Master the Miller Analogies Test 2004

Master the Miller Analogies Test 2004


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ISBN-13: 9780768912067
Publisher: Peterson's
Publication date: 05/26/2003
Pages: 244
Product dimensions: 8.60(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Before You Startix
The Most Common Analogy Categoriesxi
Part 1Mat Basics1
Chapter 1All about the MAT3
Meet the MAT3
Registering for the MAT3
Understanding the MAT3
How MAT Scores Are Reported4
Retaking the MAT4
Timecruncher Study Plans5
Chapter 2All about Analogies7
Solving MAT Analogies7
The Most Common Analogy Categories10
The Most Common Analogy Subject Areas12
Traps to Avoid13
What Smart Test-Takers Know14
Part 215 Analogy Types by Category17
Chapter 3Analogy Tests by Category23
Group ATests 1-524
Test 1Synonyms and Definitions24
Test 2Antonyms26
Test 3Cause and Effect28
Test 4Part to Whole30
Test 5Part to Part31
Group BTests 6-1033
Test 6Purpose, Use, or Function33
Test 7Action to Object34
Test 8Agent to Object36
Test 9Place37
Test 10Association39
Group CTests 11-1541
Test 11Sequence41
Test 12Characteristic42
Test 13Degree44
Test 14Grammatical46
Test 15Miscellaneous47
Chapter 4Answer Keys--Analogy Tests by Category49
Test 1Synonyms and Definitions49
Test 2Antonyms50
Test 3Cause and Effect51
Test 4Part to Whole53
Test 5Part to Part54
Test 6Purpose, Use, or Function55
Test 7Action to Object57
Test 8Agent to Object58
Test 9Place59
Test 10Association60
Test 11Sequence61
Test 12Characteristic62
Test 13Degree63
Test 14Grammatical65
Test 15Miscellaneous66
Part 37 Sample Mats69
Chapter 5Sample Test 173
Answer Key78
Explanatory Answers79
Chapter 6Sample Test 291
Answer Key96
Explanatory Answers97
Chapter 7Sample Test 3109
Answer Key114
Explanatory Answers115
Chapter 8Sample Test 4127
Answer Key132
Explanatory Answers133
Chapter 9Sample Test 5145
Answer Key150
Explanatory Answers151
Chapter 10Sample Test 6163
Answer Key168
Explanatory Answers169
Chapter 11Sample Test 7181
Answer Key186
Explanatory Answers187
Part 4GRE Verbal Analogies197
Chapter 12Practice for the GRE199
Test 1205
Test 2207
Test 3209
Test 4211
Test 5213
Test 6215
Test 7217
Answer Key--GRE Verbal Analogies219
Explanatory Answers--GRE Verbal Analogies221
Part 5Appendixes229
Appendix AMythology231
Appendix BNations of the World235
Appendix CMathematics239

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