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Mathematics: Applications and Connections, Course 3, Student Edition / Edition 1

Mathematics: Applications and Connections, Course 3, Student Edition / Edition 1


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Mathematics: Applications and Connections, Course 3, Student Edition / Edition 1

Motivate your students with relevant, real-world applications, correlated Internet connections, and additional skill practice in a variety of formats.

Reach all your students by balancing practice and skill development with hands-on activities, technology, and projects and investigations.

Prepare students for success on standardized tests and in future math courses with a wide variety of assessment options and strong developmental links from arithmetic to algebra.

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ISBN-13: 9780078228520
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies,Inc.
Publication date: 06/08/2000
Edition description: New Edition
Product dimensions: 8.60(w) x 11.20(h) x 1.30(d)

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Problem Solving and Algebra

1-1 A Plan for Problem Solving 

1-2 Powers and Exponents 

1-3 Variables, Expressions, and Equations 

1-3B Technology Lab: Graphing Calculators: Evaluating Expressions 

1-4 Solving Subtraction and Addition Equations 

1-5 Solving Division and Multiplication Equations 

Mid-Chapter Self Test

1-6 Writing Expressions and Equations 

1-7A Thinking Lab: Problem Solving: Work Backward 

1-7 Solving Two-Step Equations 

1-7B Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: Function Machines 

1-8 Integration: Geometry: Perimeter and Area 

1-9 Solving Inequalities 

Chapter 2 Algebra: Using Integers

2-1 Integers and Absolute Value 

2-2 Comparing and Ordering Integers 

2-3 Adding Integers 

2-4 More About Adding Integers 

2-5 Subtracting Integers 

Mid-Chapter Self Test 

2-6 Integration: Statistics: Matrices 

2-6B Technology Lab: Graphing Calculators: Matrices 

2-7 Multiplying Integers 

2-8 Dividing Integers 

2-9A Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: Solving Equations 

2-9 Solving Equations 

2-9B Thinking Lab: Problem Solving: Eliminate Possibilities 

2-10 Integration: Geometry: The Coordinate System 

Chapter 3 Using Proportion and Percent

3-1 Ratios and Rates 

3-2 Ratios and Percents 

3-3 Solving Proportions 

3-4 Fractions, Decimals, and Percents 

Mid-Chapter Self Test 

3-4B Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: The Golden Ratio 

3-5 Finding Percents 

3-6A Thinking Lab: Problem Solving: Reasonable Answers 

3-6 Percent and Estimation Study Guide and Assessment

Chapter 4 Statistics: Analyzing Data

4-1A Thinking Lab: Problem Solving: Make a Table 

4-1 Bar Graphs and Histograms 

4-1B Technology Lab: Graphing Calculators: Histograms 

4-2 Circle Graphs 

4-3 Line Plots 

4-3B Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: Maps and Statistics 

4-4 Measures of Central Tendency 

4-4B Technology Lab: Spreadsheets: Finding a Mean 

4-5 Measures of Variation 

4-5B Technology Lab: Graphing Calculators: Box-and-Whisker Plots 

4-6 Integration: Algebra: Scatter Plots 

4-7 Choosing an Appropriate Display 

4-8 Misleading Graphs and Statistics 

Chapter 5 Geometry: Investigating Patterns

5-1A Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: 

Measuring and Constructing Line Segments and Angles 

5-1 Parallel Lines 

5-1B Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: Constructing Parallel Lines 

5-2A Thinking Lab: Problem Solving: Use a Venn Diagram 

5-2 Classifying Triangles 

5-3A Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: Polygons as Networks 

5-3 Classifying Quadrilaterals 

5-4A Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: Reflections 

5-4 Symmetry 

5-5 Congruent Triangles 

5-5B Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: Constructing Congruent Triangles 

5-6A Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: Dilations 

5-6 Similar Triangles 

5-7 Transformations and M.C. Escher 

Chapter 6 Exploring Number Patterns

6-1 Divisibility Patterns 

6-2 Prime Factorization 

6-2B Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: Basketball Factors 

6-3A Thinking Lab: Problem Solving: Make a List 

6-3 Greatest Common Factor 

6-4 Rational Numbers 

6-5 Rational Numbers and Decimals 

6-6 Integration: Probability: Simple Events 

6-7 Least Common Multiple 

6-8A Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: Density Property 

6-8 Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers 

6-9 Scientific Notation 

Chapter 7 Algebra: Using Rational Numbers

7-1 Adding and Subtracting Like Fractions 

7-2 Adding and Subtracting Unlike Fractions 

7-3 Multiplying Fractions 

7-4 Properties of Rational Numbers 

7-5A Thinking Lab: Problem Solving: Look for a Pattern 

7-5 Integration: Patterns and Functions: Sequences 

Mid-Chapter Self Test

7-5B Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: The Fibonacci Sequence 

