Mathematical Methods and Applications of Scattering Theory: Proceedings of a Conference Held at Catholic University Washington, D. C., May 21 - 25, 1979

Mathematical Methods and Applications of Scattering Theory: Proceedings of a Conference Held at Catholic University Washington, D. C., May 21 - 25, 1979


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ISBN-13: 9783540100232
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 09/09/1980
Series: Lecture Notes in Physics , #130
Pages: 334
Product dimensions: 6.69(w) x 9.61(h) x 0.03(d)

Table of Contents

Multiple scattering of waves by correlated distributions.- The S-matrix and sonar echo structure.- Some applications of functional analysis in classical scattering.- Numerical methods for Helmholtz-type equations in unbounded regions.- The role of surface waves in scattering processes of nuclear physics and acoustics.- Topics in radar scattering theory.- Coherent scattering from rough surfaces.- Application of a technique of Franklin and Friedman to some problems in acoustics.- High-frequency signal propagation and scattering in guiding channels.- Scattering by moving bodies: The Quasi-Stationary approximation.- Variational methods for wave scattering from random systems.- Resonance theory and application.- Application of elastodynamic ray theory to diffraction by cracks: Theory and experiment.- Scattering of acoustic waves by elastic and viscoelastic obstacle of arbitary shaped immersed in water.- Multipole reasonances in elastic wave-scattering from cavities and in acoustic wave-scaterring from bubbles and droplets.- Scattering theory in the mixed representation.- Green and lanford revisited.- A two-Hilbert-space formulation of multi-channel scattering theory.- Mathematical questions of quantum mechanics of many-body systems.- Scattering from point interactions.- Two problems with time-dependent Hamiltonians.- Translation invariance of N-particle Schrodinger operators in homogeneous magnetic fields.- Wave operators for multi-channel long-range scattering.- Asymptotic completeness in classical three-body scattering.- Canonical scattering theory for relativistic particles.- Consistent models of spin 0 and 1/2 extended particles scattering in external fields.- Curved-space scattering.- Levinson's theorems and the quantum-mechanical partition function for plasmas.- A cluster expansion and effective-potential representation of the three-body problem.- Quantum-statistical mechanics and scattering theory on homogeneous spaces of finite volume.- What do we know about the geometric nature of equations which can be solved using the inverse scattering technique?.- Solitons, solutions of nonlinear evolution equations, and the inverse scattering transform.- Determining the final profiles from the initial profiles for the full three-dimensional three-wave resonant interaction.- Ordinary differential equations of painleve-type and the inverse scattering transform.- Exact solutions for the three-dimensional schrödinger equation with quasi-local potentials obtained from a three-dimensional Gel'fand-Levitan equation. Examples of totally reflectionless scattering.- The Jost-Kohn algorithm for inverse scattering.- Application of nonlinear techniques to the inverse problem.- N-dimensional fast fourier transform tomography for incomplete information and its application to inverse scattering theory.- Two acoustical inverse problems in speech and hearing.- Development of physical optics inverse scattering techniques using radon projection theory.- An iterative procedure for solving inverse scattering problems arising from active remote sensing.- One-dimensional velocity inversion for acoustic waves: Numerical results.- Inverse scattering theory: Exact and approximate solutions.- Functional equation of inverse scattering for the schrödinger equation with continuous and discrete spectra (short note).

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