MathArts: Exploring Math Through Art for 3 to 6 Year Olds

MathArts: Exploring Math Through Art for 3 to 6 Year Olds


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MathArts: Exploring Math Through Art for 3 to 6 Year Olds by MaryAnn F. Kohl, Cindy Gainer

Get ready to create and count in this exciting introduction to math! MathArts is an innovative approach that uses creative art projects to introduce preschoolers to early math concepts. Each of the more than 100 hands-on projects is designed to help children discover essential math skills through a creative process unique to every individual. Math concepts include: One-to-one correspondence; matching; sorting; grouping; classifying; opposites; number recognition; number values, and counting. This well-organized book provides both teachers and parents with a diverse range of activities for making math both fun and fascinating. The possibilities are endless!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780876591772
Publisher: Gryphon House Inc.
Publication date: 01/01/1996
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 11.00(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range: 4 - 5 Years

About the Author

Award-winning author MaryAnn F. Kohl has written 14 books. Her philosophy, “It’s the process, not the product,” guides her writing as she provides open-ended art activities for young children. MaryAnn’s activities focus on the experience of art, not the final product a child creates. She lives in Ferndale, Washington.
Cindy Gainer is the author of award-winning I'm Like You, You're Like Me and coauthor of MathArts and Good Earth Art with MaryAnn F. Kohl.  She has a BFA from Seton Hill University and Pennsylvania State Teaching Certification in Art and Early Childhood Education and Gestalt Therapy Certification. Cindy lives in Jeannette, Pennsylvania.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Part 1: I’ve Just Begun…Exploring Counting
Chapter 1:
Almost Counting, One Is One
Bottle Cap Treasures
Button Sew Collage
One-to-One Nail Board
Colored Sand Drawings
Salty Painting
Fancy Water Jars
Button Box
Treasure Box
Little Twig Bundles
Bright Wooden Sticks
Shape Rub Resist
Shape on Shape Print
Living Shape Sculpture
Rub and Trace Shape Match
Matching Block Sculpture
Wrap Scrap Match
Copycat Partner Patterns
Missing Matching Paste-Up
Chapter 2:
Many Kinds of Many Kinds
Surprise Table
Yarn, Piece by Piece
Circle Trace and Paint
Shape and Color Print
Stamp Block Design
Paper Piece Sculpture
Single Sort Design
Paper Piece Pictures
Paper Square Collage
Poster Board Design
Paper Collection
Sticky Paper Collection
Gatherings Collage
Shiny Pennies Design
Same and Different Collage
Button Sorting Squares
Greeting Card Sort
All Sorts of Beads
Chapter 3:
One, Two, Red, Blue
Crepe Paper Pattern
Patterned Clay Snakes
No Bake Beads
Geometric Wrapping Illusion
Sticky-Dot Illusion
Pretty Ribbon Wall Hanging
Poke-It-Card Pattern
Pipe Cleaner Garland
String Pattern Construction
Stretchy Pattern Board
Pattern Resist
Connect the Dots Design
Morning to Night Drawings
Good Old Paper Chains
Sequence-a-Pattern Colored Blocks
Ordered Tube Hanging
Seashell Arrangement
Leaf Arrangement
Colored Sand Glass
Part 2: I’m on My Way…Exploring Spatial Relationships
Chapter 4:
Near, Far, Up, Down
Line and Dot Mural
Discovery Watercolor
Sticky Back Stamps
River Pebble Display
Paper Cup Mobile
Stacking Balls Sculpture
Shiny Curly Cues
Mosaic Mat
Sidewalk Shapes
Left Side Sunshine, Right Side Rainbow
Handy Hide and Find
Canvas Shoe Painting
Up Down Around Mobile
Opposites Fold Out Collage
Building Tower Sculpture
Grocery Bag Tower
Double Bubble Print
Chapter 5:
Fences, Frames, Boxes
Encircle Me
Sparkle Star
Inside Outside Collage
Boundary Collage
Tiny Twig Chalk Design
Papier-Mâché Frame
Yarn Frame
Circle Square, Square Circle
Knots, Knots, Knots
Box Assemblage
Basket Displays
Flower Power
Cardboard Fences
See-Through Scrimshaw Boxes
Fancy Mail
Can Inside Can Inside Can…
Cascarones (Confetti Eggs)
Shake ‘Em Boxes
Chapter 6:
Parts and Pieces
Puzzle Put Together
Partner Square Painting
Break Away Clay
Tape Pieces Sculpture
Parts and Pieces Relief
Cotton Ball Design
Above and Below Ribbon Mural
Copier Collage
Patches Appliqué
Watercolor Plus Weaving
Sunflower Seed Separation
Positively Negative Illusion
Strips and Snips
Weave Around the Circle
Pizza Pie
Spongy Cut-Ups
Layered Wiggle Art
Colored Glue Creations
Part 3: Look at Me Go…Exploring Number Value
Chapter 7:
Really Counting
Ten Little Fingers Design
Hand in Glove Counting Prints
Squished Clay Counters
Bright Lights
Blossom Rolls
Cupcake Garden
Glitter Rock Counting Collage
Jar Lid Magnets
“How Old Am I” Hat
Count Down Gift
Numeral Rubbing Resist
Number Paintings
Candy Clay Count
Cotton Ball Secret Sculpture
Counting Board
Numeral Draw
Play Clay Favorite Numerals
Bread Dough Numerals
Chapter 8:
How Many Is Many?
Ruler Draw
Spoonful of Sugar
OneOneOne Dough Drop Design
Block Measure Sculpture
Measure Me String Art
Heads Up Graph
Little Stone Boxes
Surprise Egg
Hoop Mobile
Beginner Buttons
Coiled Wire Jewelry
Artist’s Favorite Paints
More and Less Sculpture
Cookie Graph
Chain Graph
Ten Count Squiggles
My Drawing Portfolio
Speed Painting

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