Massacre Pass

Massacre Pass

by George Schneider


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Massacre Pass is about a family living in Utah in the 1980's. The aging husband and wife are having marital problems they willfully ignore. The wife is burdened with an underlying sense of guilt because she cannot forget she murdered her mother when she was a child. As a result of her guilt she always strives to do what is right but overlooks the rest of her family's reckless behavior because she's uncertain she owns the moral high ground.
Her older daughter has unknowingly married a bisexual man and is about to give birth to his baby. She becomes increasingly aware and unhappy with her situation but is trapped by the rapidly approaching birth of their child. The older married son struggles with an unstable, turbulent marriage that somehow remains unshakable. The handsome, crafty teenage younger son comes of age bereft of any sense of morality, judgment or responsibility. The younger twelve-year old daughter is involved in prurient activities that finally place the entire community in an unwelcome spotlight.
The family, their relatives and friends struggle with personal turmoil against the background of seemingly placid small-town life. There is a volatile mixture of irony, tragedy, humor and pathos that finally lead to unexpected consequences. On a broader canvas, the story involves the panorama of provincial life in the West with its pro forma neighborliness and instinctive intolerance and the self-limiting goals of its inhabitants and their desperate attempts to transcend them.

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ISBN-13: 9781468181722
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/16/2012
Pages: 500
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.01(d)

About the Author

George Schneider is a graduate of the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation. He spent years building and renovating Colonial to contemporary houses, some of them featured in House Beautiful and Country Living magazines. Following this pursuit in New England and both northern and southern California, he moved to Florida to take care of his spunky old father who was not about to be warehoused in a nursing facility. Writing proved to be the ideal way to pursue gratifying work at home while keeping a close eye on his dad. He is currently working on a non-fiction novel about a vivacious woman drugstore owner who fell in love and finally married the King of Romania.

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