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Master Builder Junior: Minecraft Secrets for Young Crafters

Master Builder Junior: Minecraft Secrets for Young Crafters

by Triumph Books

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Master Builder Junior is the perfect starting strategy guide for kids beginning to explore and create in the world of Minecraft. This title contains everything players need to know to begin their adventure, including tips for getting started, descriptions of materials, details about friendly and hostile mobs, mining for everything from coal to diamonds, and how to tackle beginner building projects. Aimed at children aged 7 to 9, this guide is the ultimate introduction to Minecraft. Full-color screenshots will guide players along with easy-to-understand instructions tailored to this younger audience.

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ISBN-13: 9781633195622
Publisher: Triumph Books
Publication date: 02/02/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 128
Sales rank: 1,046,418
Lexile: NC1160L (what's this?)
File size: 22 MB
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Age Range: 7 - 9 Years

About the Author

Triumph Books is a leader in quality and innovation in sports publishing and also publishes pop culture and current events books. They are based in Chicago.

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Master Builder Junior

By Joe Funk

Triumph Books LLC

Copyright © 2016 Triumph Books LLC
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63319-562-2



Well, hello young Crafter!

What's that? You're not a Crafter yet? Or maybe you've played a little, mined a few mines, crafted a few ... crafts, but you just want to get better at the game?

Oh, I see! Well, you're in luck then, because you just picked up the best guide in the world to becoming an amazing young Minecraft player!

Minecraft is an awesome, thrilling, incredible, amazing (okay you get the point) video game that lets you have a grand adventure in a beautiful world that you get to shape yourself using the power of your imagination, not to mention a Pickaxe or two.

Minecraft is also the world's most popular video game, with over 100 million players around the globe, so it's no wonder you're interested in playing it yourself. Seems like just about everyone is grabbing a Pickaxe and Sword and heading out into this virtual world these days!

With this book, though, you're going to be way ahead of the game compared to everyone else you know. That's because this book is full of tips, tricks, advice, and even a secret or two about this game of blocks and building.

You'll find information on how to get started in the game, what to do when you're nice and settled in, how to find all of those rare and awesome items and materials you need, and even a chapter on minigames and playing Minecraft in new and exciting ways online! Plus, there's a full Gallery of Incredible Builds, absolutely crammed with some of the best and coolest stuff Crafters just like you from all over earth have built in this little game. It's pretty spectacular, but don't take our word for it — flip on over and take a look!

In fact, why don't you turn the page, get settled in front of your computer, console, or tablet with Minecraft loaded up, and let's get mining! There's an entire universe out there of adventure and creation to explore and experience, and it's only limited by your own imagination.

It's time to Craft!


Your First Day in MINECRAF

So, Here You Are!

It's your first day in Minecraft, and there's a wide world around you to explore and play in. But what do you do first?

There's just so much to do in Minecraft, it can be a little confusing at first. The Minecraft world can also be pretty dangerous, especially at night, and getting a good start on your first day is very important. The overall goal of your first day is to have enough resources and a good shelter to keep you safe before it gets dark, and these things take a little bit of work.

Don't worry though! We'll walk you through what to do so you have a great first day in your new favorite game.

The Three Keys to Your First Day

The first few moments in your Minecraft game should focus on the three most important things in Minecraft: resources, tools, and shelter.


Almost everything in Minecraft is made of blocks that can be "broken" and picked up, and you can use each thing to build with or to make other things. Gathering resources is very important to Minecraft, and you will need to get some very early on in your first day.


Tools are items that make tasks easier in Minecraft. For instance, there are Shovels to dig Dirt faster, Pickaxes to make mining Stone much faster and to let you get important ores (more on those later!), and many more tools. You'll build these using the resources you gather, and you need a few as quickly as you can get them in your first day.


There are lots of creatures in Minecraft that want nothing more than to attack you, and it can be a little bit scary sometimes! Luckily, all you need to be safe is a nice home with walls, Doors, and some Torches to keep the place well lit and cozy. Making your first home is the final goal of your first day.

