Mastering Nature Photography: Shooting and Selling in the Digital Age

Mastering Nature Photography: Shooting and Selling in the Digital Age

by John Kieffer


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ISBN-13: 9781581153897
Publisher: Allworth
Publication date: 10/01/2004
Edition description: BK&CD-ROM
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 6.10(d)

About the Author

John Kieffer is a professional outdoors photographer and the author of The Photographer's Assistant (1-58195-080-6). He lives in Boulder.

Table of Contents

About the CD-ROMx
Part 1A Solid Foundation
Chapter 1So You Want to be a Nature Photographer3
Be a Naturalist
Be an Athletic and Adventurous Outdoorsperson
Be a Businessperson
What about Equipment?
Chapter 2Good Photography: A Deliberate Approach9
A Common Thread in Good Photography
Where and What to Photograph
Who's Your Audience
Chapter 3Elements of an Image13
Symbols and Icons: The Star of Your Picture
General Rules of Composition
Chapter 4A Day in the Life of a Nature Photographer21
The Maroon Bells
Part 2Photographic Equipment
Chapter 5Cameras31
35mm SLR Camera Systems
35mm SLR Lenses
Why Use a Larger Format Camera?
Medium Format Cameras
The View Camera
Panoramic Cameras
Digital Cameras
General Photographic Equipment Checklist
Chapter 6Lenses and the Creative Process45
Focal Length, Aperture
Depth of Field
Shutter Speed
Chapter 7Filters51
Exposure Compensation
Filter Frames and Holders
Ultraviolet (UV), Skylight (1A), and Haze Filters
Polarizing Filters
Enhancing and Warming Filters
Graduated Filters
Digital Filters
Neutral Density (ND) Filters
Wratten Gels or Color Compensating (CC) Filters
Specialty Filters
Chapter 8Film55
Keeping Track of Your Film
Kinds of Film
Film Speed
Color and Saturation
Pushing and Pulling Film
Chapter 9Exposure and Contrast Range59
Light Meters and Measuring Light
Successful Metering and Exposures
Contrast Range
Sunny 16 Rule
Chapter 10Tripods, Supports, and Cases63
Tripod Features
Tripod Heads
Using a Tripod
Specialized Camera Supports
Camera Cases and Photo Vests
Part 3Photographing Nature
Chapter 11Planning a Successful Photo Trip71
Resources for Finding Locations
Public Lands
Be a Naturalist
Can Preparation Verge on Stealing?
Chapter 12Location Scouting Basics77
Before You Set Out
Capturing the Grand Vista
Trails: Exploring the Backcountry
Private Property and Location Scouting
Basecamp: Trips as Family Vacations
Location Scouting Checklist
Chapter 13Photographing in Canyons, Deserts, and Dunes97
Photographing Canyons
Location Scouting: Canyons
Slot Canyons
Photographing Buttes
Stock Value: Canyon Country
Photographing Deserts
Location Scouting: Deserts
Two Classic Desert Landscapes
Cacti and Flowers
Stock Value: Deserts
Photographing Sand Dunes
Location Scouting: Sand Dunes
Sand Dunes: Two Compositions
Stock Value: Sand Dunes
Chapter 14Photographing Mountains113
Location Scouting: Mountains
Early Summer
Middle Summer: The Peak Season
Late Summer
Autumn Mountains
Winter Mountains
Stock Value: Mountains
Chapter 15Photographing Snow and Cold123
Exposures and Snow
Tips for Better Winter Compositions
Stock Value: Snow
Chapter 16Photographing Flowers, Forests, and Still-Lifes127
Three Basic Flower Compositions
Stock Value: Flowers
Photographing Forests
Two Forest Compositions
Stock Value: Forests
Photographing Still-Lifes, Patterns, and Backgrounds
Chapter 17Photographing Water137
Photographing Reflections, Lakes, and Calm Waters
Two Compositions
Stock Value: Reflections and Lakes
Photographing Seascapes and Coastlines
Location Scouting: Coastlines
Four Ocean Compositions
Stock Value: Seascapes and Coastlines
Photographing Streams
Photographing Waterfalls
Stock Value: Streams and Waterfalls
Chapter 18Photographing the Sky155
Photographing Clouds
Stock Value: Fog
Photographing Moonrises and Moonsets
Stock Value: Moonrises and Moonsets
Photographing Rainbows
Stock Value: Rainbows
Photographing Sunrays and Sunbursts
Stock Value: Sunrays
Photographing Sunrise and Sunset
Stock Value: Sunrises and Sunsets
Chapter 19Photographing Agriculture169
Agricultural Compositions
Using Agricultural Icons
Wheat: A Case Study
Stock Value: Agriculture
Chapter 20Photographing City Skylines and Roads175
Skyline Location Scouting
Filters and Lighting
Photographing Roads
Three Road Compositions
Stock Value: Roads
Chapter 21Photographing Wildlife181
Gain Your Skills Locally
Animal Portraiture
Shoot the Stars
Visit National Parks and Refuges
Stock Value: Wildlife
Chapter 22Photographing People185
Pictures for Family and Friends
Basic Compositions
Images for the Professional Photo Buyer
Wardrobe and Props
Model Releases
Photo Equipment
Stock Value: People
Part 4The Business of Selling Your Photography
Chapter 23Photography Business Basics195
Be Your Own Stock Photo Agency
Organize Your Photography and Your Stock Business
Image Fulfillment: Film and Digital
Getting Paid: Invoices and Credit Cards
Know the End User
Theft or Copyright Infringement
Rights: Managed and Royalty Free Photography
Professional Organizations and Partnerships
Be a Photographic Assistant
Chapter 24Digital Files211
File Size
File Formats
Resizing a File
RGB and CMYK Modes
Scanning Film
General Scanning Considerations
Using CD-ROMs
Stock Photo Catalogs
Royalty-Free Photo CD-ROMs
Recording to CD-ROM
CD-ROM Design Considerations
Chapter 25Marketing Approaches: Old and New221
Logos and Identity
Printed Material
Press Releases
The Yellow Pages
Your Web Site as a Marketing Tool
General Considerations for Web Sites
Preliminary Decisions
Organizing Your Web Site
Parts of Your Web Site
Showing Your Photography
Subject List or Index
Protecting Your Photography
FTP, or File Transfer Protocol
Chapter 26The Stock Photography Industry237
Stock Photo Agencies
Finding a Compatible Stock Agency
Submission Guidelines
Working with Your Stock Agency
Stock Agency Contracts
Chapter 27Advertising and Commercial Usage247
The Advertising Industry
Finding Ad Agencies and Graphic Designers
Larger Companies and Corporations
Web Designers and Multimedia Developers
Miscellaneous Commercial Contacts
Commercial Calendars
Mailing Lists and Direct Mail
Calculating a Usage Fee
Quoting a Price and Closing a Deal
Chapter 28Calendars and Book Publishers253
Finding Calendar Companies and Publishers
Usage Fees
Chapter 29Magazines and Trade Publications257
Trade Publications
Consumer Magazines
How Magazines Work
Contacting Magazines
Offer More than Photography
Chapter 30Photographic Prints261
The Marketplace
Business Considerations
The Scan and Print Making Process
Four Print Markets

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