Master Dating: How to Meet and Attract Quality Men

Master Dating: How to Meet and Attract Quality Men


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Master Dating: How to Meet and Attract Quality Men by Felicia Rose Adler, Angela C. Fernandez

Asking a woman out is one of the hardest things a man has to do. That's why you have to help the man of your dreams work up the nerve to do it, and let him know that when he does, you'll say yes! In Master Dating, Felcia Rose Adler will show you how. The secret is to be open, outgoing, confident and approachable. But there's only one "rule" to follow: be yourself and don't play games. Consider this. Women often worry about how long to wait before calling a man because they don't want to "seem desperate." Adler says that's silly. The "waiting game" probably started as a face-saving device and ended up as a strategy to manipulate others. But it's still a game and it never works. If a guy likes you because you didn't call him, he likes you for a game you were playing, not for the way you really are. You'll seem desperate and needy only if you truly are. Being desperate and needy has nothing to do with liking an individual person; it has to do with a neurotic desire to be liked by everyone. When you're truly confident, you can like someone and if he doesn't like you, that's perfectly all right. If a man doesn't like you -- the real you -- why would you want him for a partner? His lack of taste instantly disqualifies him as a candidate for a successful relationship with you. Once you accept this basic concept, your whole attitude and approach to dating will change. Now you're no longer trying to be liked by every man you meet. Now you're interviewing to see who qualifies for you, based on his likes -- and yours. There's no risk and no desperation. Master Dating is full of wisdom like this. Yet its author is neither a psychologist nor a therapist. In her own words, she's a "real person out there on the front lines," a hairdresser who owns her own funky little shop, The Jungle, in Los Angeles. After more than a decade of listening to clients and giving them advice that worked, she finally listened to their advice -- to write this book. She explains that the "happy-eno

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ISBN-13: 9781567314922
Publisher: MJF Books
Publication date: 03/28/2002
Pages: 192

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