Materials Research and Applications: Select Papers from JCH8-2019

Materials Research and Applications: Select Papers from JCH8-2019


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This highly informative and carefully presented book discusses the synthesis, processing, characterization and applications of different types of materials. It provides an overview of recent advances in the areas of materials research and engineering and highlights a wide range of significant recent results in energetic materials, bio-based materials, ceramics, nanomaterials, among others, and their use for emerging applications. The contents of this book are relevant to researchers in academia and industry professionals working on the development of advanced materials and their applications.

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ISBN-13: 9789811592249
Publisher: Springer Nature B.V.
Publication date: 12/19/2020
Pages: 324
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.68(d)

About the Author

Prof. Djalal Trache is an Associate Professor at EcoleMilitairePolytechnique (EMP), Algeria. He received his Engineer degree in Chemical Engineering, Magister degree in Applied Chemistry and D.Sc. in Chemistry at EMP. He has made several presentations at national and international conferences and published several research papers and book chapters. He is a reviewer of more than 50 international reputed journals. Prof. Trache has particular expertise in energetic materials, bio-based materials, polymer composites and their characterization. He also has interests in nanomaterials and their applications, phase equilibria and kinetics.

Prof. Fouad Benaliouche graduated from the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, University of Batna (Algeria) in 1996. He received his postgraduate degree in Engineering Process from the EcoleMilitairePolytechnique (EMP), Algiers (Algeria). He pursued his Ph.D. degree (Applied Chemistry) in 2009 from the University of Sciences and Technology HouariBoumedienne (USTHB), Algiers (Algeria). After postdoctoral research at EMP, Fouad was promoted to an Associate Professor in 2014. Currently, he is the Head of the Porous Materials Laboratory in the EMP. Prof. Benaliouche is also interested in the adsorption phenomena related to gases, vapors and liquids. In addition, his current research interests are the porosity modulation and antibacterial activity studies for characterization of microporous zeolite/diatomite adsorbents.

Prof. Ahmed Mekki is an Associate Professor at theEcoleMilitairePolytechniqueof Algiers in Algeria, where he obtained his Ph.D. and his habilitation in physical organic chemistry. He has written several scientific publications and book chapters. His main research interests are silane and aryl diazonium salts coupling agents, reactive and functional ultrathin polymer films via surface polymerization or “click” chemistry, carbon/polymers composites, molecularly imprinted polymer-based sensors, clay/polymer nano-composites and flexible films of conducting polymer-based gas sensors, thermoelectricity and energy conversion applications.

Table of Contents

TKX-50: A Highly Promising Secondary Explosive.- Stability assessment for double base rocket propellant during long natural/artificial aging using various methods and kinetic modeling.- Assessment of the migration of combustion moderator in nitrocellulose based propellan.- Study of the chemical stability of a pseudo-brookite B-synroc by the MCC1, MCC2 and microwaves tests.- Behavior Study of New Formulations Based on Plasticized Poly vinyl chloride Stabilized with Epoxidized Sunflower Oil.- Bi/α-Bi2O3/TiO2nanotubes arraysheterojunction for highly efficient phoatalytic applications.- Synthesis and characterization of microcrystalline cellulose from giant reed using different delignification processes.- A Green Synthesis and Polymerization ofN-alkyl Methacrylamide Monomers with new chemical approach.- Synthesis of hydroxyapatite by wetmethod: Effect of acid solution concentration on powder granulometry.- Bioactive compounds and antioxidant activity of ethanolic extracts from the leaves of Tetraclinis articulate (Vahl) Masters.

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