Maternal Influences and Early Behaviour

Maternal Influences and Early Behaviour


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ISBN-13: 9780852005378
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 11/28/1980
Pages: 442
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Table of Contents

1. Parturition in the Rat: Description and Assessment.- 2. The Development of Behavioral Competence in the Rat.- 3. The Maternal Behavior of the Mongolian Gerbil.- 4. Determinants of Maternal Aggression in Mice.- 5. Ultrasonic Behavior and Mother-Infant Interactions in Rodents.- 6. Pheromonal Control of Maternal Behavior.- 7. Maternal Behavior in the Laboratory Rat.- 8. Maternal Mediation of Early Experience.- 9. Malnutrition and Maternal Behavior in the Rat.- 10. Functional Consequences of Attachment: A Comparison of.- 11. Early Perceptual Experience and the Development of Social Preferences in Squirrel Monkeys.- 12. Effects of Parental Characteristics and Prenatal Factors on Pregnancy Outcomes of Pigtail Macaques.- 13. Infant Development and Maternal Behavior in Captive Chimpanzees.- 14. Maternal Separation Studies in Children and Nonhuman Primates.- 15. Maternal Deprivation: Compensatory Stimulation for the Prematurely Born Infant.- 16. Relationships of Human Mothers with their Infants During the First Year of Life: Effects of Prematurity.- 17. A Model for the Study of Early Mother-Infant Communication.- 18. Individual vs. Multiple Mothering in Mammals.

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