Master the AP Spanish Language Test with CD

Master the AP Spanish Language Test with CD

Paperback(Bk w/audio CD)

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ISBN-13: 9780768909951
Publisher: Peterson's
Publication date: 11/25/2002
Series: Master the AP Ser.
Edition description: Bk w/audio CD
Pages: 464
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.90(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

How To Use This Bookviii
Part 1The Advanced Placement Program
Diagnostic Test3
Answers and Explanations17
Answer Sheet29
Chapter 1About the Test31
The College Board and Their AP Program31
AP Exam Development Teams31
How to Know if You Have a Realistic Chance of Earning Credits32
The Scoring System33
Chapter 2How and Why to Take the AP Test35
Why Take the Test35
The Nuts and Bolts37
Chapter 3The Test Format43
Section ISelected-Response Questions44
Section IIFree-Response Questions47
Sample Exercises52
Answers and Explanations58
Part 2Techniques for Tackling the Test
Chapter 4Study Skills and Test-Taking Tips65
Scheduling Study Time65
Study Skills66
General Test-Taking Tips69
Chapter 5The Listening Sections73
Typical Questions about Dialogues75
Typical Questions about Narratives80
The Test Writers' Favorite Listening Questions and Their Answers85
Training the Ear for the Listening Sections89
Sample Listening Section91
Answers and Explanations93
Chapter 6Conquering Verbs in Subjunctive95
The Two-Step Verb-Analysis Process for Subjunctive Sentences96
Identifying Specific Subjunctive Indicators102
The Subjunctive or Indicative with Conjunctions?119
Chapter 7Mastering Verb Questions in Indicative Situations127
The Preterite Tense127
The Imperfect Tense129
The Test Writers Favorite Trick Questions131
Other Indicative Tenses and Formulas139
Indicative Formulas When There Is No Que140
The Non-Conjugated Forms: The Infinitive and Present Participle (Gerund)143
Verb Form Practice Cloze148
Answers and Explanations153
Chapter 8Adjectives and Articles and Gender157
Practice Questions with Adjectives and Articles183
Answers and Explanations185
Chapter 9Focusing on Vocabulary and Idioms187
Logic Indicators187
The Test Writers' Favorite Idiomatic Expressions209
Practice Vocabulary Questions214
Answers and Explanations216
Chapter 10Beating Questions about Prepositions and Conjunctions217
How Prepositions are Tested in Multiple-Choice Questions217
Tackling Question about Pronouns238
How the AP Exam Tests Conjunctions240
Correlative Conjunctions243
Sample Questions243
Answers and Explanations246
Chapter 11Understanding the Error-Recognition Section247
The Typical Spanish Student's Nemesis247
Typical Mistake Types247
Systematically Identifying the Error248
Chapter 12Taking on the Reading, Writing, and Speaking Tasks271
Reading Comprehension271
Writing the Essay278
The Speaking Tasks284
Part 3Grammar Review
Chapter 13The Basics299
The Article299
The Number: Singular and Plural302
Possessive Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives311
Interrogative Pronouns312
Relative Pronouns314
Chapter 14The Verb317
The Indicative Mood317
Past Indicative Tense326
The Future335
The Conditional337
Progressive Tenses338
The Subjunctive Mood341
Present Subjunctive of Regular Verbs342
Present Subjunctive of Irregular Verbs343
The Imperfect Subjunctive347
Chapter 15The Compound Tenses349
The Present Perfect Indicative349
The Pluperfect Indicative350
The Future Perfect Indicative350
The Conditional Perfect351
The Present Perfect Subjunctive352
The Past Perfect or Pluperfect Subjunctive353
The Imperative or Command353
Special Verb Constructions357
Practice Test 1365
Answers and Explanations384
Answer Sheet393
Practice Test 2395
Answers and Explanations415
Answer Sheet425
AppendixAudio Transcripts427

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Guest More than 1 year ago
I passed the Ap spanish language exam with a 5 and a lot of credit goes to this book. It has many exercises with the exact Ap exam style.