Mastering the Art of Negotiation: Seven Guides for Creating your Journey

Mastering the Art of Negotiation: Seven Guides for Creating your Journey

by Geurt Jan de Heus


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ISBN-13: 9789063694319
Publisher: BIS Publishers
Publication date: 09/05/2017
Pages: 216
Product dimensions: 9.44(w) x 7.48(h) x (d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Geurt Jan de Heus is a medical doctor by training. After several years in management positions in the pharmaceutical industry, he changed his life and career to join RoutsLaeven. This small agency, founded 30 years ago, specialises in negotiation training, coaching and consulting. Geurt Jan is passionate about making the world a better place through more ‘constructive dialogues’. These dialogues are grounded in an open and exploratory mindset, with respect for others and yourself, aiming for fair distribution and fair processes.

Helping others to live out these principles with confidence and agility even when confronted with the oppositional win-as-much-as-you-can style is an important part of his mission. His 20-plus years of experience mean that he is frequently asked to act as an advisor during difficult negotiation processes involving the public sector, larger corporations and family businesses.

Table of Contents

• Introduction
• Why this book, and why now, and why in this format?

• Negotiation challenges; are we aware…?
• Building the case; why is Negotiation relevant in this period of time; from a Dutch and International Perspective
• Looking with different eyes; which paradigm is influencing your tactics?
• Win as much if you can, or constructive Negotiations?
• It’s all about Negotiations (project management, co-operation internally and externally, decision making processes, avoiding and managing conflicts etc.)
• Why do we find it difficult to Negotiate? Facing complexity
• Negotiations; a mixed bag of interests at and under the table
• Criteria for a ‘good’ deal; when are you happy with the outcome?
• Dilemma’s in Negotiations; research based dilemma’s that you will face in all kind of Negotiation Dynamics

Dealing with it; The Foundation- Any time, Any Place, any Where…
• The foundation; basic principles and answers to the dilemma’s; developing a Mind-, and Skillset
• Principle 1; Content & Relationship; the why, what and how
• Principle 2; Trust & Verify; the why, what and how
• Principle 3; Interests & Positions; the why, what and how
• Principle 4; His/ their & Mine/ our Options; Creating value; the why, what and how
• Principle 5; Distributing Value & Fairness; the why, what and how
• Principle 6; His/ their & Mine/ our BATNA (s); the why, what and how

Principle 7; Managing the Process
• The Negotiation Process; The Negotiation Circle
• Managing the process as a whole, and managing the different steps
• Managing lack of progress & speeding up processes
• Managing a deadlock; recognizing and handling it
• The process intervention as a important tool
• Tactics and Strategies

The Relational Dynamics
• Managing Expectations, Perceptions and Emotions
• Recognizing and Handling games people play
• 4- levels of Interventions

Content matters
• Biasses; recognizing and handling how people filter information, unconscious/ conscious
• Managing decision making processes
• The power of Verification

• The importance of Creativity in the process; Where and when do you need it/ use it
• Creating win- win deals
• Disney Methodology and the 6 the Bono hats as inspiration for facilitating option generation/ decision making

• Prepare yourself! 5P’s; Proper Preparation Prevents a Poor performance
• The Nego Checklist; based on Content, Relationship and Process dimensions

Specials; digging a bit deeper
• Introduction
• Meta- programs (Thinking and Working Styles) as a framework to read behavior properly
• Recognizing different negotiation Styles (yours/ his/ theirs etc.). Managing Strengths and weaknesses
• The Dutch; Dutch Test for Conflict Handling
• Logical Levels as a mirror for looking at yourself
• Negotiations with Yourself
• Reading others
• Interacting with others; Pacing and Leading
• Put the fish on the table
• Negotiations in increasing Complexity; Multi- level, Multi- Party negotiations
• Stakeholdermapping
• Decision Making processes and Influencing tactics
• ‘Multi- Culti’ Negotiations

Based on the mentioned aspects, nearly all questions we receive in training- and coaching interventions are answered. As a quick- tour, I summarize the FAQ’s:
• Dealing with complexity
• Dealing with power imbalance
• Dealing with knowledge imbalance
• Dealing with difficult People
• Dealing with Positions
• Dealing with Games
• And when others are not open, unrespect full, unwilling, unfair?
• Does fairness exsist?
• When are you happy?

Learning attitude; Work Place Learning
• Introduction
• Tools
• Excersises

Inspiration ‘Wall’
• Areas of Inspiration
• Films
• Books
• Articles
• Community

Wrap up
• Looking back
• Thanks to

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