Master Expert: How to use Expertship to achieve peak performance, seniority and influence in a technical role

Master Expert: How to use Expertship to achieve peak performance, seniority and influence in a technical role

Master Expert: How to use Expertship to achieve peak performance, seniority and influence in a technical role

Master Expert: How to use Expertship to achieve peak performance, seniority and influence in a technical role


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Do you have a complex technical job, like a software developer, scientist, lawyer, engineer, policy writer, economist or medical researcher?

Master Expert is your guide to every business skill you need to succeed.

740 pages and 50 chapters of toolkits, ideas, checklists, and new processes to help you surmount every one of the challenges faced by senior technical specialists:

  • How do I pitch my ideas to make sense commercially and strategically?
  • How do I understand my organisation's commercial context?
  • How do I prioritise and engage stakeholders?
  • How do I recalibrate failing relationships?
  • How do I coach and delegate, and make my expertise understood by non-technical colleagues?
  • How do I manage upward, talk to boards, and convince doubters?
  • How do I manage my energy, workload and priorities day to day?
  • How do I get better at presenting, intelligence gathering and networking?
  • How do I understand where my skills are weak, and how to plan to improve them?

Why Master Expert?

It's time technical specialists like yourself got the same deal as managers.

From the very first day a new manager starts work, they're given a LOT of help. A career ladder. Appraisals, Mentoring. Networking. Capability frameworks. Support, connections - they're trained to deal with whatever business problems come along.

Technical people don't get that kind of support. It's time they did. Master Expert details how to evaluate the performance of technical specialists, and includes a capability framework to understand your own, or your team's, progress toward Master Expert status.

The authors, Alistair Gordon and Dominic Johnson, have been coaching developers, scientists, lawyers, engineers, policy writers, economists, medical researchers and other technical specialists for close to ten years now, and this book distils everything they've learned.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780645046632
Publisher: Expertship Press
Publication date: 08/11/2021
Pages: 744
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.48(d)

About the Author

Alistair Gordon is the CEO of Expertunity, an expert coach, speaker and author. A long-time veteran of the media and organisational development worlds, he has been publisher of one of Australia's best-known business magazines, BRW. He is the co-author with Dominic Johnson of the two founding books on Expertship, Master Expert and the Expertship Growth Guide. Find out more at

Dominic Johnson is a master facilitator who has logged thousands of hours coaching experts and masterminding Expertship programs. With Alistair Gordon, he is the co-author of the two founding texts of Expertship, Master Expert and the Expertship Growth Guide, as well as the co-designer of the Expertship career growth processes described in each book. Find out more at

Table of Contents


PART | 01 | About Expertship

Chapter | 01 | The Age of the Expert

Chapter | 02 | The Expertship Model

Chapter | 03 | How to Get the Best From This Book


Mastering Personal Impact

Chapter | 04 | Exploring Our Personal Brand

Chapter | 05 | The Brand Power of Emotional Intelligence

Chapter | 06 | Being a Positive Influence

Chapter | 07 | Being Self-Aware and Adaptive

Chapter | 08 | Being a Results Driver

Chapter | 09 | The Expert Energy Engine

Chapter | 10 | The Art of Saying No

Chapter | 11 | Mastering Courageous Conversations

Mastering Stakeholder Engagement

Chapter | 12 | Expert Stakeholder Strategy

Chapter | 13 | Stakeholder Mapping

Chapter | 14 | Building Internal Networks

Chapter | 15 | Building External Networks

Chapter | 16 | Managing Our Networks

Chapter | 17 | What Motivates Stakeholders?

Chapter | 18 | Intelligent Networking

Mastering Collaboration

Chapter | 19 | The Barriers to Collaboration

Chapter | 20 | The Power of Listening

Chapter | 21 | The Madness of Meetings

Chapter | 22 | The Many Team Roles of Experts

Chapter | 23 | The Desire to Influence

Chapter | 24 | Next-Level Communication

Chapter | 25 | The Expert as Diplomat

PART | 03 | The Value Domain

Mastering Market Context

Chapter | 26 | Why Market Context Matters So Much

Chapter | 27 | Becoming a Student of Your Organization

Chapter | 28 | Becoming a Student of the Competition

Chapter | 29 | Becoming a Student of our Customers

Mastering Value Impact

Chapter | 30 | Understanding Value Impact

Chapter | 31 | Creating Operational Value

Chapter | 32 | Creating Customer Value

Chapter | 33 | Creating Competitive Advantage

Mastering Change Agility

Chapter | 34 | Change Agility

Chapter | 35 | Being a Change Supporter

Chapter | 36 | Being a Change Catalyst

Chapter | 37 | The Expert's Role in Leading Change

PART | 04 | The Technical Domain

Mastering Expert Knowledge

Chapter | 38 | Leveraging Expert Knowledge

Chapter | 39 | The Art of Knowledge Seeking

Chapter | 40 | The Art of Knowledge Curation

Chapter | 41 | The Art of Knowledge Generation

Mastering Solutioning

Chapter | 42 | The Expert Art of Solutioning

Chapter | 43 | Identifying Problems

Chapter | 44 | Solving Problems

Chapter | 45 | Actively Responding

Mastering Knowledge Transfer

Chapter | 46 | Knowledge Transfer

Chapter | 47 | Knowledge Sharing

Chapter | 48 | Becoming a Knowledge Coach

Chapter | 49 | Building a Talent Factory

Chapter | 50 | Building a Personal Growth Plan

PART | 05 | Additional Resources


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