Mated to the Centaurs (Forced Monster Gangbang First Time Erotica)

Mated to the Centaurs (Forced Monster Gangbang First Time Erotica)

by Danica Slate

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Mated to the Centaurs (Forced Monster Gangbang First Time Erotica) by Danica Slate

On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, young Kyra learns she has been betrothed to the leader of the centaur tribe that demands annual tribute from her village.

Giving herself over to these wild people, she quickly learns that her wedding proceedings will include a savage ceremony - wherein she must be mounted and mated to by all the males of the tribe!

But amidst this frenzy of animalistic passion, Kyra also discovers a tender, understanding side to the centaur people that she never expected to find.

This 8,000 word erotic fantasy tale invoves a virginal, innocent young woman publicly deflowered by a tribe of centaur warriors, exhibitionism, voyeurism, oral, cunnilingus, and inter-species scenarios.


Flora nodded slowly, still lost in fascination at the strange creature. The centaur regarded her with open amusement, looking her up and down as if appraising her.

�What is it?� Flora asked, stifling a shiver. She wasn�t sure if she liked the look in his eyes.

�Most humans are small, but you are especially tiny. I am starting to wonder if you might break in two during the ceremony tomorrow.�

�C-ceremony?� she asked. A knot was forming in her stomach, though she didn�t know why.

�I would normally wait for the elder to explain, but I�ll tell you just so you have more time to prepare. Tomorrow, you will be mated to our elder. From what I understand, human marriages involve food, drink, and dancing with the betrothed, am I correct?�

�Right... isn't the centaurs� way of marrying similar?�

He let out a hearty laugh. �Very much so. We have our food, we have our drink, but there is significant difference.�

�What is it?� she asked, suddenly curious despite herself

�Our people are a tribe. We function as one family, one herd. Every man�s possessions are shared by the others,� his gaze once again travelled over her nubile young body. There was a hunger apparent in his eyes. �This includes our women folk.�

Flora�s mouth fell open. �Wh-what do you mean?� Her brain struggled to wrap around the centaur�s words.

�At the culmination of the ceremony, every male centaur mates with the bride. Only once the entire tribe has had their fill may the betrothed claim the female for his own.�

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