Step 1: Gathering Wood to Make Your First Items

You start off in Minecraft without any tools or items — it's just you and your fists against the world! Let's get started gathering resources.


THE FIRST THING YOU WANT TO DO is to find a few trees so you can get some Wood to make your first tools and items.


POINT YOURSELF AT A BLOCK OF WOOD ON A TREE, and press and hold the attack button to "punch" the tree (this is usually the left mouse button on a computer or the right trigger on a console). When the block breaks, it will drop Wood, and you can walk over to pick it up.



OPEN YOUR CRAFTING MENU, and put the 3 Wood into the empty spaces, and then turn them into Wood Planks.


PUT ONE WOOD PLANK into each of the squares of the Crafting menu, and create a Crafting Table. This is one of the most important items in the game, as it's what lets you do the "crafting" part of Minecraft.

PLACE YOUR NEW CRAFTING TABLE on the ground, and use it to open a bigger Crafting menu. This is where we'll make your first tools and other items.

Step 2: Make Some Tools

What we need to do is to quickly gather more resources so we can build a house. To do that, we need a few handy tools.


IN THE CRAFTING MENU for your Crafting Table, turn some Wood Planks into Sticks. Make sure you leave some Wood Planks though! If you need more Planks, go chop down a little more Wood. You can never have enough Wood on your first day!


NOW CREATE YOUR FIRST TOOL by using this pattern in your Crafting Table. This will make an Axe, which will help you chop down Wood much faster!


WE'RE ALSO GOING TO MAKE A WOODEN SWORD for protection and a Wooden Pickaxe to mine Cobblestone and ores.


Step 3: Gather More Resources for Your Home

We need a few more things before we can start building a house to spend the night in.


FIRST, WE NEED SOME COBBLESTONE so we can make a Furnace. It's easy to find Stone to mine — either look for grey blocks out in the open, or just dig down with your hand or a Pickaxe. Don't dig straight down though; dig so that you're making a staircase downward.

WHEN YOU FIND STONE, mine about 10. Notice that it turns to Cobblestone when it breaks — this is a weaker version of Stone, but it's what we need right now.


ALSO BE ON THE LOOKOUT for any Stone blocks that have black specks in them. This is Coal, and it's what we'll use to make Torches later. If you see any of this, mine it too! Ignore every other color of speckled Stone for right now.

IF YOU SEE ANY ANIMALS in the area, like Cows, Chickens, Rabbits, Pigs, or (especially) Sheep, tap them with your Sword and get the resources they drop. You need food to keep living in Minecraft, and in the beginning of the game, you'll get this from animals. Sheep also drop Wool, which is very important because it lets you make a Bed, which will let you skip over the dangerous nighttime.

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AT LEAST 12 WOOD as well, so chop down a few more trees if you need to.

Step 4: Building a Home!

By this time in your game, it will be getting dark, or it will start to very soon. We need to build you a house before it gets actually dark, or you'll find yourself in a dangerous situation when the nighttime creatures come out!



Homes Need Three Things:

1. A light source

2. To be secure from the outside (no gaps in the walls or roof)

3. A Bed (eventually)


FIND A GOOD PLACE TO BUILD A HOME. This is going to be your first home, so don't go too far (you can always build another one later), but look for a nice spot near some trees to build. This will make it easier to gather resources later.


BUILD A SMALL RING OF WALLS around you with Wood Planks. Make this wall 2 blocks high, and make sure you have at least a space 6 blocks by 6 blocks in the middle. If you run out of Wood Planks, make a few more with your Crafting Table. Now you're a bit safer, but we need to do a few more things!


PLACE YOUR CRAFTING TABLE inside your walls, if you haven't already.


USE YOUR COBBLESTONE in your Crafting Table to build a Furnace, and then place this Furnace on the ground inside your walls too.


IN YOUR FURNACE, place a block of Wood into both empty slots. You'll see that the Furnace immediately starts burning: it is turning your Wood into Charcoal, which we can use like Coal to make Torches.


