 How did Jesus give our priests the power to change bread and wine into his body and blood?

28 What is a pontifical Mass?

29 Is Mass with the pope or bishop "worth more" than Mass in my parish?

30 Does there have to be a congregation for there to be a Mass?

31 What are the vestments the priest wears?

32 Why does the priest wear vestments?

33 What do the colors of the vestments mean?

Obligation And opportuntite 51

34 How often must I go to Mass?

35 Why does the Church require us to go to Mass on Sunday?

36 Can I satisfy the Sunday obligation by going to Vespers instead of Mass?

37 What does it mean to offer the Mass for a particular "intention"?

38 Why do Catholics offer Masses for the dead?

39 How does the Mass relate to the other sacraments?

40 What is the relationship between the Mass and social justice?

41 How is the Mass like heaven?

Rites 63

42 Why do some Catholic churches celebrate the Eucharist in ways that are far different from the way I know?

43 What is the Latin Mass?

44 What is the Tridentine Mass or Extraordinary Form?

45 Why do some Catholics like the Latin Mass so much?

46 Why is Latin still the official language of the Mass in the Catholic Church?

47 Do non-Catholic churches also celebrate the Mass?

Properly Equipped 69

48 Why does the Church use unleavened bread?

49 May the priest use other types of bread?

50 Maya priest use gluten-free wheat bread for the sake of people who have celiac disease?

51 What if my body can't take any wheat at all?

52 What are the vessels used in the Mass?

53 What's special about altar candles?

54 What are rubrics?

55 What's hidden in the compartment in or under many altars?

56 Why does the Church honor the relics of the saints?

Receiving Communion 77

57 Who may receive Holy Communion?

58 How should I prepare to go to Mass and receive Communion?

59 What is the Communion fast?

60 What if I forget and break the Communion fast?

61 What happens if I receive Communion in a state of mortal sin?

62 How should I receive Communion?

63 Why do some people receive Communion on the hand and others on the tongue?

64 Is it better to receive Communion under both species? Do I receive "more" if I do?

65 What is viaticum?

66 Can the Church deny Communion to particular individuals? If so, when and how?

67 Why are certain politicians allowed to take Communion even when -they vote against Church teachings?

68 What is excommunication?

69 How often may I go to Communion?

70 How often must I go to Communion?

71 What should I do after taking Communion?

72 What should I do if I attend Mass but cannot go, or choose not to go, to Communion?

73 Are Catholics allowed to take Communion in a non-Catholic church?

74 Are non-Catholics allowed to take Communion in a Catholic church?

The Parts of The Masslp91

75 How is the Mass divided?

76 Why does the Mass begin with the Sign of the Cross?

77 What is the Penitential Rite?

78 Why do we pray to Mary and the saints?

79 What is the Gloria?

80 How does the Church pick the Bible readings for each Mass?

81 What is the Alleluia?

82 What is the gesture people make before the reading of the Gospel?

83 What is a sermon supposed to be?

84 What is the Creed?

85 What is the Universal Prayer?

86 Why does the Church collect money at Mass?

87 What is the Offertory?

88 What is the Eucharistic Prayer?

89 What is the Canon of the Mass?

90 What is the Preface?

91 What is the "Holy, Holy, Holy"?

92 What is the institution narrative?

93 Why does the Church call upon the Holy Spirit at this point in the Mass?

94 What is the "mystery of faith"?

95 What is the Communion Rite?

96 Why do we pray the Lord's Prayer at this part of the Mass?

97 What is the "Lord, I am not worthy" prayer?

98 What is Holy Communion?

99 Why does the Mass end so abruptly after Communion?

100 What should I do after Mass?

Notes 115

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