7-6 Integration: Geometry: Area of Triangles and Trapezoids 

7-6B Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: Area and Pick’s Theorem 

7-7A Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: Graphing Pi 

7-7 Integration: Geometry: Circles and Circumference 

7-8 Dividing Fractions 

7-9 Solving Equations 

7-10 Solving Inequalities 

Chapter 8 Applying Proportional Reasoning

8-1 Using Proportions 

8-1B Technology Lab: Spreadsheets: Proportions 

8-2 The Percent Proportion 

8-3 Integration: Algebra: The Percent Equation 

8-3B Thinking Lab: Problem Solving: Solve a Simpler Problem 

8-4 Large and Small Percents 

8-5 Percent of Change 

8-5B Technology Lab: Spreadsheets: Discounts 

8-6 Simple Interest 

Mid-Chapter Self Test

8-7 Integration: Geometry: Similar Polygons 

8-8 Indirect Measurement 

8-8B Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: Trigonometry 

8-9 Scale Drawings and Models 

8-10 Integration: Geometry: Dilations 

Chapter 9 Algebra: Exploring Real Numbers

9-1 Square Roots 

9-2A Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: Estimating Square Roots 

9-2 Estimating Square Roots 

9-3 The Real Number System 

Mid-Chapter Self Test 

9-4A Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: The Pythagorean Theorem 

9-4 The Pythagorean Theorem 

9-5A Thinking Lab: Problem Solving: Draw a Diagram 

9-5 Using the Pythagorean Theorem 

9-5B Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: Graphing Irrational Numbers 

9-6 Integration: Geometry: Distance on the Coordinate Plane 

9-7 Integration: Geometry: Special Right Triangles 

Chapter 10 Algebra: Graphing Functions

10-1 Functions 

10-1B Technology Lab: Graphing Calculators: Function Tables 

10-2 Using Tables to Graph Functions 

10-3 Equations With Two Variables 

10-4A Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: Graphing Relationships 

10-4 Graphing Linear Functions 

10-4B Technology Lab: Graphing Calculators: Linear Functions 

10-5 Graphing Systems of Equations 

10-6A Thinking Lab: Problem Solving: Use a Graph 

10-6 Graphing Quadratic Functions 

10-7 Integration: Geometry: Translations 

10-8 Integration: Geometry: Reflections 

10-9 Integration: Geometry: Rotations 

Chapter 11 Geometry: Using Area and Volume

11-1 Area of Circles 

11-2A Thinking Lab: Problem Solving: Make a Model 

11-2 Three-Dimensional Figures 

11-3 Volume of Prisms and Cylinders 

11-4 Volume of Pyramids and Cones 

11-5A Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: Nets 

11-5 Surface Area of Prisms 

11-6 Surface Area of Cylinders 

11-6B Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: Surface Area and Volume 

11-7 Integration: Measurement: Precision and Significant Digits 

Chapter 12 Investigating Discrete Math and Probability

12-1A Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: Fair and Unfair Games 

12-1 Counting Outcomes 

12-2 Permutations 

12-3 Combinations 

12-4 Pascal’s Triangle 

Mid-Chapter Self Test 

12-4B Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: Patterns in Pascal’s Triangle 

12-5 Probability of Compound Events 

12-6A Thinking Lab: Problem Solving: Act It Out 

12-6 Experimental Probability 

12-7A Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: Punnett Squares 

12-7 Integration: Statistics: Using Sampling to Predict 

Chapter 13 Algebra: Exploring Polynomials

13-1A Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: Algebra Tiles 

13-1 Modeling Polynomials 

13-2 Simplifying Polynomials 

13-3 Adding Polynomials 

13-4 Subtracting Polynomials 

Mid-Chapter Self Test

13-5A Hands-On Lab: Cooperative Learning: Modeling Products 

13-5 Multiplying Monomials and Polynomials 

13-6 Multiplying Binomials 

13-7A Thinking Lab: Problem Solving: Guess and Check 

13-7 Factoring Polynomials

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