Mastering XPages: A Step-by-Step Guide to XPages Application Development and the XSP Language

Mastering XPages: A Step-by-Step Guide to XPages Application Development and the XSP Language

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IBM Press
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Mastering XPages: A Step-by-Step Guide to XPages Application Development and the XSP Language

The Definitive XPages Development Guide—Straight from the XPages Team at IBM Lotus

XPages is the most significant improvement to Lotus Notes/Domino development in 20 years. Now, three IBM Lotus insiders have written the definitive programmer’s guide to this breakthrough web application development framework. Packed with tips, tricks, and best practices, Mastering XPages brings together all the information you need to become an XPages expert, whether you’re experienced with Notes/Domino development or not.

The authors begin with a high-level overview of XPages: how it works, why it works that way, and why it’s such a powerful step forward. Next, you’ll install XPages and Domino Designer, and start building your expertise through practical code examples using real-world XPages applications. As you progress, you’ll master XPages from the bottom up, gain deep insight into the entire XPages development model, and discover how XPages can be used to solve everyday application development challenges.

Coverage includes

• Understanding how XPages development differs from—and is similar to—traditional Notes/Domino development

• Getting started with XPages development using Lotus Domino Designer

• Defining application metadata and binding XPages controls to Domino data

• Managing all aspects of Domino view and document data

• Navigating and linking XPages to form a cohesive application

• Building XPages business logic using various programming technologies

• Reading and writing XPage source (XSP markup) directly

• Mastering XPages programming and extensibility features, including custom controls, advanced scripting, as well as creating your very own components

• Making the most of XPages applications on the Notes client platform

• Building slick and effective application user experiences using themes

• Tuning XPages performance and maximizing application scalability

• Securing applications with Access Control Lists (ACL), Execution Control Lists (ECL), and Active Content Filtering (ACF)

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780132486316
Publisher: IBM Press
Publication date: 02/02/2011
Pages: 749
Product dimensions: 6.80(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.60(d)

Table of Contents

Part I. Getting Started With XPages

1. A Little XPages History

2. Getting Everything You Need

3. Building Your First XPages Application

Part II. XPages Development: First Principles

4. Anatomy of an XPage

5. Building XPages Business Logic

6. XPages and JavaServer Faces

Part III Data Binding

7 Working with Domino Documents

8 Working with Domino Views

9 Beyond the View Basics

Part IV Programmability

10 XPages & JavaScript?

11 Leveraging Traditional Domino Building Blocks

12 Custom Controls

13 AJAX & Partial Refresh


15 XPages & Java

16 Adapting for the Notes Client

Part V Application User Experience

15 XPages Theming

16 Advanced Theming

17 Internationalization

Part VI Performance, Scalability & Security

18 The Need for Speed!

19 Optimizing Application Performance and Maximizing Scalability

20 Security

Part VII XPages Integration

21 How XPages Plays With Others

Part VII Appendixes (on-line only)

Appendix 1 XPages Tag Reference

Appendix 2 XPages JavaScript API

Appendix 3 Useful XPages Sites on the Net


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