GO TO YOUR CRAFTING TABLE and place one Coal or Charcoal in the crafting grid above a stick. This makes a Torch! Make at least 5 Torches right now.

PLACE YOUR TORCHES on the ground or inside walls of your home.

GO BACK TO YOUR CRAFTING TABLE and build a Door with the recipe in image 8.


NOW, PUNCH OUT TWO BLOCKS in the wall of your home so there is a vertical gap two blocks tall, and place your Door into this gap.

FINALLY, FINISH YOUR HOME by making a roof of Wood Planks so that the only way into your home is through the Door.


GO BACK IN YOUR HOME, and you're now safe from the bad guys that will show up during the night, as well as from creatures like Creepers that can cause you trouble during the day!

The Next Step: Make Your Bed!

Ok, not "make your bed" the way your parents say to: we need to actually build you a Bed to sleep in!

[??] HOT FACT:

If you die at any time after you've slept in a Bed, you'll respawn right next to that Bed.

You should try to do it after you build your home if it's still light out. It can be kind of tricky, because you need to find three Sheep to collect 3 Wool for making your first Bed. Sheep aren't always around, so if you aren't able to find 3 Wool before it gets dark, head back home! You don't want to get stuck outside at night early in your game — that's a good way to take a Zombie punch to the face.

When you do get 3 Wool, use them and Wood Planks in your Crafting Table to make a Bed. You can then place the Bed in your home and use it to sleep right through the nighttime.



Hunting materials and items is a big part of your adventure in Minecraft. Whether you're a collector and just want all the different things in the game, or whether you've got a specific item you'd like to craft, chances are you're gonna want to find some unique block or item at some point.

That's where this part of the guide comes in. This is a quick breakdown of the different areas you can explore in the game, and what you might find there, plus some tips on finding the items everyone wants the most.

[??] HOT FACT:

There are actually many more biome variations than these! These are just the main ones, but you'll find all sorts of cool-looking landscapes in your Minecrafting journeys.


Look around you in the Minecraft world: have you noticed how each part of the Minecraft world has a distinct look, with specific plants and colors, and even different shapes of land? Each one of these different types of land in Minecraft is called a biome, and no matter where you are, you're in a biome!

Knowing about the different biomes is very helpful. It can help you know where to look for certain materials or items, and it can also help you find the coolest places to build!


The Plains (or Grasslands) is full of Grass, Flowers, and some smaller trees. It usually features plenty of mobs (both hostile and friendly) roaming about, and you can sometimes find caves, lakes, Villages, and Lava pools scattered around it.

What to get there: Grass, Tall Grass, Flowers/Sunflowers, Villages (which can contain many items), Horses


Dry and covered in beautiful bands of Clay and Sand of different types. These are pretty hard to find, but there's no better source of Clay in the game.

What to get there: Hardened Clay, six variations of Stained Clay, Red Sand/Sandstone, Cactus, Dead Bush


Trees, trees, and more trees! Another very common Biome, the Forest Biome is one of the most useful early in the game, as they provide large amounts of Wood.

What to get there: Flowers, all peaceful mobs, Mushrooms, Oak and Birch Trees


Sparse of life and resources, the Desert is pretty cool-looking, but is not a great place to spend large amounts of time unless it is near another, more resource-heavy Biome.

What to get there: Sand, Sandstone, Cactus, Dead Bushes, Sugar Cane, Desert Temples, and Villages (with many items each)


Features short Oak Trees covered in Vines, and often has Mushrooms and Lily Pads around.

What to get there: Lily Pads, Vines, Clay, Mushrooms, Grass, Oak Trees, Witch Huts (and Witches!), Slimes

Extreme Hills

You'll know this one when you see it: huge hills with massive cliffs, overhangs, and even waterfalls.

What to get there: Flowers, Emeralds (the only biome they are in), Oak and Spruce Trees


Can often be snowy and is a sort-of "Russian"-style forest with Spruce Trees and Wolves.

What to get there: Flowers, Ferns, Wolves, Spruce trees (in some variations there are also Podzol blocks and Mushrooms)


BIIIIIG trees. Like, really, really big trees. And lots of them. Tons of foliage in general, and usually some hilly areas and lakes.

What to get there: Ferns, Flowers, Vines, Cocoa Pods, Melons, Jungle Temples (with various items and special blocks), Jungle Trees


Lots and lots of Water, going off into the distance. There are also underwater Caves and Squids!

What to get there: Water, Squids (!)

Mushroom Island

Maybe the most unique Biome, this features purple-ish Mycelium as its primary building block and has Huge Mushrooms that look like trees. Always found out in the Ocean Biome.

What to get there: Mushrooms, Huge Mushrooms, Mycelium, Mooshrooms


Somewhat like a Plains Biome with a few more short rises and falls, but with dry Grass and Acacia Trees. Like Plains, it can spawn Horses, and like a Desert, there's no rain on the Savanna.

What to get there: Tall Grass, Acacia Trees, Horses, other peaceful mobs, Villages (with many items)

Nether Dimension

Fire, Lava, things trying to attack you constantly, little in the way of food. Basically super, super hostile.

What to get there: Netherrack, Nether Wart Glowstone, Soul Sand, Nether Brick, Nether Quartz, Magma Cubes, Ghasts, Blazes, Skeletons, Zombie Pigmen, Wither Skeletons, Nether Fortresses

End Dimension

The End is a spooky, but very cool dimension of islands floating in a sea of stars, and it's where Endermen live. It's also home to the dreaded Ender Dragon and the awesome End City, a special structure. This is actually the place where you can "beat" Minecraft by defeating the Ender Dragon. To get to The End, you'll need to use Ender Pearls (gotten from Endermen) in the End Portal found in Strongholds.

What to get there: End Stone, Chorus Plants, Purpur Block, Obsidian, Shulkers, Endermen, the Ender Dragon


Sometimes in the different biomes in Minecraft, or deep underneath the ground, special buildings appear. These are called structures, and they are placed there in random locations by the world-creating program that makes your Minecraft world.

Structures are very important to know about, because each structure has its own look and contains treasures and unique items that make it very valuable to find. Whenever you find a structure in Minecraft, there's always something in it worth taking.


If you're running around the Overworld (the part of the game that you spawn in), and you see a cluster of houses and think "Hey, I didn't build that!", you probably just found a Village. Villages are collections of buildings populated by neutral Villagers, and they usually have farms full of plants to steal, a Chest or two with good random items, and you can trade with the Villagers for other items.


At some point in the game, you'll either accidentally pop into one of these (often massive) structures, or you'll need to find one to get to The End. Strongholds can sometimes be small, but usually they're huge, confusing, and highly dangerous. There are only three Strongholds per world. Strongholds are super dangerous with many hostile mobs, but they also contain Chests of treasures (some of the rarest items in the game, like Golden Apples) and the portal to The End dimension. To find a Stronghold, you can throw Eyes of Ender and follow the path they fly off in (that's the direction of the Stronghold from where you are).


Randomly placed underground, especially intersecting with ravines and caves. Mineshafts are simply hallways, stairways, crossings, and rooms, often with Rail Tracks, supports and Minecarts in them. Probably the most dangerous place in the regular dimension, Mineshafts have many Spiders and poisonous Cave Spiders, but they also have a very large amount of Chests with treasure and lots of great items to grab. Plus, there's generally a whole lot of ore around!


Excerpted from Master Builder Junior by Joe Funk. Copyright © 2016 Triumph Books LLC. Excerpted by permission of Triumph Books LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


CHAPTER 1 Intro,
CHAPTER 2 Your First Day in Minecraft,
CHAPTER 3 The World Around You,
CHAPTER 4 Friends and Foes: The Creatures of Minecraft,
CHAPTER 5 Learning the Basics,
CHAPTER 6 Playing Minecraft Online: Minigames, Servers, and More Fun,
CHAPTER 7 The Gallery of Incredible Builds,
CHAPTER 8 Cool Starter Projects and Inventions,
CHAPTER 9 The Great Minecraft Challenge,

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